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Shoulder Twitching Superstition: Right and Left

Shoulder Twitching Superstition: Right and Left

I was having lunch with an old friend the other day when I noticed that her shoulder kept twitching.

At first, it was her right shoulder, and shortly after it was her left shoulder that twitched. At one time, both shoulders twitched at the same time. 

I ignored it at first but the twitching persisted and so I asked her. She hasn’t gone to the doctor she said and that is why she met up with me. My friend wanted to ask me what it could mean. I remember her distrust of doctors and how she preferred to look for alternative solutions.

What were the shoulder twitching superstitions? She asked.

She is forced to see the doctor soon for the twitching because her family insists on finding the medical cause but she wanted to ask me about the superstitious beliefs surrounding the sensation first. 

And so, the meetup became a lengthy discussion about the different shoulder twitching superstitions.

What Does the Shoulder Represent Spiritually?

woman touching her shoulder

The shoulder spiritually represents one’s responsibility.

Ever heard of the phrase, “responsibility is on his shoulders” or the “world is on his shoulders“? These phrases are not far off from what the shoulder represents spiritually.

  • The shoulder represents the responsibilities in this world whether at work, in our personal lives, or society;
  • The shoulder also reflects how heavy our responsibilities in our lives can be. This is why a person might also say “he’s got broad shoulders“. This means that the person can take in more responsibilities;
  • This part of the body can show how much responsibility can do to a person or his or her body. Think of how your back and shoulders react when carrying heavy backpack;
  • Being overburdened by responsibilities can be detrimental to us. The shoulders often show this as the upper body generally has difficulty moving when the shoulders are too painful.

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What Does a Shoulder Twitch Mean Spiritually?

man with shoulder pain

Right shoulder twitching spiritual:

When the right shoulder is twitching, then this is a sign from the heavens that you need to take your responsibilities seriously.

This could be a reminder from the ones above or even a rebuke for failing to do what you are obliged to do. 

One can even say that the right shoulder twitch is a sign that the heavens are displeased with you because you are falling short of what the ones above are expecting you to be.

You may want then to think of your responsibilities and whether you are failing to do some of them. 

Left shoulder twitching spiritual:

When your left shoulder is twitching then, this could be a sign from the ones above to take a closer look at your faith.

You may think of your progress in your spiritual journey because the heavens may be seeing or sensing something about your faith or lack of it.

Perhaps you have some passion for serving in your church or the one above may have noticed how your prayers have become fewer.

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Right Shoulder Twitching Superstition Female

woman with right shoulder pain

There is a widespread belief that a female will soon have a creative outburst or a very productive period when the right shoulder is twitching.

The female suffering from the twitching may be coming up with her best creative work ever or will be able to finish off tasks that she had been putting off.

For some reason, there will be a burst of creativity like no other or even a very long period of intense concentration, allowing the person to finish more tasks than usual.

Right Shoulder Twitching Superstition Male

man with right shoulder pain

It is said by many that a male who is experiencing some right shoulder twitching is being reminded by the heavens to treat the women in his life more gently or with more respect.

They say that the heavens are likely displeased at how the man is hurting the women around him like his mother, sister, or lover.

According to superstition, the man is likely to fall short of his obligations to the woman when his right shoulder is twitching.

He could be seeing another woman while being in a committed relationship or failing to honor his mother as he was commanded in the Bible.

Left Shoulder Blade Twitching Superstition

elder woman touching her left shoulder

Many people believe that when your left shoulder blade is twitching this is because you are already spinning out of control.

They say the heavens are trying to warn you that a current habit, hobby, or engagement may lead you to the path of destruction. 

The ones above are trying to prevent your ruin that is why they are sending you this twitching as a warning.

When your left shoulder is twitching then think of whatever you are doing or engaged in that could cause you to lose whatever you have, integrity or good name.

Shoulder Twitching: 7 Superstitions

Shoulder Twitching: 7 Superstitions

1) Lack of faith

Some groups believe that shoulder twitching is caused by a person’s lack of faith.

It is said that the ones above are displeased with the person’s weak faith and that they have to send a reminder to keep trusting in the plans of the one above. 

The shoulder is a reminder that he or she will not walk alone because the supreme being is there every step of the way.

2) A dead loved one watching you

They say that shoulder twitching is a sign that a dead loved one is missing you badly and is watching you from far above.

This departed person was once close to you and has always looked out for your welfare. He or she now wishes that you are in good condition even long after his or her death.

3) Some bad news

There is this superstitious belief that a person whose shoulder is twitching will soon receive some bad news.

The twitching is a sign from the heavens of difficult times to come.

The person then has to start praying harder that the heavens will be kind and may be spared of the possible bad news.

4) A new baby in the family

Many also say that shoulder twitching is a sign that a new baby is coming into the family.

This could be an infant born to you or your partner or someone in the family will adopt one.

It is also possible that a close member of the family will be the one giving birth to the baby.

5) Let go of material possessions

The shoulder twitching is said to be a warning from the heavens to let go of material possessions.

ou may be spending so much time accumulating wealth that you forget your principles or abandon your beliefs.

The heavens are likely displeased at your worship of wealth and want to put an end to it.

6) A big fight

In some cultures, it is said that shoulder twitching is a sign that the person will soon get into a big fight.

If you are experiencing some shoulder twitching, then it means that the ones above are helping you prepare for this fight.

This could be a major argument with someone or a prolonged battle over something.

7) A new friend 

They say that shoulder twitching can also be a good sign.

Many believe that this is heaven’s way of telling you that a new friend is coming into your life soon.

This person is not just any kind of friend but rather someone who will become your trusted advisor and confidant for many years to come.

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Shoulder twitching can be quite uncomfortable, but aside from the sensation you must consider what is causing it.

There are different superstitious beliefs on why your shoulder is twitching and any one of them could be the explanation for it.

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