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Biting Lip in Sleep Spiritual Meaning: Is it a Bad Sign?

Biting Lip in Sleep Spiritual Meaning: Is it a Bad Sign?

Have you recently woken up with sore lips, a sure sign that you’ve been biting or chewing them in your sleep?

You’re definitely not the only one; I’ve been there, too.

But did you know that there could be a spiritual meaning behind the waking life symptom you’re experiencing?

It’s time for us to take a deep dive into the biting lip in sleep spiritual meanings, and what you can do about it going forward. 

Why Am I Biting My Lip While Sleeping?

Biting lip in spiritual world

There are several physiological, emotional/mental, and spiritual meanings behind the action of biting your lip(s) when you’re asleep. It’s commonly associated with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions in ‘waking life,’ and it can have similar interpretations in a dream or sleep situation, too. 

Common associations aside from mental health conditions include:

  • Not expressing emotions, such as anger, frustration, and upset;
  • Energy blockages;
  • Chakra blockages or misalignment;
  • Difficulties with self-expression;
  • Mounting nerves.

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What Does Biting Your Lips Mean Spiritually?

Cracked lips

Something is causing you stress, upset, nerves, or discomfort if you find yourself biting your lips a lot more, or for the first time in your life.

There’s no way for me to know what that thing is, but it’s wise to sit down, look at what’s happening in your life, and work out which specific thing could be causing you the most stress and anxiety.

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Spiritual Meaning of Biting Lower Lip in Sleep 

Spiritual Meaning of Biting Lower Lip in Sleep 

Biting your lip might be seen as a symbolic representation of a blockage or imbalance in your energy flow, or disruption to your spiritual or emotional self.

It’s causing stress and anxiety, and it’s affecting you deep into your soul. 

You need to delve further into what’s causing you to feel this way, so you can then resolve it.

Once that weight has been lifted, you’ll feel happier, lighter, and your lips will be in much better condition!

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Biting Lip in Sleep Spiritual Meaning: 7 Possible Explanations

Biting Lip in Sleep Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual meanings are highly personal to each person that experiences or sees them, so it’s wise to sit down and write down as much as you remember.

Each piece means something and works as a tiny puzzle piece. You must collect all of the pieces before you can put the puzzle together and eventually see the full picture. 

Here are a few potential spiritual meanings of biting lips in sleep: 

1) Holding In Anger or Rage

Biting your lip could symbolize a need for self-control or a desire to restrain oneself, either emotionally, verbally, or in some aspect of life. It often points towards inner conflict or the holding back of thoughts and feelings –especially anger.

You are, quite literally, biting your lip (tongue) to prevent yourself saying something terrible or self-sabotaging. 

It’s smart to think about your anger and what you’re going to say or do before you go ahead and say or do it, but you also have a right to be angry about things that anger you.

There’s no need for a massive explosion of anger; a calm, rational conversation can work just as well. An explosion likely will happen if you keep everything bottled up, though. You should bear that in mind. 

2) Suppression of Self-Expression 

In the same way that you might have suppressed your anger or other emotions, there’s also a chance that the lip biting is a spiritual symptom of suppressing and smothering your self-expression and expressive side. 

You need to get to the bottom of what is suppressing you. Is it your family? Judgement from friends? Pressure from society?

You don’t have to be like anyone else, or like anyone else is telling you to be. Get in charge of who you are, quirks and all. Start to love yourself and express yourself accordingly. There’s only one of you in this life, and that’s a blessing! 

3) Mounting Anxiety

Biting your lip is a sign commonly associated with anxiety in waking life, so it makes sense that it would have the same/a similar meaning when it happens in your sleep or a dream. There’s something making you anxious in life.

What is it? How can we make it better?

We all have anxiety from time to time in life, whether it’s a momentary feeling of shock or a long-term, medicated case of anxiety. (Like me.)

Out of the blue anxiety could be an issue if you don’t think that anything is wrong, or wrong enough to give you anxiety. 

Maybe it’s time to face the truth about whatever you’re ignoring. You can’t run away from it forever, right? 

4) Communication Troubles

In some spiritual interpretations, the mouth is associated with communication.

Biting your lip during sleep could indicate challenges or difficulties in communicating your thoughts and emotions. 

What are you not saying? Because it seems to me that it’s bothering you on a brand new level if it’s causing you to have physical, harm-inducing symptoms as you sleep.

If you’re trying to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings, that’s all cool… but it’s causing you physical symptoms.

Is it really worth keeping things to yourself? Sometimes, you’ve just got to say what you need to say, regardless of what someone else might think about it. 

5) Overwhelming Stress

Life is super stressful these days, there’s no denying that.

If you’re suffering from mounting and overwhelming stress, however, you could be seriously damaging your health in more ways than you’d think. And that’s just what this dream or waking life situation could point towards in a spiritual sense. 

Remember to make time to meditate, have a relaxing bath, or do whatever you usually do to relax and de-stress.

You might want to do everything, all the time – but you’re only human, not a machine. (And even machines break from time to time!)

6) Energy Flow Issues

The throat chakra is usually associated with the lips, mouth, and throat.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to perform practices that align, balance, and/or unblock it. There are lots of ways to do this, including:

  • Meditate while visualizing a beautiful, bright blue light hovering around your throat areas;
  • Say or think positive affirmations related to expression, communication, and truthfulness;
  • Wear or carry blue healing crystals, such as sodalite or lapis lazuli
  • Wear blue clothes or accessories;
  • Get involved with creative activities, such as singing, painting, writing, etc;
  • Consume blue foods, such as blueberries;
  • Light blue candles.

7) Very Nervous About Something

If you have a dream about someone else biting their lips as they sleep, it could be the case that they are nervous, anxious, stressed, or otherwise feeling not-right.

Alternatively, seeing or dreaming about someone else biting their lips could be a sign of your feelings towards them. Perhaps you are nervous about something on their behalf… or you should be. 

Gut instinct is powerful and designed to get you out of trouble, but very few of us actually listen or pay attention to what it is trying to say.

If your gut tells you to be nervous for someone (or your dreams do,) it’s time to start paying a little more attention to what they’re up to.

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Once you have sought medical attention for your lip issue (if necessary,) it’s important to sit down and work out whether or not the physical symptom is a result of a spiritual problem.

If you attempt traditional medications to no avail, it’s time to accept that your spiritual side exists, and you need to nurture it to make it better work for you.  

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