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Spiritual Meaning of Deja Vu: 7 Spiritual Causes

Spiritual Meaning of Deja Vu

I believe in the power of deja vu. After experiencing it countless times, I can affirm that it is a spiritual experience. 

EVERYONE has experienced deja vu at one point or the other. Some just don’t know what it means and how to benefit from the guidance it brings. 

In this article, we will delve into the world of deja vu to uncover the hidden spiritual messages behind it

Spiritual Meaning of Deja Vu

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Deja vu is a French word. In English, it means “already seen”.

This happens when you say something, see something, or feel something you’ve felt before.

For example, you sat on a bus and could swear that you’ve been on the exact bus at that same moment before. When this happens, you’re having a deja vu experience. 

Now, in the spiritual realm, this comes with unique messages for you.

One of the spiritual meanings of deja vu is progress. When you feel like you’ve been in a place before, it could be telling you to leave your past behind you. 

In addition to this, deja vu means that you are on the right path. Don’t back out of that decision you’ve made.

This sign is an affirmation from the spiritual world. If you’ve doubted your decisions in the past, the deja vu experience wants you to eliminate that doubt. You’ve made the right choice.

This is believed to mean a spiritual awakening. Experiencing deja vu is a sign that your spiritual senses are becoming functional. Your mind is becoming aware of what goes on in the unseen world around you.

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Biblical Meaning of Deja Vu

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According to the book of Ecclesiastes, the biblical meaning of deja vu talks about the similarity in human experiences.

If you feel like you’ve been in a place before, or seen someone before, it is a message from God

This means that THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. It’s a biblical concept that every Christian should come to acknowledge.

Stop seeing the negative situations in your life as peculiar to you. 

Biblically, what you are going through has happened to someone in the past. It’s not because you sinned. This is the reality of life. Stop feeling condemned because of the negative experiences. Choose to remain positive despite what you are going through.

Biblically, deja vu is a sign that God is trying to get your attention. It means you need to spend time alone with God. This is crucial.

An important message needs to be given to you. But you must spend quality time with God in the prayers and fasting. 

Deja vu is linked to the presence of your guardian angel. Whenever you have this experience, it’s clear that God sent His angel to deliver a message to you or protect you from harm.

It’s a positive omen – biblically.

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Spiritual Meaning of Having Deja Vu in a Dream

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When you have deja vu in your dream, this could be a sign of similar dream experiences. It happens when our minds are going through an awakening process. Sometimes, the dreams we have are linked to one another

Therefore, when you experience deja vu while dreaming, see it as a sign of interconnected dreams. It’s a part of the complete picture. 

In addition, this speaks about your mind. Having deja vu in your dream speaks of an unsettled mind. This means you are bothered about a lot of things. 

In some cases, this experience means you’ve refused to let go of the past. The deja vu in your dream is telling you to move on with your life.

Having deja vu in your dream is also a sign of spiritual sensitivity. It means that your spiritual senses are going through an awakening state. This also inspires you to become conscious of what goes on around you. 

When we have deja vu in our dreams, it’s caused by a shift in our energy vibrational frequency

This happens when our chakras are out of balance, or blocked by negative energy. Therefore, ensure you stay out of your negativity zone as much as you can.

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What is Deja Vu trying to Tell You?

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Deja vu has a lot of things to tell you. 

  • It’s telling you to cherish the memories of the past, but never be defined by them. What happened in the past remains in the past. Move on with your life; 
  • Deja vu speaks of the interconnectedness of things. It reminds you that we are all a part of a bigger picture;
  • Deja vu could be telling you to pay attention to the people around you. Someone somewhere needs your attention. Listen to your inner voice to know who this person is;
  • When you experience deja vu, it could be a sign of good luck. This is telling you to expect something good to happen to you today;
  • This could also be a sign of emotional healing. It wants you to heal from the memories of your past. 

Spiritual Meaning of Deja Vu: 7 Messages

Spiritual Meaning of Deja Vu: 7 Messages

In this section, we will discuss the 7 spiritual messages of experiencing deja vu. Read on to find out more about them. 

1) A message is being passed across

Whenever you feel like you’ve experienced something before, it means the universe is trying to pass across an important message.

Therefore, be more attentive to the signs and omens around you. You will get the message. 

2) Someone is thinking about you

Through deja vu, the universe reveals that someone is thinking about you. This is why everything around you feels familiar.

Keep this at the back of your mind. Deja vu is an implication of a psychic connection between 2 kindred spirits. 

3) You’ve been there in your past life

When you get to a place and it feels familiar, this means you’ve been in the same spot in your past life.

This is a general spiritual belief of ancient cultures and religions.

Let this remind you to make the most of your new life. Create new memories and experiences. 

4) Embrace change

Deja vu means your mind is resisting new experiences. It chose to stick to the images of the past and play it back consistently. 

Well, you need to work on your mind if this sounds like you. Stop resisting the opportunity to have new experiences. 

5) Freedom

Deja vu could be a spiritual sign of inner shackles. It means you have refused to let go of the past. This has boxed you.

It’s preventing you from the blessedness of fresh experiences. It is time to embrace the freedom of new moments and memories. 

6) Your soul mate in the past life

When you feel like you’ve seen someone before, they could be your soul mate in the past life.

It is NOT telling you to rekindle the relationship.

This is simply a spiritual revelation. If God wills, the relationship will be restored. If not, move on with your life. 

7) Forgiveness

When you have deja vu with a fight, then, it means you need to let go of that hurt. This speaks of forgiveness.

You need to forgive those who have hurt you. This is crucial. It helps you to relate with people from a positive perspective.

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Deja vu is a spiritual experience. When it happens to you, ensure you understand what it’s trying to reveal. 

Through this article, a lot has been discussed concerning this spiritual experience. Read this article all over again to get a full grasp of what the universe wants you to know. 

Trust me! Deja vu isn’t coincidental. It’s spiritually strategic. 

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