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Can’t Sleep Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs and Causes

Can't Sleep Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs and Causes

It’s perfectly normal to experience some inability to fall asleep. I’ve experienced this sensation, or what we call insomnia

I’ve had nights where I would find myself unable to sleep easily. My mind, it seems, would be working and racing even if my body seemed to just want to get some rest.

While being unable to sleep happens to everyone, frequent insomnia can be quite problematic.

I know this for a fact as I’ve had a good friend experience this some months back. She would go on for days lacking sleep, going to work with just a few hours of shuteye. 

It was because she recently got divorced and was often anxious about how things would be for her once the divorce had been settled.

I bumped into this friend recently and she said she knew her inability to sleep back then wasn’t just because of the anxiety brought on by the divorce. She could not sleep then because of a spiritual reason, which was she lacked faith. She didn’t trust the heavens to guide her or of their plans.

This conversation inspired me to write about the possible spiritual signs and causes when one can’t sleep

What Does It Mean When You Cannot Go To Sleep Spiritually?

man can't sleep

Being unable to sleep is a sign that you need to let go of things.

Spiritually, this is a sign that you are so attached to many things in life and that is why your mind often is cluttered and thus hampers your ability to sleep easily and peacefully.

When you can’t sleep it is likely because your attachment may be giving you headaches or heartaches.

You may then be attached to a person romantically, and when things aren’t going well according to your plans or desires, then you end up having trouble sleeping.

Your attachment can also be about worldly possessions. You may be working long hours and spending so many years trying to own material possessions rather than nurturing relationships.

Your acquisition or drive for more money can also get you in trouble or become out of hand which causes your inability to sleep.

Thus, when you can’t sleep, reflect on your attachments and determine whether they are noble, spiritually pleasing, or simply a cause of your headaches or headaches.

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Why Can’t I Sleep Biblical Meaning?

girl trying to sleep

Being unable to sleep has the biblical meaning of lack of faith.

It means that the person who can’t sleep is worrying about what is happening, has happened, or will happen in the coming days. The insomnia biblically is a reflection of one’s lack of faith.

In the Bible, it says to not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself.

Too many times people can’t sleep at night because they are worried about what they’ve done and how their actions will affect tomorrow and the next few days. 

But this is the opposite of what the Supreme Being has written in the Bible, which stresses that each day has its own stresses and so one must not worry about tomorrow.

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How To Heal Insomnia Spiritually?

man with insomnia laying in bed

If you can’t sleep often, then there are spiritually pleasing things you can do to help heal your insomnia. For example:

  • Pray;
  • Meditate;
  • Keeping the faith;
  • Thanksgiving.

When you can’t sleep then consider pouring your heart out to the heavens. Say what your deepest desires are, or your fears or worries.

Honest communication with Heaven will go a long way in helping you alleviate your worries and stresses and even strengthen your faith in the one above.

Meditation is a way to calm both your mind and body. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to go far away or somewhere fancy to meditate.

You simply need to find some quiet place in your room or home to clear your mind and breathe deeply. You may also reflect on why you can’t sleep.

Many times, being unable to sleep is a sign of a person’s inability to keep the faith. The person may be going through several challenges in life that are keeping him or her awake.

Keeping faith in the heavens or trusting that the ones above have their plans for you will go quite a long way in helping him or her combat the inability to sleep.

When you can’t sleep, then think of the blessings you have received during the day, the last few weeks or months.

Being unable to sleep can be a sign of a troubled heart and a troubled heart can also be spiritually healed by gratitude and thanksgiving.

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7 Spiritual Signs and Causes of Can’t Sleep

woman with insomnia can't sleep

1) Inner turbulence

When you can’t sleep, this is also a spiritual sign that you are going through some inner turbulence.

Your emotions are going through some roller coaster such as feeling extremely grateful one moment and worrying excessively the next. 

You may be going through some tough times, which are causing the inner turbulence.

The many emotions you are feeling and how fast these feelings change can be causing your inability to fall asleep.

2) Excessive wallowing 

If you are facing a tough challenge or it is a season of difficulties, then you can’t seem to fall asleep, then this could be because you are wallowing too much.

You are letting the hard times get the better of you and you are spending so much time feeling sorry for yourself.

All these negative emotions are taking a toll on you and your psyche.

Instead of embracing happy thoughts, you spend too much time blaming or feeling bad for yourself which only makes it more difficult to sleep.

3) A warning 

When you can’t sleep, this may be a sign from the heavens of something bad or some difficulties coming your way soon.

You are being warned of some hardships that you will have to endure in the coming days or weeks.

This could also be heaven’s way of reminding you that life can be unpredictable and sometimes your strengths will simply be tested.

4) You’ve hurt someone

When you can’t sleep, think of your recent actions and the words you have spoken and whether any of them have hurt someone.

The cause of your inability to sleep can be because you have hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally.

The person may be badly hurt by what you did or said. The person may also be unable to sleep because of your words and actions.

5) Something great 

The ones above may also be telling you that something great will be happening to you soon when you can’t sleep.

The heavens are sending a wonderful blessing your way in the coming days.

You may have difficulties sleeping because the heavens are in a way letting you feel the excitement ahead of time.

6) Inability to cope with changes

  • Have there been some changes in your life lately?
  • How have you coped with these changes?

When there have been some major changes in your daily routines or your life and you can’t sleep, then this could be a sign of your inability to cope with these changes.

You may be hoping that things will go back to what they were instead of dealing with these changes.

7) Evil spirits nearby

When you can’t sleep, this could also be a sign that there are evil spirits nearby. They are causing some disturbance in other people’s emotions or routines.

These evil spirits may also be planning some harm. It is best to pray to the heavens when you can’t sleep.

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There are different reasons why a person can’t sleep. There could be medical reasons for it as well as spiritual reasons.

When you can’t sleep then consider what the heavens may be telling you and open up your heart for whatever the possible message is.


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