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Spiritual Meaning of Having 6 Fingers: Sign!

Spiritual Meaning of Having 6 Fingers

In medical terms, having 6 fingers is known as “Polydactyly”. 

However, in the spiritual world, this is a significant sign. Across the globe, several cultures hold numerous beliefs about having 6 fingers. 

Some believe it is a sign of good luck, while others believe it is a sign of bad luck. 

I have found the perfect answer for you!

In this article, I will discuss what it spiritually means to have 6 fingers. 

Does this mean you are an alien? (LOL)

Well, read till the end to find out more about this. 

Spiritual Meaning of Having 6 Fingers

Woman wth six fingers

If you have 6 fingers, it means that you are destined to enjoy fortune. According to several cultural beliefs, wealthy people have 6 fingers. The additional finger helps them to handle more money than other people in the world. 

Therefore, having 6 fingers puts you in the class of the wealthy. It is just a matter of time for your destiny to be actualised. 

Another spiritual meaning of having 6 fingers reveals your spiritual abilities. Having this extra finger means you possess spiritual powers. It is an awakening of your true identity. It wants you to embrace who you are. Doing this helps you step into your destiny.

Furthermore, having 6 fingers means you are special. 

It reveals that you are different from other people. 

Embrace your uniqueness. You will never be like other people. Stop trying to be like them. 

Through your 6 fingers, the spiritual world can speak to you about inner strength. Having this extra finger reveals the need to possess an inner resilience that stands against the storms in your life.

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Born with 6 Fingers Meaning

Baby with 6 fingers

If you are born with 6 fingers, you are special. Your journey will be different from other people around you. Never forget this message in a hurry. Only some have 6 fingers. 

Most people around you will not have 6 fingers. This makes you one out of a million. Sometimes, it might come with pressures! But, you must refuse to give in to them. Stand alone and embrace who you are.

Furthermore, being born with 6 fingers means you need to unlock your inner potential. Your uniqueness should become a strength to you – rather than a weakness. Stop trying to hide your talents and skills because of inner fears. 

It is believed that people born with 6 fingers will go through tough times in their lives. This is why you must be mentally prepared for what’s coming. Refuse to lose your ground

No matter how tough things look, never accept defeat. Build your inner resilience to fight back against the storm.

Furthermore, having 6 fingers is a spiritual sign of multiple talents. It reveals that you’ve been blessed with several skills. Now, not all of these skills are needed for your destiny. This is why you need to engage in self-awareness exercises. It helps you to identify the relevant skills and hone them well. 

In some cultures, having 6 fingers is seen as an omen of strength. It reveals that the universe has blessed the individual with supernatural strength to accomplish things faster. People with 6 fingers can solve complex issues in their lives. 

Having 6 fingers also symbolizes the need for constant growth. The universe wants you to embrace the opportunity for positive transformation. Keep this in mind. 

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Biblical Meaning of 6 Fingers

Siz fingers in the Bible

Biblically, those born with 6 fingers are seen as giants!

You will find this in 

2nd Samuel 21:20 (KJV)

“And there was yet a battle in Gath, where there was a man of great stature, who had on every hand six fingers and on every foot, six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant.”

The Bible regards people with 6 fingers as giants. 

Now, this does not have to be PHYSICAL!

A giant is stronger than everyone else. So, the bible sees you as strong. It encourages you to use your strength to crush obstacles around you. It reminds you to harness the inner power you possess for your own good. 

A giant is taller than everyone else, he sees what others cannot. If the bible calls you a giant because of your 6 fingers, it means you have spiritual foresight. You can see what others can’t.

It is a revelation of your psychic powers.

A giant cannot run as fast as smaller people because of its weight. If the bible calls you a giant because of your 6 fingers, then, it means you are holding on to the past. 

This stops you from making progress in your life. 

Let go of unresolved emotional issues. 

Free yourself from emotional and mental shackles. 

Just like every other religious book, the bible sees people with 6 fingers as special.

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Spiritual Meaning of Having 6 Fingers: 7 signs

Spiritual Meaning of Having 6 Fingers

I am sure you’ve learned a lot already!

Before I wrap up this article, I want to give you the 7 spiritual signs of having 6 fingers. They are also messages you need to know. 

Read on to find out. 

1) Healing

Having 6 fingers reveals that you will be hurt by a lot of people

If you are going to survive, you must learn how to heal from these hurts. Start by deliberately practicing forgiveness. Also, develop the attitude of letting go of the past. 

These will be instrumental to how you cope with grief, hatred, and betrayals. 

2) Make peace with your past

Having 6 fingers speaks of making peace. Most times, the urge to make progress will be lost if we refuse to forgive the past. 

Let your 6 fingers remind you of this truth!

Whenever you make a mistake, forgive yourself!

Always move on with your life – no matter what happens. 

3) Good fortune

Having 6 fingers is a sign of good fortune

It reveals that a lot of good things will happen to you. 

Therefore, even if things don’t look good for you at the moment, stay optimistic. 

Everything will align perfectly soon!

4) Inner strength

It is believed that people with 6 fingers will go through a lot of pressure in their lives. At certain points, they might have to handle so many responsibilities. This is why they need inner strength and fortitude to bear the pressure in their lives. 

5) You have a special calling from God

In the Christian religion, people with 6 fingers are regarded as special. This is because they have a call from God

Some prophets were born with 6 fingers and dreadlocks. 

Therefore, having 6 fingers might be a sign of your divine destiny. It reveals your unique purpose and path. 

6) Courage

The extra finger on your hand is an omen of courage. Let it remind you to never give in to fear, or allow inferiority to collapse your self-confidence. 

You might look different from others. 

However, it doesn’t make you lesser than them. 

7) Creativity

According to some cultures, people born with 6 fingers are highly creative. Some of the creative geniuses in the world were born with an extra finger. 

Therefore, it is time to tap into your creative power.

You have so much to offer to your world. 

Refuse to hold back. 


If you have 6 fingers, don’t look down on yourself. You’ve been blessed with a rare gift. Be grateful for it. 

You might be different from others! But embrace your uniqueness. 

Use the information in this article as a guide. 

Let it be your companion as you go through life. 

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