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Spiritual Reason for Kidney Problems: 7 Secret Messages

Spiritual Reason for Kidney Problems: 7 Secret Messages

We all accept that illness and disease happen sometimes, but how many of us actually wonder why we get those medical problems?

If you believe in spirituality (in any sense), it makes sense that you would want to know the hidden spiritual reasons for kidney problems, right? 

Please allow me to explain in further detail. 

What is the Spiritual Reason for Kidney Problems?

Kidney pain in spiritual world

The spiritual reason for kidney disease and other issues follows in line with the biological issues and symptoms – lack of balance, too many toxic products, an overload of ‘bad’, and too much of the ‘good’.

Now, that sounds bad, but it’s not all bad, I promise you. 

Bad spiritual messages are simply warnings, that’s all. You’re supposed to notice them, interpret them, and then do whatever is necessary to fix the issue.

Then, you’ll experience happiness.

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What Does the Kidney Represent Spiritually?

kidney on human body

Both religion and ancient medicine follow the idea that kidneys are symbolic of the ‘essence of life’ – what makes you, you.

When the kidneys aren’t balanced, you (the essence of you) aren’t balanced either. 

Which Emotion is Linked to the Kidneys?

Man with right kidney pain

Fear is the primary negative emotion linked to the kidneys, but positively, it is associated with having great determination and willpower.

When the kidneys are functioning properly, you’re more likely to tick off your goals and be productive. 

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Which Chakra is Responsible for Kidney Problems? 

Woman with left kidney pain

The Sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, is the second chakra, linked to the reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, and also sense of taste.

The chakra is connected to a very bright and vibrant orange color, and it’s also intricately linked with the Water element.

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Spiritual Reason for Kidney Problems: 7 Secret Messages 

man with back pain

You will need to take a lot of different things into consideration when deciphering the spiritual reason for kidney problems or other health conditions.

Here, you’ll find the closest links, which you’ll need to combine with your own thoughts and emotions, life experiences, and current life situations. 

1) A Sense of Injustice

You have two kidneys – one on the right of your abdomen, slightly to the back, and the other on the left.

They work together, in harmony, controlling things like hormones, the removal and release of the body’s waste products, and maintaining the health of bones and blood cells.

It’s safe to say, they’re pretty important

When something is out of balance, particularly in terms of justice/injustice, your kidneys – the organs that take out the trash, keep the good in check, and ensure all is balanced – are going to feel it first. 

  • Do you feel as though you have been on the end of injustice?
  • Or someone else has?
  • If yes, do you have the voice to put that injustice right?

As with all spiritual signs that accompany physiological issues, once you resolve the spiritual issue, the biological symptoms tend to go away.

It’s an important thing to remember when you’re dealing with pain that painkillers won’t eradicate. 

2) High Levels of Toxicity

As previously mentioned, your kidneys take care of sorting and removing toxic parts or components in your body.

If they stop working or have other issues, the toxicity rises – and it could all be down to elevated levels of toxicity around you

Our minds immediately spring to a love-based relationship when we think of toxic relationships, but they can appear in several ways. These include:

  • Friendships;
  • Familial relationships;
  • Workplace and colleagues;
  • Enemies;
  • The relationship you have with yourself.

If the levels of toxicity are so high that it’s making your kidneys stop functioning, it’s most definitely time to get rid of it.

So, you’ll need to source the issue, then cut it out at the root… and do not go running back. 

3) Blocked or Malfunctioning Sacral Chakra

When unblocked and perfectly aligned, the Sacral chakra will allow you to be creative and super inspired.

Your confidence levels will go through the roof, and you’ll find passion and desire in your future. 

When this chakra is blocked, you might experience a wide range of both physical and emotional or mental issues, including:

  • Difficulty conceiving;
  • Problems reaching orgasm;
  • Low libido;
  • Fear;
  • Self-detachment;
  • Emotional overwhelm;
  • Increased emotional sensitivity;
  • Co-dependency.

To fix a Sacral chakra blockage or misalignment, you must first acknowledge it, and also where the issue stems from.

It’s also recommended to swim, take a soak in the tub, or otherwise connect with water.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys also have an attachment with fire, so you might want to light a couple of candles. (But don’t set the house on fire, obviously.)

4) Fear is Taking Over

The kidneys are most strongly associated with fear, so it’s time for you to sit down and work out what your fears are… and whether or not one or more of them are completely taking over your life. 

Fear is good because it stops you from getting into situations that could potentially be dangerous; however, fear can also stop you from making moves in your life that would actually benefit you and get you closer to your goals.

There’s a fine line between the two, and only you know where that line is for you.

Pain in the kidneys is most definitely a sign to find out and to get over the fears that are taking control. 

5) Anger is Holding You Back

Is a kidney infection causing your pain?

If so, the anger you have towards someone you know is hindering you, and it will continue to do so until you let the anger out.

It’s the wrong anger for the situation, and you’re wasting your own energy in feeling that way. 

Sometimes, to let the anger go, you must let the thing or person that caused the anger go. Is that what you need to do, to resolve your kidney pain? 

6) Personal Growth Disruption

In Chinese traditional medicine, the kidneys are known as the root of life, and they are in charge of not just reproduction, but also maturity, personal growth, and more.

In this sense, kidney pain would indicate a blockage when it comes to personal growth or the way you’re maturing. 

What’s in your way? There are obstacles in the path of you getting to where you want to get in life.

The only way around the issue is not around the obstacles, sadly. You must work out what they are, then fix them.

Only then will you experience the personal growth you need to meet your goals. 

7) Festering Frustration

Pain in the kidneys can point in the direction of festering frustration, and particularly with someone you have a relationship with.

This could be a friend, relative, co-worker, lover, or casual acquaintance. Left-sided pain points towards femininity (a female person), and right-sided pain represents masculine energy. 

If the issue with your kidneys is kidney stones, this strengthens the idea that you’re having difficulties with one or more of your relationships.

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Don’t worry if your spiritual reason for kidney problems isn’t obvious right away.

It can take people years to hone their spiritual skills, but there are a few who are lucky enough to pick it up quickly and early.

But you’ll know, deep down, which messages and suggestions are relevant to you.

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