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Spiritual Root Cause of Infertility: 7 Major Reasons

Spiritual Root Cause of Infertility

Infertility is the inability of a woman to conceive. This situation can be mentally and emotionally draining. Beyond that, it has its spiritual significance you need to pay attention to. 

In this article, we will discuss what it spiritually means to be infertile. In addition to this, we will investigate the spiritual root cause and signs of infertility. 

I have some interesting things to reveal in this article, and I am damn excited! Kindly read this article till the end to fully understand the spirituality surrounding infertility.

I will also be discussing how to spiritually heal infertility. Let’s get into this right away. 

Spiritual Meaning of Infertility

woman sad from infertility

Infertility takes away the focus of a woman from the possibilities of parenthood. In the spiritual world, infertility encourages people to focus on other aspects of their lives apart from parenthood.

This condition inspires couples to refuse to define their lives by the kids they (not) have. 

Furthermore, infertility is a sign of boundaries. It reminds us to know what we CANNOT DO.

It’s how to become mentally and emotionally stable enough to handle life correctly. When you try to do things outside your capability, you will wear yourself out.

Infertility comes with a level of acceptance. For women or men with fertility problems, the universe wants them to accept the reality of their lives.

There is no point denying a reality when it stares at you in the face

Furthermore, having an infertility problem is not the end of your life. Your situation passes a message of hope.

Through it, the universe encourages you to not give up on your life. Many opportunities are out there for you to become a good father or mother. Take advantage of them.

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Spiritual Signs of Infertility

couple sad because of pregnancy test

To know if you have fertility issues or not, pay attention to the following spiritual signs:

  • Dream: Most times, the spiritual world communicates fertility problems through dreams. This is why you should be on the lookout for the dreams you have. If you see yourself losing your child in a dream, it could be an omen of infertility. Furthermore, when you dream of staring at a fruitless tree, it could be a spiritual sign of infertility;
  • Fear of having kids: While this is not EXCLUSIVELY for fertility, this could be a sign to look out for. Whenever you constantly have fears concerning having kids, it could be a spiritual sign of fertility problems;
  • Angel Numbers: You should pay attention to the angel numbers that show up around you. If you see numbers like 0101, 101, 110, and 011, it could be a sign of infertility. The 0 angel number is a sign of nothingness. This strange angel number depicts the possibility of never having a child;
  • Spirit Animals: Certain animals could be an omen of infertility. If you constantly find animals with shells around you, it could be a spiritual sign of infertility. 

Keep these 4 spiritual signs at the back of your mind.

Once they constantly show up, it is time to visit a medical facility to check if you will get pregnant or not.

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Infertility Chakra Blockage

couple looking at pregnancy test

Infertility can be linked to chakra blockage. The sacral chakra is responsible for fertility. If there is a blockage in that chakra, you might have fertility problems. 

This chakra is located below the navel – where the perineum is.

It is known as the center of the vital life force (prana). In Hinduism, the sacral chakra is ruled over by Parvati, who is the goddess of fertility and growth. 

If there is a spiritual blockage in this chakra, conception might be impossible. For the male, the sperm will be infertile. 

Infertility chakra blockage happens in the sacral chakra. This is where the life force lies and where life can be formed. 

Spiritual Root Cause of Infertility: 7 Major Reasons You Should Know

couple suffering from infertility

In this section, we will discuss the 7 major reasons for infertility. If you are infertile, here are the spiritual reasons for your situation. 

One or more of these is why you find it hard to conceive (as a woman) or get your wife pregnant (as a man). 

1) Karma

In the spiritual world, when an individual is infertile, it is believed to be linked with karma.

That is, such an individual might be suffering from the consequence of wrongs committed in their past lives. 

Karma has a way of paying us back for what we do! For you, infertility might be how karma chose to pay you for a wrong.

2) Negative words

If you speak negatively about yourself, it can affect your fertility.

Many people are oblivious to the power associated with words. You need to be cautious about the words you speak. Negative words can cause infertility

3) Past traumas

Experiences of the past can affect fertility. The ability to conceive is associated with psychology.

This is why you must make peace with your past. Refuse to be held down by your past.

It has negative effects on your life – including the ability to give birth.

4) Chakra blockage

As we have discussed previously, infertility is associated with chakra blockage.

It means that your sacral chakra is out of alignment or blocked. It is important to engage in chakra healing exercises to unblock your chakra. 

Keep this at the back of your mind. Infertility is caused by chakra blockage

5) Spiritual attack

You can become infertile due to a spiritual attack. This is why it is important to mount up your spiritual defense.

Don’t become too spiritually vulnerable. Always be on the lookout for any negative pattern around your life. 

The inability to conceive is spiritual. It means that a negative spiritual being has attacked your chakra. 

6) Fear

Another spiritual root cause of infertility is fear. The negative energy from fear prevents fertility.

It causes energetic imbalances in the body, which adversely affects how the body functions. Try to eliminate fear and anxiety. Embrace positivity instead

7) A spiritual lesson

You can learn spiritual lessons through infertility. Open your mind to the spiritual wisdom you can get from this experience. 

The reason behind infertility could be a spiritual lesson

Learn from the wisdom of the universe through this bitter experience.

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Infertility Spiritual Healing

woman suffering from infertility

Can infertility be healed? Yes, it can!

In this section, I will discuss the spiritual ways to deal with infertility problems. Read on to find out more about this. 

  • Practice self-reflection and awareness: Look for how your thoughts and overall conception of yourself can affect your overall well-being. Doing this helps you to release negative energy from your mind;
  • Positive affirmations are powerful spiritual healing tactics: Through the positive words you release, you can unblock your chakras. Furthermore, using meditation, yoga, and other grounding exercises can unblock your chakras as well;
  • Spiritual prayers release the power of God into your situation: Saying powerful prayers for fertility can supernaturally heal you of infertility;
  • Thankfulness: is also another way to heal infertility spiritually. When you thank God for your unborn children, the fear of giving birth will dissipate, and this opens your reproductive organs;
  • Consult a spiritual healer.

Will I get Pregnant?

woman thinking

Yes, you will get pregnant if you engage in one or more of the spiritual healing practices mentioned above. 

Have faith in it

Infertility can be cured. It does not have to be a permanent condition. 


Conclusively, if you are infertile, don’t give up on yourself. The universe can heal you from this medical condition. Also, seek medical help if need be. 

As we have discussed in this article, the spiritual significance of infertility should not be overlooked. Be open to learning valuable lessons and insights from your condition. Doing this takes away the pressure that comes with being infertile. 

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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