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Spiritual Meaning of Grinding Teeth While Sleeping

Spiritual Meaning of Grinding Teeth While Sleeping

A friend complained of some jaw pain when I met up with him. He said he had not been to a doctor, so he didn’t know what was causing the pain. I then suggested that he go to a dentist. The jaw pain, after all, could be related to his teeth.

I was given an update the next time I met up with this friend. He had seen a dentist who told him that the jaw pain was caused by his teeth grinding while sleeping, also called bruxism. He was given a mouthguard to protect his teeth and prevent jaw pain.

My friend was relieved his jaw pain somehow subsided with the mouthguard and all. But should he be concerned that the pain was something else?

He asked me to think about the spiritual meaning of grinding teeth while sleeping and to tell him what I’ve mulled about. 

And so in this post, I am going to talk about the spiritual causes and signs of grinding teeth while sleeping.

What Does Grinding Teeth Symbolize Spiritually?

Grinding Teeth - Signs from the spiritual world

Grinding teeth spiritually symbolizes the importance of letting go of our past- hurts, mistakes, and regrets.

Many times, we grind our teeth out of frustration for how we have acted in the past and because of how disappointing we have been. We take out our aggression towards ourselves by grinding our teeth.

Spiritually, teeth grinding is a sign and a reminder that we need to let go of the past by being kinder to ourselves.

This means forgiving ourselves for the bad decisions, actions, or inactions or the words we say that hurt others

It is a sign to move forward by taking lessons from the past but never allowing ourselves to let the past hurt us repeatedly.

What Does Grinding Teeth In Your Sleep Mean Spiritually?

Woman with dental problems

When you are grinding your teeth while sleeping then this is a sign from the heavens to face the problem or deal with your suppressed emotions.

Many times, nighttime grinding of teeth is a manifestation of our repressed feelings or inability to handle problems we are currently facing.

When you are experiencing grinding teeth in your sleep, then reflect on the current hardships you are facing.

Are you running away from your problems or facing them head-on? How are you handling the complications of your life now?

At the same time, dig deep into the feelings you have buried for so long. Many of us have been feeling a certain emotion for many years but always try to sweep them under the rug. 

You may, for example, be feeling resentful towards someone and you have kept silent about it. The teeth grinding at night is a manifestation that you have kept your feelings under wraps for too long.

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Grinding Teeth While Sleeping Superstitions

Popular Superstitions

Around the world, there are different superstitions about grinding teeth while sleeping. Here are some of them:

  • They say that the ones above are likely reminding you that the gifts come with responsibilities when you are grinding your teeth while asleep. This is a reminder that you must ensure that you are using these gifts and your resources well and in a spiritually pleasing way. 
  • Many believe that teeth grinding at night is a reminder that our bodies and good health are given by the one above. And just like any gift from the heavens, good health can also be taken away if you are negligent.
  • For some, teeth grinding at night is a sign that you need to do more physical activities that you’ve never tried before. It is a go signal of some sort to try new adventurous things.
  • Some cultures say that teeth grinding while sleeping is a sign that someone you love, but is far away, is thinking of you.

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Spiritual Meaning of Grinding Teeth While Sleeping: 7 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Grinding Teeth While Sleeping

1) Wanting something you can’t have

When you are grinding your teeth at night, then this could be a manifestation that you want something that you can’t have. You have desires that are unlikely to be satisfied in this lifetime.

You may, for example, be aspiring for great wealth that is almost out of reach or pining for someone who will never be interested in meeting you or being with you romantically.

You may be grinding your teeth while asleep because of frustration for things you want but are unlikely to be yours.

2) More prayers required

If you grind your teeth while sleeping then it is time to think carefully about how you pray.

You need to reflect not just on the frequency of your prayers but also on the quality of your prayers.

The heavens may be allowing you to grind your teeth at night as a reminder to pray with more sincerity, consistency or both. The ones above may be reminding you that prayers are essential to establishing a close relationship with the supreme being.

3) Evil spirits nearby

If you are grinding your teeth while asleep, it could be because some evil spirits are nearby.

They are causing you to do unnecessary body movements like jaw clenching or teeth grinding.

When you are doing it every day or frequently, then consider asking for more protection or seeking other ways to drive out the evil spirits.

4) Someone’s jealousy

Someone may be so jealous of you, your life, or your success, and that is what is causing you to grind your teeth while you are asleep. This person’s jealousy is something to be mindful of as he or she could do hurtful things towards you.

Consider sniffing around on whom among your close circles are actually saying bad things about you as this could be the one burning with jealousy.

5) Temper your wants

The heavens may have noticed your excessive desire for worldly wealth and want you to temper your wants by letting you grind your teeth while sleeping. This is a way of telling you that excessive wants for material things will cost you many things such as good health or great relationships.

The one above may be sending you a strong sign that there are other things more important than riches on earth and so you must shift your energy to aching other things. 

6) Misplaced priorities

Grinding your teeth while asleep can also be a physical manifestation that you have misplaced priorities these days. It can also be heaven’s way of telling you that they are unhappy with how you are spending your time on one goal or area in your life.

Reflect on what is keeping your mind busy these days. Is it purely about work acquisition or wealth or chasing a new love? Consider thinking of whether these priorities are spiritually pleasing.

7) New love coming

When you grind your teeth while sleeping then this could be a sign that new love is coming your way soon. Someone might sweep you off your feet soon and make your heart race fast all the time.

At the same time, this could be the heavens’ way of telling you to embrace this new love rather than run away from it.


Teeth grinding at night can cause gum or jaw pain especially if left unchecked. It would be beneficial to know its medical cause. But equally important is to find out what the spiritual meaning behind the grinding of your teeth while sleeping is.

After all, the heavens may be telling you an important message that will benefit you greatly in your spiritual journey.

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