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Seeing Moving Shadows In Peripheral Vision? CAREFUL!

Seeing Moving Shadows In Peripheral Vision? CAREFUL!   

Have you ever noticed abnormal shadows moving swiftly in your peripheral vision? 

Well, as spooky as it sounds, you may be being followed by an unseen visitor from another dimension!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about the spiritual significance of peripheral vision and why you might see shadows through it.

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

Is It Normal To See Dark Shadows In Peripheral Vision?

Dark Shadow

Okay, so, let’s start by establishing one hard fact – NOT all shadows you see in your peripheral vision are ghosts or anything remotely similar.

In most cases, it’s just the way your extremely sensitive eyes perceive changes in the brightness of light. This light can reflect off of certain surfaces and create imagery in your peripheral vision that you later interpret as “shadows”. 

However, this DOES NOT mean your eyes cannot pick up on the presence of spirits and outside forces.

Many people report seeing blurs and hints of actual shadow figures that were dwelling in their peripheral vision. 

Although such occurrences aren’t something human beings understand very well yet, it’s still a chilling phenomenon that is undoubtedly real and is witnessed by many around the globe. 

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What Does It Mean When You See Shadows In Your Vision?

Shadow of a woman

Seeing shadows in your vision likely means that there’s something supernatural going on and the spiritual world is trying to send you some kind of message regarding it.

Maybe the shadow is serving as your guardian angel to protect you from threats lingering over your head or it’s just there to observe you and keep a watch on everything you do.

Though it may sound pretty odd, the shadows could even be poltergeists trying to annoy you and make you feel uncomfortable

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Seeing Moving Shadows In Peripheral Vision? 4 Reasons

Man shadow

It’s Your Guardian Angel!

Shadows in your peripheral vision can just be your guardian angel

It may be watching over you to protect you from harm or any kind of physical danger that may be coming your way. 

Although this guardian angel can’t physically remove the danger from your future, it can still warn you about it beforehand or give you those “vibes” that something bad is about to happen.

Understanding the hints and moving away from that area in time is your job to do. 

A Ghost?

If you have a history of hauntings behind you or reside in a place where some fishy things took place, seeing shadow figures and ghosts in your peripheral vision may be a norm for you

If it isn’t, you should get used to it because, without proper holy purification or extraction of the wandering spirit, there’s no way to stop the eerie shadows from coming into your sight. 

A Deceased Loved One?

Okay…so…not to freak you out but…the shadows you may be seeing may actually be the spirit of a deceased loved one! 

Their body may have departed from your life but their soul still hasn’t and it’s lingering around in search of a way to somehow contact you.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to NOT panic when you spot the shadow in your peripheral vision and calmly pray for the soul to find peace in the afterlife. 

It’s A Sign From Heaven You Should NOT Ignore!

Shadows in your peripheral vision can be a sign from heaven…BUT…it’s definitely NOT a good one…

Maybe the gates of heaven are skeptical about letting you in as you might be more indulged in evil during your time on earth. It’s a sign that you’ll be punished for all your wrongdoings if you don’t sincerely repent or turn your life around. 

Therefore, you better take visions seriously and intervene before your chances of entering heaven drop to zero.

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7 Spiritual Messages From A Moving Shadow

Spiritual Messages From A Moving Shadow

1) Self Hatred

Whether it’s because you made certain mistakes in life or just cannot see yourself being someone you want to be, self-hatred is a real thing and it can be embodied in the form of blurs and shadows

Oftentimes, this self-hatred stems from within your heart and radiates negativity not only in your personality but the environment as well. It weighs you down and causes your self-esteem, morale, and mental health to collapse badly.

That’s why the shadow sightings might make you feel sick and burdened sometimes.

You may want to take a deep dive within yourself and address your self-hatred before it starts presenting itself to you in worse ways. 

2) An Omen Of Bad News

Many cultures around the globe believe that seeing shadows in your house may be linked with impending bad news

This could be losing your job, getting into a major accident, a loved one falling ill or passing away, or perhaps any news that’ll bring you great sorrow. 

