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Spiritual Meaning Of Migraine: 7 Signs and Causes

7 Spiritual Meanings Of Migraine

Migraine is a form of headache and a common neurological disease. It is referred to as psychogenic pain.

Whenever you feel this thumping pain in your head, it’s mostly caused by stress or another underlying health factor. Now, you must also become spiritually sensitive about this special type of headache. 

Migraines can be spiritual signs. Through them, the spiritual world can communicate deep messages to us, which we must pay attention to (for our good)

If you’ve had a migraine in recent times, you should read this article to find out its possible spiritual meaning.

What do migraines mean Emotionally?

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Emotionally, having a migraine is a sign of stress (mental). If you’ve exerted too much pressure on your mind in recent times, migraine might be constant.

Take this as a warning sign to relax your mind. If need be, take a break from work to do something more fun and exciting. 

Another emotional meaning of having a migraine is associated with depression. If you are depressed, you will have a migraine.

This is to call your attention to the negative state of your mind and get you out of that state as soon as possible. 

People who take too much responsibility for themselves might experience migraines occasionally. It is a sign that your emotions are imbalanced. This is due to the pressure you have put on yourself.

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Why is the Left Side of My Head Hurting? (Spiritually)

woman head hurting

Migraines can happen on both sides of your head. However, when it happens on the left side of your head, it is a warning sign concerning your emotional life.

This sudden thumping pain at the left side of your head means that you are going through an emotionally tumultuous season. 

Spiritually, when the left side of your head hurts at night, it means that your mind is not settled. It reveals that you are bothered about something. The universe wants your mind to be at peace. 

Another spiritual reason why the left side of your head hurts is tied to depression. It means that you have become spiritually vulnerable to negativity.

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Right Side Migraine Spiritual Meaning

head ache

Whenever you have a right-side migraine, it means that you are making decisions without considering the potential consequences. This sign is mostly for caution.

You need to slow down on how you make decisions or act on your decisions. Always carefully consider the aftermath of every decision you make. 

Spiritually, having right-side migraines means an unwillingness to move on with your life. It means that you are scared of embracing change.

The pain at the right side of your head is a sign to break out of your comfort zone. 

No matter what happened in the past, you can make progress by making peace with your past, embracing the present, and hoping for a better future. 

This is also a sign that you have absorbed too much negative energy in your environment. It means that you need to go for a spiritual cleansing.

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Biblical Meaning of Migraine


Biblically, when you have a migraine, it is believed to be a sign of sin.

While conducting my research about the biblical perspective about migraines, I met a priest who explained that migraines or any form of headache are linked to sin. 

God uses this medical condition to call His children’s attention to the sins in their lives. He encourages them to repent and rid themselves of the devil’s tool (sin). 

Furthermore, the bible sees migraine as a sign of pressure. It means that you are gradually caving into external pressures.

It means that you have lost your peace of mind, and this is beginning to affect how you pray and communicate with God.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Migraine

7 Spiritual Meanings of Migraine

In this section, we will discuss the 7 spiritual meanings of having a migraine on both sides of the head. 

These 7 messages are what the universe is trying to reveal through the strange headache you had in recent times. 

1) A spiritual awakening

Through a migraine, the universe can speak about spiritual awakening.

Whenever you experience a thumping pain in your head, it could be a sign that your spiritual senses are getting heightened. 

The headache is caused by the intense energy vibrations in your body (due to the awakening).

2) Spiritual sensitivity

If migraines can be used as a sign of a spiritual awakening, it can also be used as an omen of spiritual sensitivity.

The next time you have a migraine on both sides of the head, see it as a sign that the universe has an important message for you – about the spiritual realm.

The thumping headache encourages you to become more spiritually aware. It is telling you to be more conscious of your environment.

When you pay attention to what goes on around you, it becomes easy to spot signs and omens. 

3) Negative energy

Spiritually, migraine is a sign of negativity. It could be a warning sign against embracing negative energy through your thoughts and words.

When you have a migraine, try to speak positive words. It releases negative energy from your system, which provides relief.

4) A spiritual entity is around

Migraines can be a sign that a spiritual being is around.

This could be the presence of your angelic being, the spirit of your lost loved one, or even the presence of a demonic being.

Your body is reacting to the intense energy vibration around you. 

5) Worry

When you have a migraine, it is a sign of worry. It means that you are anxious.

Spiritually, having a thumping pain in your head (migraine) means that you have become overburdened by the issues around your life. 

Take this as a sign to stop worrying. Trust in the universe to help you out with your issues. 

6) Let go of the past

Spiritually, when you have a migraine, it means that you have refused to let go of the past.

This explains why you constantly experience migraines on both sides of your head. Take this as a warning sign to move on with your life – despite the pain you feel

7) Acceptance

Migraines are a sign that you need to accept yourself for who you are.

Stop trying to be like other people around you. Embrace your uniqueness. Be proud of being different from the people around you. 

How to Cure Headache Spiritually?

woman with head ache

If you have ever wondered about how to get rid of your migraine/headache, then, here are 4 ways to spiritually cure headaches and migraine:

  • Positive affirmation: When you speak positive words, tension reduces in your mind and this takes away headaches. Do that right now!
  • Practice gratitude: Sometimes, migraines are caused by worry, anxiety, or sadness. By expressing thankfulness, joy will fill your heart. This pumps positive energy into you and relaxes your mind;
  • Crystal healing: Spiritual healers believe that crystals can be used to alleviate headaches. Use stones with calming and therapeutic properties. Crystals like lapis lazuli, moonstone and blue opal are great for healing headaches;
  • Meditation and Yoga: If you notice constant headaches, try meditation. You can also engage in yoga exercises. This eases tension, takes out negative energy, and can even cause good sleep. 

If you use any of these 4 spiritual methods, your migraine will be cured.

Also, ensure you pay attention to the spiritual message/warning given by the universe. This can also miraculously cure migraine. 

Is Migraine a Bad Spiritual sign?

woman laying in sofa

No, migraine is not a bad spiritual sign.

Can it bring a warning message? Yes, it can. But that does not connote negative energy or bad luck. 

The next time you have a migraine, see it as an omen from the universe and act on the message it brings to you. 


Through the things we go through in our body, the spiritual world can speak to us. Our minds need to be sensitive and alert to receive these messages. 

As we have discussed in this article, feeling thumping pains in the head is not a bad spiritual sign.

Through the warning and encouraging message it brings, you can get divine guidance and protection. 

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