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Why Do I Feel Numb in My Arm? Spiritual Meaning 

Why Do I Feel Numb in My Arm? Spiritual Meaning 

My arms have been feeling weird lately. They have been feeling numb even when at rest. 

I made an appointment with my doctor to find out if there is a medical cause for it.

 But as I wait for my turn with the good doctor I should also mull on what the spiritual causes of numbness in my arms.

I am sure the heavens are trying to tell me something with these sensations on my arms. And so, here are my thoughts on the spiritual meaning of arm numbness.

What Is The Spiritual Reason for Numbness?

woman with numb arm

Numbness is generally a spiritual sign of a person’s insecurities.

There is always the feeling of being unsure of ourselves or being unsteady on our feet.

Every one of us goes through this period of uncertainty about our beliefs, capabilities, and life in general.

When you are feeling some numbness, then consider various spiritual ways of dealing with your uncertainties or doubts in life.

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Numb in My Arm Spiritual Meaning In The Bible

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There is no exact text or phrase in the bible that talks about the numbness of the arm and what it means spiritually.

But one concludes that the bible passages talking about being conscious of God’s power and presence are related to the numbness in the arm sensation.

Anyone who is looking for the spiritual meaning of numbness in the arm in the bible should be concerned about what the supreme being has worked in their lives.

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Right Arm Numbness Spiritual Meaning

man with pain in right arm

The numbness in your right arm spiritually means that your guardian angel is present or nearby and is waiting for a good time to send you a message.

This is not necessarily a warning or bad news.

The numbness is simply your guardian angel’s way of saying that there is a message that you need to hear soon enough.

Make sure to open your heart and mind to this message.

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Left Arm Numbness Spiritual Meaning

woman pain in left hand at work

The numbness in your left arm is actually a reminder from the heavens to cherish your loved ones.

Too many times, people take for granted the people they love by mistreating them or hurting them repeatedly.

We often forget that even our loved ones may be taken from us or walk away from us.

The left arm numbness sensation should then make you realize that everything we have, especially our loved ones, must be cared for properly all the time.

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5 Spiritual Meanings of Arm Numbness

Spiritual Meanings of Arm Numbness

1) Be ethical

When your arm is feeling numb, think of how you have been acting lately ethics-wise.

This could be a reminder from the heavens that you need to do what is ethical all the time.

The heavens may have noticed that you have been compromising on your ethics lately and want you to stop doing so. 

2) Enjoy outdoors

Numbness in the arms could be the heavens’ way of telling you that you need to go out and enjoy the outdoors.

The Creator made sure that our physical world is beautiful and so He wants us to enjoy his creations.

When you have a numb arm, then think of the last time you enjoyed the outdoors and how you felt being outside. It is time to head outdoors once again.

3) A departed loved one misses you

The num arm you are experiencing could be the heaven way of telling you that a loved one from the other world is badly missing you.

This departed person cares for you very much when he or she is alive and wishes to see you happy from the heavens.

This departed person wishes to hug you to either make you feel safe or to tell you how valuable you are to everyone around you. 

4) Backsliding

The numbness in your arm could be a manifestation that you are backsliding in your faith.

This is heaven’s way of acknowledging your feelings of uncertainty over your faith.

You may want to have some quiet reflection on how you can get back on track with your spiritual journey.

5) Financial freedom

Your arm numbness can be a good sign that you will soon achieve some financial freedom.

If you have been feeling worried about your financial health, then take this as a good omen.

The heavens are going to bless you so you will soon be free from debts or will have better cash flow.


The numbness in your arms can cause a lot of discomfort and even wreak havoc on your daily routines. Seek medical help to determine the reason for it.

But at the same time, you should not ignore that there is a spiritual message behind that numbness in your arm and this sign is something you should determine.


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