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Spiritual Meaning Of Constipation: 5 Causes For You

Spiritual Meaning Of Constipation: 5 Reasons You Should Know

I ran into a neighbor the other day as I was jogging. I noticed how she was walking her dog absentmindedly as she seemed to be thinking of something else. She was so lost in her thoughts.

And so I asked her what was wrong when I passed by her. She was constipated, she said and had already consumed prunes, oatmeal, and pineapple juice to make it better. They don’t seem to work, she said.

And so, I told her, maybe she should consider other reasons, too. I shared with her that she might have been constipated because the heavens were telling her something.

She believed that sometimes things happen because of spiritual reasons including some medical conditions or sensations. It became a discussion of the spiritual meaning of constipation.

What Is the Spiritual Root Cause of Constipation?

woman menstrual pain

There are different spiritual root causes of constipation.

Sometimes the heavens let you experience constipation because the ones above are worried about your excessive attachment to material things.

They may have noticed how your love for worldly wealth has led you to hurt others or do wrong. This could be a wake-up sign.

The heavens may also let you have constipation to make you aware of your inability to forgive.

Think then of how you can forgive those who have hurt you even if they have not asked for it. This could be a sign that you need to work harder to forgive others.

Another spiritual cause of your constipation is your excessive need to be in control.

The ones above are telling you that you don’t always have to be on top of things and many times you cannot control what will happen. It could be a sign to trust the heavens more.

Your constipation can also be caused by your lack of care for the body.

You are being warned to treat your body like a temple by the ones above and so they let you experience this digestive issue. 

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What Emotion Is Linked To Constipation?

woman pain in stomach

Shame and stress:

Shame and stress are often said to be related to constipation. They say stress makes your body malfunction or act abnormally.

When you are in stressful situations your digestive system may work differently and cause constipation.


Fear is another emotion often linked with constipation.

Think about it when you are unable to let go of waste in your body and life, then you become fearful.

You could also be feeling scared in the last few days which manifests in your inability to flush out waste and toxins in your body. 

Reflect on how your fear has affected your body and habits.

Think then whether your fear is getting in the way of eating right and on time. Do not underestimate how fear can wreak havoc in your body.


Depression is another emotion related to constipation.

Being depressed often leads to eating and digestive problems which in turn may result in constipation.

If you are feeling extremely sad and now experiencing constipation, then ask how your eating habits have been and whether this could be the culprit for your constipation.

Have you ditched eating healthy food? Are you now eating more junk food because you are feeling sad?

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5 Spiritual Signs Of Constipation

woman sitting in pain

1) Fear of love

The constipation you are experiencing could be a reflection of your fear of love.

You are likely scared of loving so much as you have been hurt in the past and now are scared of experiencing the same kind of hurt in the future.

You may be running away at the prospect of love.

For example, in terms of romantic love, you may be running away from someone when you start developing strong feelings. You are scared to act on your feelings and so you simply run away thinking that it is for the best. 

The constipation is a sign of your deep fears of loving and the heavens’ way of telling you that you need not fear.

2) You will be grieving

Sadly, being constipated could also be a sign from the heavens that you will soon be grieving.

You will be feeling some real hurt with this loss and the grief may last for a long time.

You could lose someone you care about like a family member, lover, or friend.

This person may join the creator, break up with you, or end your friendship. The loss will be quite devastating and you will mourn what happened. 

The loss can also be a beloved pet or even a job and your grief at what happened may overwhelm you.

3) More food for the family

Constipation can also be a sign of good luck, particularly more food in the family.

This is the universe’s way of telling you ahead of time that your family will be receiving a nice blessing, and more food for everyone.

It could be that you may be feasting for many days because of something wonderful that has happened.

Maybe you will have more or better quality food in the next few weeks because of increased income allowing the head of the family to provide better for the family.

The family may also have access to more food because of other circumstances like cheaper sources or being nearer to a farm.

4) You have sinned majorly

Being constipated can also signify that the ones above are well aware that you have sinned in a big way.

This is heaven’s way of telling you that they know what you’ve done and you may be asked to pay or atone for your sins.

When you become constipated, then ask yourself whether you have sinned against others.

  • Did you covet someone’s wife?
  • Robbed or killed anyone?
  • Failed to honor your parents properly? 

The constipation you are experiencing could be heaven’s way of telling you that they know what you’ve done and may want you to confess your sins before you are made to pay for them.

5) Be merciful

Being constipated could mean that the heavens are prodding you to be merciful.

The ones above may have noticed how hard your heart has become and how this translates to your inability to be merciful.

Maybe some people have hurt you and would benefit from your forgiveness or mercy.

Maybe there is someone whose life would so much be better if only you showed him or her some mercy but refuse because you are holding on to anger and hurt. 

The heavens may have noticed it and are now sending a signal to show mercy and compassion to others even those who don’t seem to deserve them.

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Should I Be Concerned? 

man laying in bed in pain

It is natural to be concerned when you have constipation. After all, it can be a sign of your body malfunctioning and it also causes a lot of discomfort. 

Aside from the medical reasons, you should also be concerned about its spiritual significance and as such should make an effort on what the heavens are trying to tell you.

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Constipation can cause worry and discomfort to anyone. Unfortunately, it happens to anyone.

When you experience this, see to it that you go beyond the medical significance by focusing as well on the spiritual aspect of it. 

The constipation you have right now may be the universe’s way of telling you an important sign or message. Make sure to open your heart to receive this message.

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