The good thing here is that you’ll be warned about the dreadful news beforehand as being taken by surprise in such cases can be quite dangerous if you’re someone with a sensitive heart. 

3) A Threat

Shadows in your peripheral vision can hint at a threat lingering over your head. 

It means something or someone is out there looking for you trying to cause you harm in one way or the other. You may even intuitively feel this threat and have a feeling somewhere in the back of your head that your life is in danger. 

The shadows in front of your eyes may be a sign from the spiritual world that you must quit hiding away like a chicken and face the threat head-on once and for all.

No matter how bad it is, it still can’t be as bad as you losing your sanity and mental peace at the hands of fear

4) Bad & Spiteful Company

If you see more than one shadow in your peripheral vision, it may be a sign that you’re not surrounded by the right people. 

Either they’re part of wicked and evil activities or not the type of “friends” you think they are.

They may be planning on bringing you down or betraying you very badly and the shadows are a wake-up call for you to escape the trouble before disappointment washes over you

5) You’re Being Deceived

The sight of shadows in your peripheral vision can be quite confusing and mystifying if you haven’t experienced anything like that before

Therefore, many spiritual enthusiasts believe it to be a sign that life is deceiving you from all angles. Wealth, fame, power, sex, and all worldly matters may be sucking you into a deep dark hole while you confuse them for “well-deserved gifts”. 

The shadows signify that you’re living in an illusion of success while God and heaven slip out of your hands. 

6) Depression

If you constantly see shadows in your peripheral vision, depression may be a possible underlying cause

This is because the human mind isn’t made to thrive in sadness, isolation, and grief. And, those tend to be the only emotions you might feel while depressed.

So, when the mind is put in such a state for an extended period of time, it can certainly begin malfunctioning and creating hallucinations out of nowhere. 

Also, since isolation and mental illnesses have the ability to make you vulnerable to evil, the shadows you see could actually mean that you’re dragging yourself in the wrong (wicked) direction

7) A Trapped Spirit

Oftentimes, magic and powerful spells can trap innocent spirits in an area they cannot escape from.

These spirits may appear in front of your eyes from time to time dwelling in the corners of rooms or windows as mere shadows. 

However, unless they seem to pose an actual threat to you or your family, there’s no need to panic as they’ll likely just linger around your house in the form of blurry shadows and can’t do much more than that

Why Do I Keep Seeing Shadows In My Peripheral Vision?

Silhouettes of a woman

If you repeatedly see the same shadows in your peripheral vision, it could mean that you’re not paying attention to spiritual signs or interpreting messages from the unseen dimension correctly

To do so, you must tap into the power of your intuition and allow your heart to guide you to the answers of life for once. It’s the only way you can understand the purpose of shadows that appear in front of your eyes. 

Once you do understand, you MUST make the necessary changes in your life or come up with a solid game plan to fix certain things step by step. 

Is This Shadow A Negative Sign?

Silhouettes of a child

Although rarely this shadow may be allotted the duty to protect you from harm’s way, in most cases, it is NOT a good sign!

It signifies fear, timidness, and vulnerability present inside the heart that’s slowly but surely eating away your existence. The shadow is an embodiment of the fear that you’ve deliberately drowned yourself in over the years. 

If you live in a toxic environment that’s filled with negative energy, seeing shadows in your peripheral vision again means that you’ve deliberately stepped foot in a place where evil resides.

Also, remember that actual poltergeists and spirits thrive in bleakness, so you may have opened a door for them to interfere with your life too.

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: seeing shadows in your peripheral vision is NOT always what it seems. 

In some instances, it’s just the light and angles in your room that are playing tricks on your vision while other cases may involve the actual presence of supernatural entities. 

To figure out what exactly you’re dealing with, you need to allow your intuition and spirituality to take the wheel and actually feel if the shadows you witness are signs from the spiritual world or just mere illusions.

Spiritual revelations are a real thing and in most cases, you’ll have a clear idea of the fear, guilt, and misery those shadows may embody. 

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