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Two Different Colored Eyes Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages

Two Different Colored Eyes Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages 

In this post, I will talk about the two different colored eyes’ spiritual messages as well as some superstitions about it.

My niece excitedly told me that her classmate was very special. I thought she was about to reveal that she had a crush in school and so I teased her. It turns out that her special classmate was someone who had two different eye colors. 

I was curious about the child since my niece was excitedly talking about him. So, I made it a point to be the one to fetch my niece from school the following week.

I was introduced to the boy who turned out to be a well-mannered kid and I even met the mom. The different eye color was due to genetics as the child’s aunt also had the same kind of eyes.

This conversation sparked my interest in the two different colored eyes’ spiritual meaning. Is there a message from the heavens if you have two different colored eyes? Should the different eye colors alarm or cause anyone to worry because it is a bad sign?

What Do 2 Different Eye Colors Mean Spiritually?

Eyes with different colors

Spiritually, having two eye colors is a message and a reminder from the ones above of the unpredictability of life. Having two different colors for the eyes is quite rare and so are a million other things in the world. We all have to deal with the unpredictability of life.

The two different colored eyes stand for steadfastness and strong faith when life throws us something unexpected that we have a hard time dealing with.

Regardless of the surprise events or developments and the difficulties we are dealing with, having faith is what will help us.

At the same time, it also means that praying all the time will help you whether the good or the bad things happen to you. When times are bad, you need to pray for guidance and strength. 

When times are good, you still need to continue praying for guidance and grace to remain a good person despite the many wonderful blessings.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Two Colored Eyes?

Two colored eyes

Colored eyes spiritually stand for life’s changing seasons. This is heaven’s way of reminding us that we all go through different seasons and each of them is just as colorful as the other.

There are seasons in our life that make us feel exceptionally happy while other seasons make us feel despair and disappointment. But we experience different things in various seasons.

No season is the same and each brings us some useful lessons, even painful ones. 

Colored eyes are a reminder from the ones above of how we continue to experience many and varied things and emotions as we go through our life’s journey.

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What is the Superstition About Two Different Colored Eyes?

What is the Superstition About Two Different Colored Eyes?

Around the world and in various cultures and groups, there are different superstitions about two different colored eyes.

  1. Some groups believe that those born with two different colored eyes have a stronger intuition than others.
  2. In some cultures, two different colored eyes are believed to be the child of an evil spirit.
  3. Some people say that having two different eye colors is a sign of great wealth in the future. Others say that is a sign of an incredible gift or talent from the heavens.
  4. Sadly, some people think that a person with two different eye colors can cause or bring bad luck. This is why some people avoid those who have different eye colors.

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7 Messages of Two Different Eye Colors

Person with Two Different Eye Colors

1) Wonderful exploration

When you have two different eye colors, then this is a sign from the heavens that you will or already living a life full of exploration.

This could mean that you are collecting memories from different places because of your travel. Perhaps you have been living or would be living in different cities and experienced various cultures.

You may also be going from one place to another or experiencing different careers and jobs which makes you explore various industries.

2) A pure heart

Having two different eye colors is also a sign that you have this special ability to see the good in all people.

You have a pure heart, which is why you first try to look at the good side of the person rather than the negative ones.

At the same time, being pure-hearted makes you an easy prey for those who’d like to take advantage. You also need to be careful of the people who only want to use you.

3) A past life

Two different eye colors also mean that you have lived a past life before. You may have been something else before but you’ve been in this world already.

You may be possessing some traits of an old soul. You could also be experiencing deja vu or a feeling that you already have been in the same situation before.

4) Frequent visits from your guardian angel

Two different eye colors may mean that you get frequent visits from your guardian angel. This could be a sign of excessive worry by your angel or a need for greater protection.

Perhaps you are more spiritually frail compared to others which makes angel visits frequently necessary. Or there could be other reasons why the angel visits you all the time.

5) Tendency for pessimism 

Having two different eye colors is a sign from the heavens that you tend to be pessimistic when it comes to your chances or good things coming your way.

You automatically think of the worst things that can happen to you when something unexpected happens.

You may think well of others but when it comes to you, you have a tendency to put yourself down. Often, you think that you are not worthy of many things. Or that others deserve so much better than you do.

6) Rocky spiritual journey 

The two different eye colors could also be a message from the heavens that you have a rocky spiritual journey ahead of you.

While others may have an easy time keeping your faith, your spiritual journey will be quite the opposite.

There may be many times when you no longer want to keep the same faith, thinking that there is no supreme being listening.

You could also be tempted to speak ill of religions and people who believe in them.

This could be a warning to never be complacent about your faith as many times it would be attacked.

7) A mighty bloodline

When you have two different eye colors, then this could be a sign from the ones above that you come from no ordinary bloodline.

Instead, your family may have come from a long line of prominent or respected people.

Your bloodline may be traced to some royalty or some famous person known for good works in the past. You may have been a member of a once great clan or tribe but now has faded into memory. This means your lineage is extraordinary or has been ordained by the ones above.

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You are indeed special when you have two different eye colors. After all, this is quite rare according to medical literature.

But aside from the rarity of this condition, also make sure to pay attention to the signs from the heavens when you have this special eye condition. There is a spiritual sign behind two different eye colors, which should not worry you or your loved ones.


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