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Right Ear Burning Meaning: 7 Spiritual Causes

Right Ear Burning Meaning: 7 Spiritual Causes

My high school friends and I recently met up for dinner and drinks. And while everybody at the dinner was busy laughing and sharing stories, I noticed how one friend was being quiet.

She also kept touching her right ear and right side of the face. It seemed like she was in so much pain.

I went to sit beside her to ask what was wrong. Was she sick? She told me that she had been feeling some burning sensation in her right ear and it seemed to be spreading to her side of the face.

My friend said she was going to consult a doctor the next day to find out what was the cause.

I shared with her that other than medical causes, there are also possible spiritual causes of right ear burning.

My sister recently had the same burning feeling and we had then spent a substantial time talking about the spiritual meanings.

What Does The Right Ear Mean Spiritually?

woman feeling pain

Spiritually, the right ear is about the gift of discernment.

  • We may hear various things about people and circumstances, and yet we are discerning which ones to believe;
  • We notice or see things happening, but many times we try to know more before jumping to conclusions or simply believing what we are seeing;
  • We get to the bottom of the truth when we feel that someone is lying or deceiving us;
  • We take the time to understand complex problems and concepts rather than simply accepting the information being fed to us.

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What Does A Burning Right Ear Mean Spiritually?

man feeling pain in the ear

When your right ear is bringing, then this could be a sign from the heavens that you will soon be receiving a message from the ones above.

There is a message that the heavens want you to know and this is something important and even many times, urgent.

This isn’t necessarily bad news as this could be a simple reminder of how to treat others well or with more respect.

Perhaps this message is to guide you on how to live a spiritually pleasing life.

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Right Ear Burning Spiritual Meaning Bible 

man with ear ache

There is no specific verse in the bible talking about right ear burning. But there are various writings in the special book that can be related to it.

Some passages talk about privacy, revealing secrets, gossip, and slander.

These passages are reminders of how we should be circumspect about what we hear and how we should protect other people’s privacy and secrets. 

Some Bible verses also say to stay away from those who go on spreading things they hear, namely gossip as this could be slander.

When you think of right ear burning and the Bible, consider what the book says about what you hear and how you should not go about spreading everything you hear about other people.

Right Ear Burning Meaning Female 

woman with burning ear

When a female is suffering from some right ear burning sensation, then this is a sign from the heavens to be more nurturing

Perhaps the heavens are noticing how the female has been neglecting to care for the people around her such as family, friends, churchmates, and workmates.

It could also be that someone close to you needs deep care and more tenderness and so the heavens are warning you of it. 

Right Ear Burning Meaning Male

man with burning ear

When a male is experiencing some right ear burning, then this is a sign from the heavens to use logic

If the male experiencing this sensation and has a problem to solve or a decision to make, then the right ear burning sensation is a message from the heavens to apply logic to the circumstances or problem.

The male may also be too emotional the last few days, which clutters his mind.

The person may be feeling confused about what to do, focusing on his emotions instead of facts.

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7 Spiritual Meaning of Right Ear Burning

7 Spiritual Meaning of Right Ear Burning

1) Ask the heavens for help

If you are going through some heavy burdens or have been so self-sufficient lately, and you experience some right ear burning, then this is a sign to seek the help of the heavens. 

Too many times, rather than lift our burdens to the ones above, we spend time finding solutions ourselves.

We spend more time and energy feeling anxious about how things are going our way when it is the heavens who are in control of everything

2) Some good news coming 

When your right ear is burning, then this could be a sign from heaven that you will soon be receiving some good news.

In the case of my friend and my sister, they both received some good news shortly after experiencing this sensation.

My sister got a promotion at work and my high school friend in my story above received an unexpected inheritance from her grandmother.

3) Being alone is good

If you are the type to also look for a company or prefer being in a relationship, then your right ear burns, take this as a sign from the heavens that you should try being alone or independent.

Sadly, many people are too scared to be left on their own. Many would always insist on being in the company of someone or a group.

The right ear burning should spiritually remind you that being alone and independent is a great thing and teaches you a lot about yourself. 

4) A person with ill feelings

The right ear burning could be a sign that someone is harboring some ill feelings towards you.

This person may also be engaging in other things that can potentially hurt you.

The person with the il fleeing may be spreading rumors or gossip about you.

You need to be careful about this person as his or her ill feelings can cause you real damage.

5) Emotional distress

When your right ear is burning, then this could be a reflection of your emotional distress.

There may have been some development in your life that caused you to be upset or hurt.

You may also be feeling some roller coaster of emotions.

This means that one moment you are feeling exceptionally happy or hopeful and the next you are feeling down or hopeless.

6) Changes in the relationship

The right ear burning could also be a sign from the heavens that there will be changes in some of your relationships. This not only pertains to your romantic relationships but also to platonic ones.

You may get into a fight with a family member or a friend or you may grow closer to an acquaintance. The change can be positive or negative so you should be ready.

7) More influence

If your right ear is burning, then this could be because you will soon be gaining more influence.

You may get a promotion, be elected to a position, or be known for doing a great deed.

Many people will want to get to know you or may plan on how to get you to do favors.

This may be some great news but the sensation is also a warning to be careful of the influence you will have.


Right ear burning may be quite an unpleasant sensation. It can also cause some sleepless nights and major discomfort. 

Aside from finding the medical causes, you also need to consider the spiritual causes.

The heavens may be trying to tell you something when your right ears are burning and it is best not to ignore these messages.


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