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Runny Nose Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages and Signs

Runny Nose Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages and Signs

On my way to a meeting, I bumped into a former teammate. He was sneezing and told me to stay away from him as I might catch whatever it was that he had healthwise.

So, I didn’t come near him and didn’t think much of the incident after. The next day, I received a message from this former teammate.

He said the doctor just told him to rest but something else bothered him. What does having a runny nose mean spiritually, he asked.

Should he be worried about what the heavens may be telling him?

I told him to heed the doctor’s advice and rest up. In the meantime, I will ponder his questions and put the answers into writing.

What Does the Nose Represent Spiritually?

woman blowing nose

The nose spiritually represents welcoming life’s challenges, blessings, news, and every single development or event that comes our way.

It is pretty much how the nose works.

Our nose can smell practically anything and thus this organ is forced to welcome any scent or aroma.

There is no way we can turn off our sense of smell, and so we simply need to put up with whatever smell is in front of us.

We should welcome life’s development the same way. Even unpleasant things have to be dealt with like the bad smell.

We simply need to make the most out of the bad things that happen and move forward.

Much like with a bad scent, we may choose to cover or pinch our nose, breathe through the mouth, or walk away.

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What Does Having a Runny Nose Mean Spiritually?

woman with runny nose

Left side of nose running spiritual meaning:

When your left nose is runny, then this is a sign to make the most of the talents and gifts given to you by the heavens.

This could be a sign that the ones above are displeased with how you are ignoring their gifts as you fail to hone them or unleash your potential.

As such, think of the natural gifts you possess, and how you can harness them and put them to good use.

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Right side of nose running spiritual meaning:

When your right nose is runny, then this is a sign from the heavens to be better stewards of your blessings.

The ones above may have noticed how poorly you have managed the gifts given to you in life.

You may be overspending or spending on the wrong things. You may have been given a nice job with a fat paycheck, but aren’t taking your responsibilities at work seriously.

The heavens want you to take care of the material things given to you as they too can be taken away at any time.

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Runny Nose 7 Spiritual Meaning

Runny Nose 7 Spiritual Meanings

1) Pent up emotions

When you have a runny nose, then this could be a spiritual sign that you have so many bottled emotions.

You have been harboring ill feelings for too long and now your body is telling you to let it out all so that you may feel better.

The runny nose could be a sign from the heavens to release all your pent-up emotions.

This means letting people know how you feel about situations or actions that have hurt you.

This will make you feel better emotionally and even help you have better relationships with others.

2) A reminder to take better care of your health

When you have a runny nose, then this could mean that the ones above are displeased with the way you are treating your body.

This is likely a strong warning to take better care of your health and honor your body.

A runny nose then should make you reflect on the bad habits that can be hurting you and your body or are displeasing to the heavens.

It is a reminder that good health is a gift that must be treasured.

3) An imbalanced life

The runny nose can be a sign from the heavens that you are living an unbalanced life. This means that there is one aspect of your life that seems to be taking over all other areas.

For example, you may be working too hard at your job and neglecting your health and personal relationships.

It can also be that you are too focused on your romantic relationships that you are unable to do your job well or have already let go of your personal appearance.

4) Overflow of blessings

The runny nose you are currently experiencing may be a good sign that soon you will be receiving an overflow of blessings.

It is a message from the ones above that you might be receiving excessive gifts or have an overflow of blessings that you can share with others.

The runny nose is also a warning that the blessings while abundant are still finite. Thus, you should not be wasteful of the coming blessings but instead, these must be put to good use.

5) Unblocking of energies

Perhaps your energies were being blocked for quite some time and the runny nose is a sign from the ones above that your energies are finally being released.

This means that you may be experiencing some increase in productivity or creativity in the next few weeks.

You may also have been running on so low energy lately and the running nose has released whatever was causing this low energy.

You will soon find yourself doing things with more vigor and passion than before because you have a clearer head and more energy to do so.

6) Feeling stuck

When you have a runny nose then this could be a reflection of your feelings that you are stuck.

When you have been feeling bad about how little progress you’ve made in life and then you get a runny nose, then this means that the heavens are acknowledging your feelings of being stuck in life.

At the same time, the ones above are telling you that you are right where you need to be.

The runny nose is also a reminder that you need to remember that your journey is not the same as others. You need to trust the timing of the heavens.

7) A reminder to declutter

When you have a runny nose, then this could be heaven’s way of telling you to declutter your life.

This is a sign for you to let go of things and people who no longer contribute to your well-being. Decluttering is necessary to get rid of the toxins in your life.

This can mean letting go of the things you hoard but no longer use.

Decluttering can also include people who do you no good and even bring you down.

The runny nose is a sign that it may be time to start decluttering people and things for your own good.

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Should I Be Worried?

woman suffering from allergies

No, a runny nose is not a reason to worry unless you are worrying for medical reasons. Spiritually, having a runny nose is not a bad omen.

It doesn’t signify that painful or bad things are coming your way.

Most often, the heavens are simply telling you an important message so you can improve your life and yourself.

Final Words

Everyone will experience having a runny nose every now and then.

Many times it is because of health reasons like having a cold or allergies but in other instances, it will be because the ones above are trying to tell you something.

Make sure to listen to your heart and pray so you know what the heavens are trying to tell you with the runny nose you are experiencing.

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