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Spiritual Meaning of Broken Leg: Right or Left?

Spiritual Meaning of Broken Leg: Right or Left?

I broke one of my legs when I was a child. It may seem cliche but I climbed a tree with some cousins and then I fell hard on the ground, and so I broke my right leg.

It seemed a lifetime ago but I can still remember the frantic shouts of my older cousins and the ambulance ride. Fortunately, the broken bone only needed a cast instead of surgery and so for many weeks, I was in a cast.

My grandma then said that I broke my leg because I was going to undergo some major life changes. I could not understand then what she meant but now I know that there was a spiritual message behind my broken leg and there are other reasons for it as well

In this post, I will talk about the spiritual meaning of a broken leg and the emotions you may undergo after breaking one.

What is the Meaning Of Cracked Leg Spiritually?

Man with a cracked leg

Spiritually, a cracked leg is a reminder that sometimes we need to face difficulties in order to be stronger and better.

It is a sign that in life, we need to experience pain and suffering before we can grow to be better people.

Think of how it is when you have a cracked leg. For a time, the one with the broken leg may have to undergo surgery or be in a cast for many weeks.

This means pain and discomfort for a time. 

But as the bone mends, the person will realize valuable lessons such as taking extra care all the time to avoid accidents or relaxing the fight of the use of the legs.

When the leg heals, the person will have learned the lesson and be a better person after a cracked leg.

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What Are the Emotional Effects of A Broken Leg?

Woman with the right leg broken

Anyone with a broken leg will naturally feel various emotions. It may have been years ago when I broke mine but I can remember the different emotions I have experienced.

  • Fear – I remember being scared all the time. From the time I fell to the ground, while inside the ambulance, and while talking to the doctor. Even when I was already in a cast, I was scared that things wouldn’t go back to normal.
  • Anger – I was angry that I fell and broke my leg. It was summertime and my family had plans to go on a nice vacation. I was angry that my accident changed all our plans.
  • Helplessness – I was dependent on other people for a while and so this made me feel like I was a helpless individual.
  • Hopefulness – Many times, I was simply looking forward to when my leg would heal so the pain and discomfort would end.

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Spiritual Meaning of Breaking the right or left leg

Spiritual Meaning of Breaking the right or left leg

Broken Right Leg:

A broken right leg could be a sign from the heavens that major changes are coming your way. This is what happened to me when I was younger. 

Shortly after I broke my right leg, my parents decided to move to a different state. This was a major change not only for me but for the entire family.

I had to start anew, had to go to a different school, and make new friends. It was a year of major change following my accident.

Broken Left Leg:

When you have a broken leg left, then this could be a sign from the heavens that you need to take better care of your health or your body overall.

 The ones above may be highly displeased at your lack of care for your body.

Thus sending you a broken leg as a reminder that the heavens could take away some of your body functions or good health if you are not careful.

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7 Spiritual Meaning of Broken Legs 

Man with a broken leg

1) Vulnerability

When you have a broken leg, then take this as heaven’s way of reminding you that you are much like everyone else, and could be vulnerable. Any bad thing could happen to you just as much as it can happen to other people.

What you need to remember is that we always have heaven’s protection all the time.

2) A reminder of your strength

A broken leg could be heaven’s way of reminding you are strong. Even when you can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or even when you can’t walk because of a broken leg, you remain strong.

The heavens are telling you that your strength comes from the ones above and even at your lowest points you have inner strength.

3) Help yourself 

A broken leg is a reminder from the ones above that you always need to help yourself. Others may go out of their way to assist you but the best person to rely on is you.

You cannot do much in your life if you do not help yourself. If you want to accomplish something then you start by helping yourself.

4) Transition phase

When you have a broken leg, then this is because the heavens are letting you go through a transition phase. The ones above are actually preparing you for some major happening in your life.

Your inability to move around offers you some respite from the hustles of the usual life. And so, it is a phase where your heart and mind are being prepared for something.

5) Gratitude

A broken leg could be a reminder from the heavens to be grateful all the time. Even in your most difficult times in life, you need to say you’re thanks to the ones above.

The broken leg could be a rebuke from the heavens at your lack of gratitude and so you are being taught that in good or bad times, you need to say thanks.

6) Enjoy life more

The ones above could be reminding you that life has more to offer when you break your leg. Take this time to think of the ways you can make the most and enjoy life.

The injury is a temporary one and when things are back to normal, consider doing the things you have always wanted to do.

7) Stand up for your beliefs

A broken leg may be heaven’s way of telling you to stand up for your beliefs. The ones above may have noticed your inability to speak up for your principles.

When you suffer from a broken leg then reflect on the situation when you could have spoken up but didn’t and what you would do the next time.

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A broken leg can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. But aside from the medical side of things, you should also think about the spiritual side of things. This likely happened because the heavens want you to know or learn something.

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