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Spiritual Meaning of Fibromyalgia: 7 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Fibromyalgia: 7 Signs

My friend from way back called me the other day. I was a bit surprised to hear from her as we lost touch except for the occasional exchanges on social media.

She was back in the neighborhood she said and invited me over. There was something about her invitation that compelled me to see her as soon as possible. It seemed like she really needed some company and someone to unburden herself with.

It turned out that my friend was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic and long-term health condition with no known cause or cure.

She had to resign from work as the flare-ups were becoming too frequent and she was feeling fatigued all the time.

She has heard from friends that I have a gift for spiritual meanings of things and was wondering if I could help her. She has difficulty understanding why she had this condition and would I help her understand the spiritual meaning of fibromyalgia?

Can Fibromyalgia Be Related to Spirituality?

Fibromyalgia in spirituality

Yes, fibromyalgia can be related to spirituality. This disease has no known cause but for sure, it has a spiritual significance.

  • It is said that fibromyalgia can be caused by emotional shocks and anxiety. As such, the disease can be because of one’s lack of faith which can also lead to fibromyalgia.
  • The lack of faith also manifests in one’s ability to pray or communicate with the supreme being, exacerbating the physical conditions and thus resulting in fibromyalgia.
  • The lack of spiritual belief is a cause of depression, another symptom of fibromyalgia.

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Spiritual Meaning of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia - A lot of pain

Spiritually, fibromyalgia is a reflection of one’s lack of faith or spiritual growth. It means that a person has stopped his or her deep faith in the supreme being or his or her spiritual journey has stagnated over the last weeks or years.

If you have fibromyalgia, it is likely that you once had a profound faith that even seems to be unshakeable. But that deep faith has been shattered or has been lost. You may have fibromyalgia as a symbol of that deep faith now gone and replaced by cynicism.

Spiritually, fibromyalgia also stands for whatever faith that you have left and your lack of growth

It signifies that while you are still a believer in the supreme being or your creator, your journey has been stagnant. You have not grown your faith or your knowledge of your spiritual beliefs remains limited.

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What is the Emotional Root Cause of Fibromyalgia? 

Emotional and spiritual causes

The emotional root cause of fibromyalgia is anxiety. Those with the disease are more sensitive to pain, and in this case, any upsetting thing leaves you terribly anxious

This level of anxiety physically manifests in muscle tenderness or pain, fatigue, headaches, and digestive problems. All of which are symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Depression is also another emotional root cause of fibromyalgia.

When one is depressed, he or she can experience the same symptoms as those with fibromyalgia. Depression also causes additional symptoms like sleep disorders or insomnia.

Stress is another emotion that is also believed to help cause fibromyalgia. Too much worrying, overthinking and anxiety stresses both the physical and mental side of a person and thus leads to serious and even non-curable diseases like fibromyalgia.

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7 Signs and Causes of Fibromyalgia Spiritually 

Causes of Fibromyalgia Spiritually

1) Perfectionism

The constant want for perfectionism is a spiritual cause of fibromyalgia. Perfectionism, after all, can cause so much stress and anxiety not only to the person who wants everything perfect but to those around him or her.

The inability to settle for anything less than perfect will always wreak havoc both on the mind and body.

The pressure of getting things right and perfect all the time takes away all the fun of getting things done. This is why many people, including experts, say to always strive for progress instead of perfection.

2) Excessive love for expensive things

Anyone who loves material things excessively will always put stress on their mind and body. Being exceptionally materialistic often leads anyone to work longer than necessary in the hope of earning more so they can afford expensive stuff.

People who are driven to acquire things with a high price tag may end up with fibromyalgia. Their material needs will push them to do things more than what their bodies or health can handle which may lead to this chronic, long-term disease.

When they fail to acquire a coveted expensive item, then they may end up being depressed which can also trigger fibromyalgia.

3) Prolonged inner turmoil

We all experience some inner turmoil at one point or another.

Others, however, are great at handling their inner turmoil as they can express themselves well or have an outlet for the inner ill feelings they have.

Sadly, others keep silent about their inner turmoil for as long as they can. The inner chaos that you feel that you have been keeping to yourself for so long can also lead to fibromyalgia. 

The body can feel all the negativity of these emotions which then result in an illness like fibromyalgia.

4) Accidents

Any major accident can also cause fibromyalgia. Major accidents can cause upheavals in the body and mind, which may cause the body to react negatively.

Likewise, the stress of seeing a loved one suffering from an accident can cause fibromyalgia. This is because any major accident means that members of the family have to brace themselves for hardships as the major accident could possibly affect everyone in the family. 

There is too much worry not only for the one who got into an accident but also for those who love him or her.

5) Childhood trauma

Many childhood traumas are left unaddressed. Sometimes this is what is causing fibromyalgia.

Those who have had a chaotic and painful childhood may have many traumas. They may also be unable to express themselves or the hurt they feel. Over time, all these childhood traumas will manifest into an illness like fibromyalgia.

Those who have been hurt as a child may suffer from undiagnosed anxiety attacks and even depression which also are major emotional root causes of fibromyalgia.

6) Bottled emotions

Are you the type to keep all your emotions to yourself? Do you normally stay away from telling others your real feelings even if you are badly hurting already?

Bottling your emotions will have some negative consequences for you including getting fibromyalgia.

Unfortunately, many of us would keep our emotions bottled up for fear of getting into a fight with anyone or hurting another person.

Too many times, silence and keeping all ill feelings inside may seem to be the only option. All these can cause fibromyalgia.

7) Lack of focus

When you are trying to do too many things and have a long list of goals that must be achieved soon, then you are stressing your body.

All the pressure and unrealistic expectations can wreak havoc on your mind and body and these can lead to fibromyalgia.

Living a good life does not mean doing so many things all at once or cramming your goals in a short time. Instead, try being realistic about your goals and focusing only on a few things. Your lack of focus can cause fibromyalgia in the end.

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About this condition

Living with fibromyalgia can be quite difficult. It would seem daunting when you are first diagnosed but over time you can adjust to having this disease. 

Aside from understanding how to best deal with this illness, take the time to understand the spiritual cause for it as it might help you accept and adapt to living with fibromyalgia.


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