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Spiritual Meaning of Spitting: 7 Signs For You

Spiritual Meaning of Spitting

Spitting is an unpleasant thing. It’s slimy and smelly. However, it is a spiritually significant event. 

You might be wondering how spiritual this is! Well, I’ve got you!

In this article, we will explore the spiritual meaning of spitting. Does this bring good luck or bad luck

Through this article, you will understand why you constantly spat on the floor or felt like spitting every night. 

Trust me! What I am about to unveil will blow your mind. 

Spiritual Meaning of Spitting

woman spitting on sink

The spiritual meaning of spitting is learning to say NO. It is telling you to be confident to reject people’s proposals, ideas, thoughts, and decisions.

Don’t be a slave to people’s wills. Now, to make this happen, you need a lot of self-confidence. 

Therefore, the first place to start is by believing in yourself. Once this is absent, you won’t be scared to say NO. 

Once this is done, then, the spiritual meaning of spitting becomes your leverage point. The universe wants you to learn to stand your ground at all times. When something does not go down well with you, it is okay to speak up. 

When someone tries to lure you into something, it is okay to say NO

If people hate you because you refuse to do their wishes, then, this reveals that their hearts are not pure towards you. 

Additionally, spitting talks about watching the words you speak. The universe caused you to spit out because you need to choose your words carefully. If you are given to careless talk, it is time to change. 

When you spit, it could also be a sign of inner fear. It reveals that you are scared of rejection. It mostly stems from low esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

Work on your mindset as regards this.

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Spiritual Meaning of Spitting in a Dream

man spitting his tea

The images we see in our dreams are powerful. They bring divine guidance to us – causing us to know what to do in our waking moments. 

If you spit out blood in your dream, it is a sign of emotional hurt. Spitting out blood in your dream is telling you to let go of hurts.

You have been betrayed in the past! But it should not be powerful enough to prevent you from forging ahead with your life. 

In addition to this, when people spit in their dreams, it could be an inspiration to not give up.

Things might look tough around you at the moment. However, refuse to give in to the pressure. 

Furthermore, spitting in your dream reveals that the universe is trying to get your attention. A divine message has just been sent to you.

Once you return to your waking moment, spend time meditating on the meaning of that dream to get the message for you. 

In ancient cultures, spitting in the dream is believed to be a sign of newness. It reveals that a new season is on the horizon.

This sign prepares people for what is about to happen. It encourages them to develop a positive mindset towards change. 

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Biblical Meaning of Spitting

man spitting water on woods

In the bible, spitting is done as a sign of hatred and rejection. It means that an individual feels hated by others.

In most cases, this is a sign of low self-esteem. When you spit out, it could be a spiritual revelation of your inner thoughts. 

This reveals that you’ve lost belief in yourself due to the trials in your life. Also, you are carried away by the opinions of people about you. 

Well, take this as a message of hope. God sees what you are going through. He wants you to become confident.

Even if people hate you, always remember that God loves you. Let this be enough for you. 

In addition to this, spitting is a biblical sign of negative moments. In the morning, when you spit out, it means that you will be faced with tough situations during the day. Develop a tough skin against those challenging moments. 

What does Spitting Symbolize?

woman blowing her nose

In the world of symbolism, spitting could be a sign of defense.

In ancient cultures, people spit out to defend themselves from toxic people. It’s like drawing an invisible boundary around yourself. 

When you spit, it symbolizes the need to shut negative people out of your life. Create a boundary that no one can cross

In addition to this, spitting is a spiritual symbol of release. It inspires people to let go of negative energy in their souls.

Also, it speaks of releasing bottled-up emotions in your mind. Doing this restores balance to your mind. It also enhances inner peace. 

Through spitting, you can get a glimpse of what lies ahead of you. When you spit, it means that something new is about to happen in your life. Prepare for the sudden turn of events.

Also, work on your mind to embrace the new adventure.

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Spiritual Meaning of Spitting: 7 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Spitting: 7 Signs

In this section, we will discuss the 7 powerful signs of spitting. These are spiritual messages you need to know. 

Take advantage of them!

As disgusting as spitting is, you can get spiritual signs from it. 

Read on to find out. 

1) A marital problem

Whenever you dream of your spouse spitting on you, this is a sign of marital issues. It means that your marriage is going to experience turmoil.

This will be caused by disagreements and a lack of forgiveness. 

Therefore, work on those two aspects. You should also relay this dream to your spouse and discuss how to resolve the issue

2) Don’t push yourself too far

When you dream of someone spitting on you, it means you feel like you’re not doing enough for such an individual.

The spiritual world gave you this dream as a warning sign. It means you are pushing yourself too far.

Know your limits and stay within that boundary. You are doing more than enough already. 

3) Good luck

Spitting is a sign of good luck. It reveals that something good is about to happen to you.

Be optimistic. This message restores hope in people’s hearts. It also assures a better future. 

4) Work on your mindset

Spitting is a sign of a wrong mindset. It means that you have a negative mindset towards a lot of things. It’s time for an inner check.

You need to conduct a self-test. Furthermore, read a lot of books to develop a better perspective towards life. 

5) Change is coming

If you have a negative attitude towards change, you might spit a lot. This is calling your attention to the problem.

Nothing stays the same way forever. We must learn how to evolve and go with the flow. 

Therefore, work on your mind

Spitting means CHANGE IS COMING. Work on your mind to embrace it. 

6) Let go of negativity

If you spit out at night, it is an encouraging sign from heaven. The universe wants you to let go of negative thoughts.

Purge yourself of negativity. Embrace the positive side of life by practicing thankfulness and affirmations. 

7) Watch your words

Spitting is a sign of careful speaking. Through it, the universe encourages people to watch what they say.

Take this as a message for you. Don’t speak carelessly. 


Did you learn something in this article? I am sure you do. 

As we have discussed so far, the concept of spitting is spiritual. It could have some underlying medical reasons, but it comes with deep spiritual messages and signs. 

Pay attention to what the universe is trying to say through your spitting (whether in real life or your dreams). 

Thank you for reading!!!

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