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Spiritual Meaning of Not Being Able To Breathe: 6 Spiritual Causes

Spiritual Meaning of Not Being Able To Breathe

Over lunch, a dear friend told me she was having problems breathing. But what was weird was that she could not seem to breathe at night. During the day, she would have no problems.

I probed further and asked her how her faith was lately. Is she going through some difficult times? Has her faith wavered lately? 

She said yes, that she had broken up with someone and her faith had been badly shaken. That was it, I told her. This is one of the spiritual meanings of not being able to breathe and there are others as well.

That conversation helped my friend or at least she told me. And so in this post, we talk about what it means spiritually when you are unable to breathe.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Breathing?

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Think of breathing and one of the next concepts or words to come to mind is life. After all, we are considered lifeless if we are unable to breathe on our own.

It isn’t surprising then that the spiritual meaning of breathing is to live life to the fullest or carpe diem — as they say.

What this means spiritually is to make sure to live a spiritually pleasing life.

As long as you are breathing you should do your best to live life as if it is the last all while making sure that you do things that do not bring shame to the supreme being. 

Breathing is a sign of life, as such, you should live a purpose-driven life by trusting the heavens of their plans for you and finding a way to be a service to others.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Not Being Able To Breathe At Night

man can't breathe

Being unable to breathe is a sign of your lack of trust in the heavens and its plans. For many, nighttime is a part of the day for rest and recreation. 

And so when you are unable to breathe at this time of the day, it is a reflection that you are not trusting the ones above and instead rely on yourself so that is why you are unable to breathe.

The heavens need you to trust them and when you have difficulties doing this, then consider doing the following:

  • Praying hard and honestly. The heavens may also be pushing you to say what is in your heart;
  • Read the words of the creators and find hope in the written works. Some passages could help you trust the ones above more;
  • Reflect on the many times the heavens have been faithful to you. This should make you realize that the ones above have always been by your side;
  • List down things to be grateful for and this will make you feel better and hopeful.

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Spiritual Meaning of Not Being Able To Breathe In A Dream 

woman trying to breathe

When you feel short of breath or have experienced being unable to breathe in your dream, then this is a reminder from the ones above that life is short.

We all need this reminder every now and then for us to make the most of our days.

The universe may have noticed your lack of drive or how wasteful you have become of your days. So, they are sending you a stern reminder that life is short and so you must make the most of each day.

It is a wake-up call to reflect on your life and whether you are living it to the fullest, making use of your gifts, and spending your days being a blessing to others.

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6 Spiritual Reasons For Not Being Able To Breathe

woman breathing outdoors

1) You are spiritually lost

You may want to ask yourself where you are in your spiritual journey when you are unable to breathe. This could be a reflection that you are spiritually lost and in need of redirection or encouragement.

It may seem for a while that you are on the right spiritual path. You are eager to serve in your church and have a close relationship with the creator. 

And then you seem to have lost your way and are unable to find joy in your spiritual journey. Being unable to breathe is a reflection of your current predicament.

2) A toxic environment

Being unable to breathe may be a reflection of the toxic environment you are in.

You may be in a situation where the competition is so intense, the hours are long, or generally a toxic environment. This could be family, work, or socially related.

Your mental health may already be suffering because of the toxic environment you are in.

You are already feeling the physical manifestations but simply ignoring them. Your hardships in breathing are a sign to get out of this situation.

3) Leveling up

When you have experienced being unable to breathe, then this could be the universe’s way of telling you that you will be leveling up soon.

This is a good sign and many people would like to receive this good message.

You may get a promotion or be upgrading your lifestyle soon.

The level up you will experience may also pertain to better quality relationships such as a better romantic partner who will treat you better than the last one did. 

4) Live in the present

If you find yourself spending so much time and effort living in the past or worrying about the future and you experience being unable to breathe, then take this as a sign to live in the present

The ones above are likely displeased with how you fail to live and pay attention to your present circumstances.

This is heaven’s way of telling you that worrying about your past mistakes or how tomorrow will unfold will do you little good.

What you need to do is to be in the present and deal with each day as it comes. You may be missing a lot of things because of your inability to focus on what’s in front of you.

5) Express yourself 

When you cannot breathe, then this is a sign that you need to express yourself more.

You are likely keeping your thoughts to yourself all the time, not speaking up even when you know you should.

The heavens are telling you to express yourself honestly and properly rather than bottling up all your emotions or remaining silent all the time.

It is hard if not impossible to live a spiritually pleasing life when you cannot share your thoughts honestly and openly. 

Speak up and your life will be better.

6) Stop the negativity 

Being unable to breathe could be a message from the heavens to stop the negativity.

The ones above may have noticed how you always look at the negative side of things rather than look at the brighter spots.

If you are overly pessimistic or often think of the bad side of a person rather than the good sign, then your inability to breathe is a strong message to stop being negative.

You should learn to look at the positives of a person and situations in order to live a meaningful life.

Should I Be Concerned?

woman practicing yoga

Yes, you should be concerned when you are unable to breathe. This could potentially be life-threatening.

Plus, spiritually, it could be a strong message from the heavens to change your ways.

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Being unable to breathe can be a sign of something serious medically speaking.

At the same time, this could also be the heavens’ way of getting your attention as the ones above want to tell you an important message.

You cannot afford to ignore this sign as it is coming from the heavens.



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