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Spiritual Meaning of Coughing: 6 Spiritual Causes

Spiritual Meaning of Coughing: 6 Reasons From The Heavens

Everyone will cough. Sometimes the cough may be expected or unexpected or it can also be a simple cough or indicative of a bigger or worse illness.

Sometimes the cough comes with phlegm or it is just a dry cough. At times, you will also need to see a doctor and the cough will go away on its own.

My mom said I had some sort of chronic cough growing up. She then brought me to doctors who could not find out what was wrong for sure.

And then the cough just went away after a few weeks. Nobody can say exactly what caused that sort of chronic cough and what made it go away.

My mother reminded me of this episode as a child and asked me what I thought that meant. Now that I am well aware of spiritual meanings and signs, perhaps I can talk about the spiritual meaning of coughing.

 She told me to write about it and share what I know to help others, especially those who are coughing with an unknown medical cause.

What Does Coughing Symbolize Spiritually?

woman coughing in sofa

Coughing spiritually symbolizes the need for purification. Many times in our lives we need to be purified as part of our spiritual journey.

Many tend to fear the phrase spiritual purification but there is nothing to be scared about it. Purification, after all, isn’t as complex as what many people claim.

  • Praying to ask for forgiveness can be considered purification because we are asking the heavens to purify us again by forgiving us of sins and trespasses;
  • Confessing the sins and praying like what Catholics do are also purification. They unburden themselves to the priest and pray as they were told to ask for forgiveness;
  • Training your mind to think spiritually pure thoughts and trying to stay away from sins are also signs of our desire to be spiritually good and healthy;
  • Reading the word of the creator is a way of purifying our thoughts as the activity also guides us in our actions.

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Coughing? 

coughing at work

During the day:

Coughing during the day is a reflection of your desire to do what is spiritually good and pleasing.

Most people start the day wanting it to be a good one by doing what is morally right and pleasing to the ones above.

Coughing is a reflection of our want to stay the course of being morally upright throughout the day.

It may also be a cry for help from the heavens to guide you in your journey for the day so whatever you may do, you do it to please the supreme being.

During the night:

Coughing during the night is a spiritual sign of distress.

It could have been a difficult day before going to bed and you are exhausted physically, mentally, and spiritually. You may be coughing to signify or show your exhaustion on what turned out to be a difficult day.

At the same time, coughing at night is your subconscious way of asking the heavens to face the coming days knowing they may be as tiring or challenging as the one you’ve had the previous day. 

While sleeping:

Coughing during the day is a sign that an angel just visited you.

This angel drooped by to check on you and see for himself or herself how you are. There was a need for this angel to visit you personally.

Maybe there was a message that had to be given to you while you were sleeping.

It could also be a routine visit from your guardian angel. Do not worry as this visit isn’t a sign of bad things to come.

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What Does A Dry Cough Mean Spiritually? 

sick woman in sofa throat and cough

A dry cough spiritually means to be in touch with your soft side.

Many times, we are too preoccupied with presenting ourselves as strong, and capable of handling even the toughest challenges.

We may also be so concerned about surviving that we forget our soft, caring, and nurturing qualities.

If you find yourself holding back your affection for people you love and you have a dry cough, then this is a spiritual message to be in touch with your soft side.

You can show affection for others rather than withholding them. It is also alright to show some vulnerability if it makes others understand you better.

6 Spiritual Meanings of Coughing

woman coughing covering mouth

1) A need to rest

When you are coughing, this could be heaven’s way of telling you to rest. Your body is now acting up slowly in response to your lack of care for it. 

Think of the last time you let your body rest as much as it needs. You have likely been overworking your body and not resting enough and eating the right food.

So, the ones above are slowly telling you and giving you signs that your body deserves some rest and needs more attention from you.

2) Some work problems

Coughing can be a spiritual sign that you are encountering or soon will deal with some work-related problems.

These problems will make your everyday work more challenging than usual and may even test your patience.

The coughing is a warning that you will be entering a period of tension at work. You may conflict with bosses or workmates.

Brace yourself for some hardships in the workplace.

3) A new baby soon

Coughing can also be a great sign. Sometimes, this is heaven’s way of telling you that a new baby is coming soon.

This baby may be yours. This means you or your partner may be getting pregnant in the next few weeks.

It could also be an offspring of someone in the family and you will either become an aunt, uncle, grandma, or grandpa.

Someone in the family may also be adopting a child soon.

4) Betrayal

You may want to brace yourself for some pain when you are coughing. This could be a warning that someone will be betraying you if it isn’t happening yet.

You may be surprised when you learn of this betrayal as the person seems to always be good to you.

Take the time to reflect also on who has grudges against you and maybe secretly looking to betray you.

5) Someone is angry

When you are coughing, then think of the possible people who are angry at you. Coughing, after all, is a spiritual sign that someone feels strongly against you.

Reflect on the recent events and the people involved and how you may have angered them with your words and anger.

Also, consider apologizing to keep things from escalating.

6) Good turn of events

Coughing can also be the universe’s way of telling you that soon things will turn out for the better. The turn of events will be favorable for you.

You may have been feeling that the heavens have been harsh towards you lately.

The coughing is a message from the heavens to just wait as things will soon be better.

Is This A Bad Sign?

Chin Pain Spiritual Meaning

Sometimes coughing can be a bad sign but not always.

Many times the heavens simply want to tell you a simple message that is meant to help you or to bring you some good messages.

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Coughing may be normal as everyone does it.

But do not ignore your coughing because aside from the medical indications, coughing can be a sign from the heavens as well.

Take the time to reflect on what the message is behind your coughing.

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