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Spiritual Meaning Of Digestive Problems: 7 Causes

Spiritual Meaning Of Digestive Problems

Have digestive issues been troubling you a lot lately? Well, believe it or not, there may actually be a spiritual reason behind it!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about digestive issues and what they could spiritually mean. 

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

Can Digestive Problems Be Linked With Spirituality?

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In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that any problem inside your body can have a spiritual link!

Many people believe indigestion to be a cause of:

  • Keeping too many secrets;
  • Extreme self-hate;
  • Too much negativity in the surroundings. 

A lot of digestive problems are caused by foreign bacteria/viruses getting into the body.

But, on a spiritual level, it could mean that there are external changes in your lifestyle or company that you’re having a hard time adapting to.

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What Does The Stomach Symbolize?

internal organs highlighted

The stomach symbolizes nourishment and well-being.  However, this isn’t the kind of nourishment you get from food or drink.

We’re talking about spiritual nourishment here; the nourishment that feeds your soul and keeps it dwindling in the light. 

Any problems you face in relation to the stomach, it’s likely that your soul isn’t being nourished very well and there are outside negative energies and disturbances hindering the process. 

Furthermore, since the stomach is a place where food is broken down into pieces and digested, it also symbolizes the interpretation of information and judgment.

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Bloated Stomach

Bloated Stomach and pain

In most cases, stomach bloating occurs when you eat too much too fast

Therefore, spiritually, bloating can be a sign that you’re trying to absorb too many traumas, negative experiences, and emotional bruises all at once. 

The spiritual world is likely warning you to NOT force yourself into understanding or digesting all that happened to you in life as it may lead to serious mental and emotional consequences.

Be gentle with yourself and take your time when dissecting certain events to make decisions regarding them.

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7 Possible Spiritual Reasons For Digestive Problems

man with stomach pain

1) Self Hatred

One possible reason for digestive problems can be severe self-hatred

Every time you look at yourself and reflect on who you are, you may feel greatly humiliated and perhaps even disgusted.

You believe you’re very different from other people and your unique traits tend to push you over the verge of making a fool of yourself. 

Since you’re essentially disliking the way God created you, it’s no surprise that consequences because of such a mindset may come along.

One of those consequences could be digestive issues signaling to you that you need to accept yourself as you are and embrace the way God created you differently. 

2) Inability To Keep Secrets

If you recently exposed confidential information someone trusted you with or just have trouble keeping secrets in your stomach, digestive issues may warn you against this. 

Although you may not think much of “accidentally” letting secrets out, it can definitely put someone’s reputation at risk as well as damage your credibility in their eyes.

It’s best to safeguard whatever you’ve been trusted with and not let it out of your stomach in any situation.

3) Keeping TOO MANY Secrets!

If you’re someone who keeps too many secrets in the stomach, that, again, may be warned against by the universe through digestive problems.

You see, keeping secrets and appearing “mysterious” may be useful in some situations where you want to keep your head down and remain anonymous but shutting people off in your life because of it is NOT a good thing. 

Consider the digestive issues as a sign from the universe to quit being overly reserved around people who actually care for you and give them a chance to know you from deep inside. 

4) Confusion

Digestive problems can be a sign of confusion between right and wrong

It means you’re having trouble with making a choice in life and the confusion is really taking a toll on you.

In fact, you might be finding it hard to fall asleep or concentrate on other important tasks because of it. 

In most cases, making the choice quickly and committing to it should eventually make the digestive issues subside.

5) A Big Trauma

If you recently witnessed a loved one pass away or went through some disturbing events, being unable to process the trauma may lead to the development of digestive issues. 

This is a fairly common outcome of trauma and emotional scarring that can lead to something much worse if handled incorrectly

What you need to do is take things slow and allow for life to naturally move forward instead of forcing yourself to forget what happened.

Accept the fact that those events were unavoidable and destined to unfold

Generally, the slower you digest things, the easier it will be to move forward with them. 

6) Stress

Stress can be a major cause of digestive issues

If your body is constantly in fight-or-flight mode due to some kind of threat or danger it foresees, it’s more susceptible to going off track from normal healthy functioning. 

In that case, you may want to figure out what’s triggering your stress and how you can shut it off as quickly as possible.

If your stress stems from work problems, illnesses, or conflicts with people in your life, the digestive issues could be eased with just a break or by putting distance between yourself and the possible stress trigger (person). 

7) Evil And Corruption

Sins and embracing evil can often have negative consequences on your body’s functionality.

It’s the universe’s way of telling you that toxic energy is creeping inside of you

You MUST take control of your life and remove yourself from Satan’s work.

Get rid of destructive habits, unhealthy addictions, and any kind of immorality that may be spoiling your heart. 

Embrace the light and purity within you and try to connect with God through His ways. Find peace in better things and strengthen your integrity to help you demolish all roots of corruption 

How To Deal With Digestive Problems On A Spiritual Level?

woman relaxing by the window

Now that you’ve learned about the possible spiritual reasons for digestive problems, it’s time to tell you how to deal with them effectively:

  • So, first, you MUST always start by making the necessary changes in your life;
  • As digestive problems mean you aren’t able to adapt to something new, replace it with another plan or habit that is easier to get used to;
  • Quit being overly harsh on yourself and forcing yourself into things that aren’t comprehensible at the time.
  • Change the way you treat yourself and you’ll likely see major improvements in your digestive problems!
  • Additionally, you may also want to deeply reflect on the digestive problem itself and acknowledge if your intuition is trying to give you other unique signs regarding it. 

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: digestive issues and spirituality certainly share a link…BUT…not a very good one. 

It can take major shifts in your life to bring the digestive issues under control!

You may want to remove certain people and their negativity, clear out bad air, not be too harsh on yourself, protect other’s secrets, or find ways to soften the impact of past negative experiences on yourself

Now, figuring out exactly the step you need to take depends a lot on your situation and the answers your intuition leads you to. Use them and make the change in the right direction!


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