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Shoulder Dimples Spiritual Meaning: Right or Left?

Shoulder Dimples Spiritual Meaning: Right or Left? 

I was working out with a buddy at the gym when we saw a very fit woman with dimples on her shoulders.

My friend asked me what those dimples are to which I replied that they are shoulder dimples also known as congenital acromial.

It looks good on the girl, my friend said. But I wasn’t paying much attention to the appearance of the lady with the dimples.

Instead, I was more concerned with the possible spiritual signs and causes of the shoulder dimples.

And so, after much mulling, I am writing about the shoulder dimples’ spiritual meanings.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Dimples?

woman covering shoulder

Dimples are the heavens’ way of telling us that we are unique and special. Even the dimples of those with two partner dimples are never the same.

Spiritually, dimples mean that we were created with much thought individually.

Think about these:

  • No two persons, even twins are exactly alike;
  • Our birthmarks or dimples are never completely the same as others;
  • We each have our special talents and gifts given by the ones above;
  • Every person has his or her own quirk that is not shared by many others.

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Shoulder Dimples Spiritual Meaning Bible

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The Bible does not specifically mention shoulder dimples but there are many verses about the creation of the supreme being

The book of Genesis starts with how the Lord created both heaven and earth and how He later saw that everything was created according to His plans, and everything was perfect. 

These passages apply to the shoulder dimples.

These dimples, after all, are a testament to how the one above has specially paid attention to each of his creations, including shoulder dimples.

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What Do Dimples On Your Shoulder Mean Spiritually?

woman looking at her back in the mirror

Right shoulder dimple:

The right shoulder dimple is a sign that you are highly talented in various areas. You could, for example, be musically inclined and athletic as well. You may also be good at visual arts and can play several musical instruments or be great at math.

The right shoulder dimple should be used as a reminder that you need to make the most out of the talents and skills the heavens have given you.

Left shoulder dimple:

A left shoulder dimple is a sign of one’s fertility regardless of gender. Having this dimple on the left shoulder is a sign that you can get pregnant or impregnate someone easily should you wish to. 

However, this is not the pregnancy or the parenting journey that will be an easy one.

When you have a left shoulder dimple, it means that you can receive one of life’s biggest blessings— a child. At the same time, consider this dimple as a message to be grateful and be careful of this big gift from the heavens.

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7 Shoulder Dimples Spiritual Meaning

7 Shoulder Dimples Spiritual Meaning

1) Be confident

Shoulder dimples are a sign from the heavens to be confident about yourself and the people around you.

Many people feel insecure about what they have in themselves as well as the people surrounding them.

Let the shoulder dimples remind you to have confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your talents.

It is heaven’s way as well of telling you to have faith in the people around you and know that they care about you deeply, too.

2) Speak out

When you have shoulder dimples, then take this as a sign from the ones above to speak out and make yourself heard.

Remember that you were created to have a voice and to say what you mean and feel.

Use your words and other gifts to speak out about what you feel is right and should be done. Do not let others bully you into silence when you know what you want to say is for the good of many.

3) Don’t fear love

The shoulder dimples that you have is a sign from heaven to not fear love. You should instead embrace love as it comes.

This is not only for romantic kind of love. This is also true for platonic love.

You may have someone offering deep and genuine friendship and so you must take the offer of this friendship.

Do not turn away from love when it is offered to you freely.

4) Be independent

When you have shoulder dimples, then consider this as a sign from heaven to be independent.

The dimples are reminders that you were created thoughtfully and in a way that allows you not to depend on people all the time.

When you feel that you cannot do things on your own, then let the shoulder dimple remind you of how you were wonderfully created.

Extra care was given to you so that you can be an independent person.

5) Care deeply

The shoulder dimples are gifts from heaven to remind you to care genuinely and deeply for other people.

It is a sign that your life will be more meaningful and colorful if you care genuinely for people other than yourself.

Ensure that your interactions with other people are real and impactful. The dimples are reminders that being cared for and caring for others are beautiful things to experience.

6) Be you

Let your shoulder dimple remind you to be an authentic person all the time. Do not fall into the trap of pretending to be someone else just to fit in.

You are unique and so you must embrace this uniqueness rather than hide it from others.

7) Use your talents

A look at your shoulder dimples should make you realize how to use your talents well.

The shoulder dimples are reminders from the ones above to make good use of what the heavens have given you.

Remember that you must offer your gifts to others so they can be a better version of themselves. Make sure to use your talents in a spiritually pleasing way rather than to hurt or cause harm to others. 


You may not have shoulder dimples like others but this does not mean that their spiritual significance is any less for you.

Whether you have one or not, it is best to know what the spiritual messages behind these dimples are.

You can use these signs from the heavens as well to live a fulfilling life.


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