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Hair on Arm Standing Up Spiritual Meaning: Right or Left Arm?

Hair on Arm Standing Up Spiritual Meaning: Right or Left Arm?

As my cousin and I were hanging out by the pool, I noticed a strange expression on his face as he stared at his arm. I asked him what was wrong and he pointed to his left arm.

His hair on his right arm was standing up, he said but he doesn’t know what’s causing it. He wasn’t feeling cold or much goosebumps but his right arm hairs were standing up all of a sudden. 

What does it mean?” he asked me. He knew, after all, that I have a gift for deciphering spiritual meanings.

And so, we talked about hair on arm standing up spiritual meanings.

What Does Hair Represent Spiritually?

woman with goosebumps

Hair is often considered a potent protection for our skin and body. The hair’s spiritual significance is not far off.

Spiritually, hair represents the protection offered by the ones above. It is the heaven way of letting us know that we are protected all the time.

Much like hair, every part of our body is covered by the supreme being’s protection. At our lowest point, the one above carries us to help us with our burdens.

We may take for granted the protection offered to us but it is always there.

We seldom pay attention to how the Lord’s protection works but we can count on it when we need it.

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Hair Raising Spiritual Meaning

goosebump on arm

Hair raising spiritually stands for spiritual awakening.

It signifies that at a certain point in our lives, we will experience a spiritual awakening that will lead us to more spiritual growth.

At times, we may feel that we are losing our faith or trust in the ones above. But like the sensation you feel when the hair is rising, you will feel different when spiritual awakening happens.

You will be more aware of the powers of the supreme being and what he can do for you.

Spiritual awakening can also be about reconnecting to your faith.

You may have lost your trust or belief in the ones above but you may experience a spiritual awakening that will help you regain your faith.

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Hair Standing Up on Arm For No Reason

goosebump skin reaction

Hair on right arm standing:

When the hair on your right arm is standing, then this is a sign that something big might happen to you or someone close to you.

This could either be a big blessing or a major trial.

The hair on your right arm standing is the heaven way of telling you that you may need to prepare your heart for a win or a heartbreak. 

At the same time, you may need to prepare the people you love for either positive or bad news. The incident or development will be a test of character or how you will handle bad or good times.

Hair on Left arm standing:

When your left arm hair is standing for no reason, then this could be a sign that you will be entering a phase of intense creativity or productivity.

It means that you may come up with your best creative output yet or will be able to finish work that you have been putting off.

Be sure to open your heart to an intense period of productivity and creativity.

During this time, you can work for many hours as you can concentrate purely on the tasks in front of you without much disruption.

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7 Spiritual Meaning of Hair on Arm Standing Up

7 Spiritual Meaning of Hair on Arm Standing Up

1) Presence of an angel

When your hair on your arm is standing up, then this means that an angel is nearby. It could be your guardian angel checking up on you closely.

It could also be some wandering angels looking around to bless or are for. The hair on your arm is standing up in reaction to the presence of angels near you.

2) Unburden yourself

When your hair on the arm is standing up, then take this to mean that the heavens are telling you to unburden yourself.

You may have been keeping your problems or ill feelings to yourself for so long.

The heavens want you to feel lighter by sharing your burdens with the ones above or someone close to you and thus giving you the push by letting the hair on your arm stand up.

3) Answered prayers

The hair standing on your arm can be a sign that a prayer that you have been asking for will soon come true.

This is a sign from the heavens that one of your wishes, something you’ve been wanting for badly will soon be answered by the heavens.

4) A dead loved one trying to communicate

A dead loved one may be trying to communicate with you when you experience your arm hair standing up. This person wants to send you a message urgently.

You may want to think of a dead loved one who may have unfinished business on this earth and needs to talk to you.

5) A bad fall

The heavens may be warning you that you or a loved one will have a bad fall soon when you experience hair standing up on your arm.

This is a warning to prepare yourself and your loved ones for the consequences of a bad fall.

There may be hardships coming too when someone falls and requires medical attention.

6) Some good luck

The heavens may be sending you some good luck your way when you have your hair on your arms stand up.

This is a sign from the heavens that something good will happen your way.

It may be something simple like finding something that you have been looking for quite some time or some major luck that can be life-changing.

7) A major change

A major change may be coming your way soon when you have your arm hairs standing up. This change could also involve your loved ones.

You may, for example, find new work and you may need to relocate.

Your children may also need to go to a different school. Make sure to prepare your hearts for this major change.

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Your hair on the arms standing up may be one unpleasant sensation.

But do not focus on the discomfort! Instead, turn your attention to the spiritual meaning of hair on arm standing.

This is the heaven way of telling you something important.

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