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Moaning in Sleep Spiritual Meaning: Is It a Bad Sign?  

Moaning in Sleep Spiritual Meaning: Is It a Bad Sign?  

My friend got married recently and it was a happy reunion among us close friends. We then decided at the wedding party to meet up two weeks after the ceremony to catch up even more.

My bride, my friend, was able to make it to the gathering. And so, we teased her about marital bliss and asked her how she was adjusting to married life. It was a big adjustment, she said, but her big problem was that her husband was moaning in his sleep

My friend had difficulty falling asleep once her husband had fallen asleep because of the noise he was making. My friend pulled me into a corner after a while.

She asked me what the spiritual meaning of moaning in sleep is. She was scared that it meant something important spiritually which is why she wants to know the spiritual causes for it.

In this post, I will tackle moaning in sleep spiritual meanings just as I told my newly married friend, and whether you should be worried if you or a loved one moans while asleep, too.

What Does It Mean If You Moan In Your Sleep Spiritually?

man sleeping

Moaning in your sleep, also referred to as catathrenia, spiritually means that you have many things you want to say but you simply keep it to yourself.

This is a manifestation of your repressed words and feelings and how your subconscious simply wants all of them to get out.

The heavens are well aware that we all have those feelings or words that we long to express but don’t dare to or never have the courage to say.

Many of us bottle these for so long that when we sleep that seems to be the only chance of getting off our emotions.

When you hear someone constantly moan in their sleep, then consider asking that person what he or she has been feeling but keeping to him or herself.

If somebody tells you that you moan in your sleep, then reflect on the emotions you’ve been bottling up for so long and how you can best express yourself.

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Catathrenia Spiritual Meaning 

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Catathrenia or moaning in your sleep spiritually represents your innermost desire to be your authentic self. This means that subconsciously you want to be free of pretensions and restrictions by showing everyone your real self.

When you have catatonia this could be a spiritual manifestation of your unhappiness at how you always have to pretend to be someone that you are not.

Perhaps, you just wish to be an outspoken person, always being able to freely express your thoughts and opinions but you sadly do not have the freedom to do so.

Maybe, you simply want to be able to show your emotions or be in touch with your soft side but your circumstances in life may prevent you from doing so.

Maybe you are always required to appear strong, stoic, and level-headed but in your heart, you just want to weep easily and openly like others do all the time.

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What Causes Catathrenia?

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According to medical literature, the causes of Catathrenia remain unknown.

Some research, however, has shown some relationships between the following:

  • Small jaw size and moaning in sleep;
  • Sleep groaning and childhood orthodontia;
  • Sleep moaning and sleep-related breathing problems like sleep talking.

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Moaning in Your Sleep 7 Spiritual Meanings

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1) Unresolved conflict

If you moan in your sleep, then this could be a sign of your unresolved conflict with someone.

You may have gotten into a nasty argument or a major fight with someone some years back and this was never addressed.

Perhaps you are still angry at the other person or vice versa. You may also be feeling guilty about the fight and wish there was something you could do to clear the air.

You may be moaning during sleep because of this unresolved conflict.

2) Something must change

The heavens may be letting you moan in your sleep because the ones above want you to make some changes.

There may be a bad habit you need to quit or an attitude you need to adjust.

This may be heaven’s way of telling you how displeased they are about one aspect of your life and how you should adjust or make changes.

Moaning in your sleep may be a sign to do better in the future.

3) A new interest

You may soon have a new passion or interest when you start moaning in your sleep. The heavens will send you something new that will occupy some of your time and energy.

 You may discover a new passion like sports or arts or a new pet could be coming into your love. You will then be grateful for the new interest that will make you feel good about life.

4) Surprise visit

When you start moaning in your sleep, then this could be a sign that someone will visit you and this will take you and the people in your home by surprise.

This visitor may also cause some drama with the visit or give you some great memories during the stay.

This is a sign to prepare your home and the people in it to receive a guest. You will not know when the visit will happen but at least the surroundings will be prepared. 

5) Backstabbing

When you keep moaning in your sleep, then this is a sign that someone in your circle could be stabbing your back.

This person may be pretending to be a good friend or family member but in fact, says nasty things when you are not around. It could be a jealous person from work who is hoping to get your post at work.

The heavens want you to be careful about who you trust and what you say because someone is backstabbing you.

6) Focus on your faith

The ones above may have noticed your lack of time for your spiritual journey lately and so they send a warning like moaning in your sleep.

This is a sign from the heavens that you need to focus on your faith so you can be a better person.

Think of the things that you used to do to grow your faith and why you stopped doing them. The heavens may be telling you to get back to them or do other things for your faith to grow.

7) Unrequited love

Moaning in your sleep can be a sign of your unrequited love. You are feeling strongly for someone but sadly, the person does not feel the same for you.

Maybe you are also wanting to be romantically with someone but you do not dare to say what you feel.

The moaning then is a sign to make that romantic move.

Should I Be Concerned?

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Moaning while sleeping may cause discomfort or worry to other people who can hear. But spiritually, it is not something that should worry you or your loved ones

It does not mean that you will experience some real bad luck as catathrenia is not a bad omen.

This is likely one of the heavens’ ways of telling you something important.

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Moaning in sleep does not have definite medical causes as yet but there are spiritual meanings behind it.

Rather than spend your time worrying when you or a loved one often moans while asleep, what you should do is reflect on what the ones above are likely telling you with this.

After all, there is a spiritual message behind moaning while asleep.


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