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Hole On Top Of Ear Spiritual Meaning: Left And Right Ear 

Hole On Top Of Ear Spiritual Meaning: Left And Right Ear 

I had a classmate in elementary whom we teased a lot. He had a hole in the top of one of his ears, which is why classmates teased him.

It looked like some small dimple and was really unusual. None of our other classmates seemed to have it or they were all hidden.

My classmate sports a buzz cut which showed the hole on top of the ear prominently. We called him “ear dimples.

I am remembering all these now and how in a way we bullied him because of the hole. I read about this ex-classmate some days ago. He became a well-known visual artist in our town and will soon have another exhibit. 

I am happy for him but it also got me thinking if that hole had a spiritual significance to it. What is the spiritual meaning of the hole on top of the ear?

What Does The Hole On Your Ear Mean Spiritually?

covering ear

The hole on your ear with the scientific name preauricular pit is quite common.

It seemed highly unusual when I was a kid, but I was told by a doctor that it is not that rare, just well hidden for many.

Spiritually, it means the divine connection between the person and the supreme being. There may be many people in the world and each of them may differ, but in the eyes of the creator, all people are equal.

The spiritual connection may not be as obvious as some of the preauricular pits but they do exist. As such:

  • Each person must then value that divine connection and even honor it by making the most out of each of your talents and gifts from the heavens;
  • Honoring the creator by doing good works;
  • Respecting other people even if they are different from us and differ in religious beliefs;
  • Always trying to do what is morally upright even when it seems difficult to do.

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Hole On Top Of The Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

man touching ear

A hole in the left ear spiritually means to make the supreme being the center of your life.

This means that every action, decision, or even thing to say should be about the creator and be pleasing to him.

This left preauricular pit represents how we need to make our life and world revolve around the supreme being.

Every action or decision that we make should be based on whether they are pleasing to the one above or not. 

Our aim is always to live a spiritually meaningful and pleasing life.

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Hole On Top Of The Right Ear Spiritual Meaning

hearing sound

The hole on top of the right ear spiritually means honoring human and earthly connections

This means that we should nurture our connections or relationships with people and nature.

All of us are blessed to have special people in our lives like family, friends, and lovers. And just like any blessing we should honor and nurture them.

This means valuing our human connections by being good to others and maintaining honesty, openness, and respect for people.

At the same time, we should ensure proper connection to the creations by taking care of our environment and defending it from those who are harming it.

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Tiny Hole Above The Ear Meaning Spiritually

ear close up

The tiny hole above the ear is a spiritual reminder that we all have roles to play in society.

Often, you may feel small like what you do or your job does not matter. But this is not true as we all have roles to play in making the world a better place.

At the same time, a small hole above the ear should remind you not to belittle others, their role, or their accomplishments.

It is never in your place to say that what you do is more important than others.

Hole On Top Of Ear Spiritual Meaning: 6 Signs

Hole On Top Of Ear Spiritual Meaning

1) Critical acclaim

Having a hole on top of the ear can be a sign that you are destined for some critical acclaim.

This means that soon you will make a mark on this earth and become popular in a good way. You will receive accolades for your craft or woodwork.

In a way, this is a sign you’re meant for greatness.

Take the example of my classmate. He later became one of the best visual artists in our area.

His work is featured in articles and is bought by the rich and famous. And to think we teased him for his preauricular pit.

2) An exceptional talent

The preauricular pit can also spiritually signify great talent. You possess some extraordinary talent or gift in some things and you can be great if you work hard.

You can be athletic or musically inclined. You may be a budding artist now but later on, become exceptionally good and sought-after.

Sometimes the hole on the ear is a sign that you have an exceptional gift.

3) Roller coaster emotions

A hole on top of your ear can be a sign that you may easily experience a roller coaster of emotions.

You are capable of feeling more emotions in a short amount of time compared to others.

Sometimes, this can be hard to handle as one moment you are feeling exceptionally happy but feel so down the following hour or day.

Learn to deal with this roller coaster.

4) Feelings of inadequacy

The preauricular pit can be a sign that you often feel inadequate.

It could stem from the fact that you have an extraordinary gift or ability but cannot seem to hone or have difficulties unleashing your potential.

This hole may be a sign of your frequent feelings of inadequacy which you may feel often but at the same time, it can be a sign that you are enough.

5) A tendency to shy away from people

The hole above your ear may be a sign from the heavens that you tend to shy away from people.

You do not mind spending time and being around people you care about but you may avoid being with people you barely know.

The hole may be a reflection of your tendency to be an introvert. Just remember that no man is an island and you need interactions with people.

The hole above the ear can be a reminder to try to snap out of your shell now and then.

6) You may be swayed

You may be a person of conviction, often wanting to stand up for what you believe in.

But the hole above your ear is a sign that many times you may be swayed by your decision.

There will be times in your life that you will have difficulties standing up for your beliefs and sometimes you may even succumb to pressure.

I Have A Hole On Top Of My Ear: Is This A Bad Sign?

ear with earrings

When you have a hole on top of your ear, do not panic thinking that it is a bad sign.

In fact, it can also be the opposite because sometimes it is a good sign from the heavens such as having extraordinary talent or you are designed for some greatness.

Having this hole is not always a bad omen.

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Having a hole on top of your ear may at first feel weird or even worrying for those who have noticed it for the first time.

When you have this preauricular pit take note of the spiritual signs from the heavens, take it to heart and make sure you act as necessary.

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