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Spiritual Meaning Of Throwing Up: Is It Bad Luck?

Spiritual Meaning Of Throwing Up: Is It Bad Luck?

Have you been feeling like you’re going to throw up any time? Well, unfortunately for you, bad luck may be on the plate

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about throwing up and what spiritual factors can have a hand behind it. 

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

Spiritual Meaning Of Throwing Up A Lot

woman with belly pain

Throwing up a lot very frequently is spiritually linked with pent-up:

  • Emotional frustration;
  • Internal rage;
  • Poor self-control. 

Since throwing up is a completely involuntary action, many believe that it means you just can’t hold back anymore.

You may try to enclose certain secrets, desires, and emotions within but they’ve likely accumulated to a point where spilling over is the only way out for them.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Throwing Up For No Reason

woman throwing up on bucket

If you find yourself throwing up unexplainably, it may be a sign that you’re letting out other people’s secrets too much

And, yes, I understand you don’t do it deliberately; oftentimes, things just come out even if you had all intentions to keep them to yourself. 

But, it is what it is. The universe wants you to stay true to your word and protect what people have shared with you no matter how big or small the secrets may be.

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7 Spiritual Causes Of Throwing up

7 Spiritual Causes Of Throwing up

1) Spiritual Purification Required

Sometimes throwing up can be a sign that evil has clenched your heart and poisoned you deep inside.

It’s your body telling you that your thoughts, plans, actions, and intentions have all been corrupted with wickedness, and, sooner or later, you’ll have to face the consequences. 

If you want to get rid of this impiety, shunning paths of evil and finding the glory of God within yourself through spiritual practice may be a good way to go about it. 

As you start purifying yourself, vomiting and that constant feeling of sickness should die down. 

2) Stress And Anxiety

Oftentimes, throwing up or even just having that nauseous feeling can indicate high levels of stress and anxiety.

It’s your mind telling you that it’s under a lot of pressure which can be detrimental to its performance.

Yes, this is why making rational/fruitful decisions can become much harder in pressurizing situations.

The vomiting is a sign for you to immediately back away from stressful positions/environments and let yourself catch some air. 

3) A Confession

Although throwing up isn’t really a good sign, in some contexts, it can have SOME positive meaning

For example, if you happen to throw up after a prayer of repentance to God, it can be a sign that the burden of your sins has been lifted off your shoulders.

The vomiting signifies all sins and wrongdoings being erased from your soul, essentially giving you the opportunity to start with a clean slate. 

4) Weakened Health

To no surprise, throwing up can be a sign that you’ve neglected your health for too long

This obviously is a problem considering that good health is a gift from God that’s commanded to be cherished and protected, even in the Holy Scriptures. 

If you feel your vomiting and nausea stem from unmaintained health and a lack of gratitude for your blessing, it may be time you start paying attention to those matters, so you’re able to fulfill your purpose in life before God calls you back. 

5) Harboring Unwanted Emotions

As I said earlier, throwing up means something toxic is stuck inside of you.

Spiritual philosophers believe that something to be unwanted emotions like jealousy, selfishness, revenge, and hate. 

It means you’ve been harboring negative emotions inside your heart and they’ve started to spill over putting your relationships, mental health, and personal integrity all at risk of falling apart.

If none of these consequences have started setting in yet, it likely suggests that you still have time to gain control over these cynical emotions and bring reform from the inside. 

6) Corruption

People always seem to link corruption with money and reputation BUT, sometimes, it can be more than just that. 

Corruption can also hinder your spirituality by tempting you to get involved in the wrong kind of work.

Lying, deceiving, gambling and theft are all works of the devil that can drag your soul into darkness and keep you from finding peace in this world. 

Throwing up may signify this kind of evil and corruption creeping inside you! You can take it as a warning from God to fight this darkness and turn your life in a brighter direction. 

7) Ignoring Spiritual Signals

Lastly, and, this is a pretty straightforward one. Throwing up can also be a sign that you’ve been ignoring spiritual signals and messages sent your way. 

I’m sure you don’t do it deliberately but your lack of spiritual connection does cause you to overlook those hints that can actually be helpful in navigating through certain roadblocks in life. 

Try and work on sharpening your intuition. Get more involved in spiritual practices if you wish to acquire the ability to decode those spiritual signals more effectively. 

Is Throwing Up A Sign Of Bad Luck?

man suffering with stomach pain

In almost all cases, yes, throwing up is a sign of bad luck

It signifies an excess of all the wrong ideas and emotions stuck inside you.

A major portion of spiritual philosophers link throwing up with upcoming misfortunes, heartbreaks, and other bad occurrences.

If your vomiting is accompanied by major financial losses, repeated bad decisions, and failures in life, it means your luck will just get worse over time.

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must understand by now: throwing up isn’t something you should take lightly whether talking in a spiritual or literal context. 

It can be an omen of bad luck that might possibly mess with everything in your life from relationships to even your financial health!

But, if there’s something you could take away from this article, it should be that giving your emotions a healthy productive medium to exit your system isn’t that bad of an idea.

DO NOT just let emotional junk and residue from traumatic experiences in life pile up inside you!


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