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Blood Clots Spiritual Meaning: 7 Hidden Messages

Blood Clots Spiritual Meaning: 7 Hidden Messages

In many cultures around the world, such as China and North America, and also in many ancient civilizations, illness and health issues such as blood clots, have a spiritual starting point.

Whatever illnesses you have, are initially started because of an emotional or energy disruption. 

Let’s take a closer look at the 7 hidden messages and blood clots spiritual meanings. 

Blood Clots Spiritual Meaning

Blood Clots

Unresolved issues, emotional stress or disruption, and blocked or unaligned chakras can all cause blood clots and other blood or circulatory issues.

Placement is important when trying to interpret the spiritual message or warning. Blood clots found in the heart are usually linked to heart and love-based emotional issues.

Clots in the brain or head are closely associated with:

  • Fuzzy thinking;
  • Negative thought processes;
  • Or constant distractions in your life.

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What Does the Blood Mean Spiritually?

Blood Cells

The blood is the essence of life that runs through the body, transporting things to the places that need it and literally keeping life pumping through your veins.

hen something disrupts the blood, it’s a sign that the life force has been disrupted and cannot work as it should – both physically and spiritually

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What Do Blood Clots Signify?

Blood Clots in spiritual world

Blood clots tend to have a warning or negative connotation in spiritual terms, but that doesn’t mean that things are going to be all bad.

In fact, you can use the spiritual message or warning as a way to change your life for the better. 

This medical issue associates with energy blockages, negative energies, and feeling blocked in or stagnant.

As with all medical complaints, you must seek medical advice before relying on spiritual methods or approaches for healing. 

Blood Clots Spiritual Meaning: 7 Hidden Messages

Blood Clots Spiritual Meaning

Your current life situation, emotions, and spiritual beliefs will play a big part in deciphering the secret message of blood clots and other physical ailments.

No two spiritual messages are the same and the symbols (such as blood cuts) will have different meanings for different people.

It’s wise to remember that before reading this list of 7 blood clots spiritual meanings and hidden messages. 

1) Energy Blockages and Stagnation

Blood clots can cause blockages in the veins and arteries in some cases, which spiritually points to a feeling of stagnation or being blocked.

Perhaps you’ve been standing in the same place (metaphorically) for too long? It could be the case that a relationship has run its course, or you’re tired of the city you’re living in, or even wanting to refresh and find a new job. 

What’s making you feel blocked and stagnant? 

2) Overwhelming Negative Energies

Sometimes, blood clots can arise as a result of too much negative energy around you.

Over time, the energy pushes on you and your blood, just like the pressure you’ll experience as you sink deep underwater, forming small, dense areas – the blood clots themselves. 

In order to relieve this pressure and alleviate the blood clots, you’ll need to remove yourself from the negative energy that surrounds you.

But first, you’ll need to work out who or what it is

3) Chakra Imbalances

The Root chakra, located right at the bottom of the spine, can cause blood clots and other physiological health issues when it is unaligned, blocked, or otherwise disrupted. 

You may also notice the following symptoms if your Root chakra is unbalanced:

  • Excessive tiredness;
  • Insomnia;
  • Pelvic and abdominal pain;
  • Problems with eating or digestion;
  • Lower back pain;
  • Higher levels of anxiety.

Unblocking or realigning your Root chakra is simple.

Use a one or more of:

  • Mindfulness;
  • Meditation;
  • Physical activity;
  • Being around nature;
  • Bathing in essential oils;
  • And yoga. 

4) Long-Term Emotional Stress

If you’ve had a lot of emotional disruption or stress put on your shoulders and you’ve been carrying it for a long time, your blood clot or clots could point in the direction of your energy and emotional systems being out of gas, so to speak.

To solve this issue, you need to get away from the situations or people that sit in the center of your stress.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you really do need to be a little selfish.

5) Time to Focus on Spiritual Growth

If there was ever a time to pick up your manifestation journal and start affirming your best life, post-blood clot diagnosis is it.

Perhaps there are things you need to know or find out, but the only way you’ll be able to do so is:

  • If you meditate;
  • Speak to the Universe or angels;
  • And start going about your life with a positive mindset. 

Your connection with the spiritual world is stronger than it has ever been, so it’s the perfect time to start exploring it a little more.

Ask your angels for guidance, start the day with positive affirmations, or carry appropriate crystals around with you – there are plenty of ways to dig deep into your spiritual self. 

6) What’s Your Intuition Saying?

Blood clots can disappear just as quickly as they appear, dissolving down into the blood and causing no further issues.

The dissolution is a sign that you have solved the puzzle and fixed the solution.

The appearance of blood clots, however, means that your intuition is trying to tell you something, but you’re not paying attention. 

It’s time to start opening your mind, body, soul, and spirit to the messages that are sent to you. They might not always be obvious, but you should notice them.

Common spiritual signs or symbols include: 

  • Animals;
  • Numbers (angel numbers);
  • Repeated noises or songs;
  • Weird coincidences.

7) A Sign of Strength

Blood clots can, sadly, kill – so having a blood clot and surviving is an impressive display of both spiritual and physical strength.

You’re stronger than you think, and your angels or the Universe are trying to tell you that. 

It could be the case you’re going to face a situation in the future that might make you feel weak – but regardless of how you feel at that time, you are NOT weak. You are STRONG. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About Blood Clots?

Red blood cells

A dream about blood clots means exactly the same as if you were to actually have a blood clot, although it’s generally understood that medical conditions indicate a more urgent or serious warning.

It’s something you can’t ignore, especially if you feel unpleasant or end up in hospital or needing other medical assistance. 

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Whether you believe that your physical ailments have spiritual starting points or not, it’s wise to consider the idea – especially if one of the hidden messages on this page has resonated with you in some way

Open your heart and mind to the idea that someone, somewhere is trying to communicate with you. You never know who you might hear from or what kind of messages you might get. 


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