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Vomiting Spiritual Meaning: Unlocking 7 Spiritual Messages

Vomiting Spiritual Meaning: Unlocking 7 Spiritual Messages

Every physical body ailment has a spiritual beginning, according to spiritualists, various cultures around the world, and even civilizations going back to ancient times.

As someone who previously went through a bout of vomiting that lasted for months, without any kind of cause, I can confirm that it had a spiritual starting point.

Let’s find out what vomiting spiritual meanings you have yet to unlock

Vomiting Spiritual Meaning

woman vomiting in the bathroom

When I was ill, without actually being ill, it was because my soul was rejecting the situation that I was living in.

Without getting into too many details (because you didn’t come here for my life story, right?), as soon as I moved away from a toxic situation, the vomiting stopped.

It happened because my entire body – heart, soul, spirit, everything – had grown tired and ‘over’ what was going on. 

Sometimes, a rash decision or change really can change your life for the better.

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What Does Throwing Up Signify?

woman with acid reflux stomach

Throwing up is your body’s way of rejecting what you have put in it – such as toxic substances, too many medications, alcohol, too much food, unfriendly food, and more.

The same idea of rejection crosses over into the spiritual meaning of vomiting.

Your soul is rejecting something, so it’s making your body throw up in the hope that whatever it is will go away. 

The thing that your soul is rejecting will differ from person to person and scenario to scenario, but could be one or more of the following

  • An idea, religion, or belief that’s being forced upon you;
  • A new job, home, car, etc;
  • The energies of other people;
  • A situation you have found or put yourself in;
  • A relationship;
  • Tasks that go against your morals or values.

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What Does It Mean to Be Sick Spiritually?

Bladder Pain Spiritual Meaning

In the same way, your body rejects too much food because your soul is rejecting something, you can be sick because you’ve had too much of a good thing.

This sounds bad – but it might not be.

Everything should be enjoyed in moderation… apart from love, respect, friendship, compassion and empathy, positive thinking, and good decisions. 

Feeling sick is likely a sign that something is ‘off’ with your intuitive self, spirit, soul, or another spiritual place. 

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What Does Nausea Mean Emotionally?

woman with nausea

It’s no secret that stress and anxiety are intricately linked with nausea, vomiting, and bowel issues.

But it could also be a way for your soul and spirit to warn you of pending stress, anxiety, danger, or other negative situations. 

Vomiting Spiritual Meaning: Unlocking 7 Spiritual Messages

woman vomiting in the bathroom

If you can’t seem to pinpoint the medical cause of your vomiting or nausea, perhaps it’s time to start looking at other causes, such as spiritual ones.

If any of these potential meanings and message stand out or feel relevant to you in any way, I’d recommend looking further into it. 

1) Overstimulation

Have you ever indulged so much that you feel like you’re going to be physically sick?

Christmas is a popular time for this to happen in my household, where so many dinners, meat, desserts, treats, snacks, chocolates, and more are consumed on a minute-by-minute basis.

The body can only contain so much before something needs to come out, and it often does so via vomiting. 

It might be that you’ve experienced too much of a certain emotion, such as anger, love, or sadness, that’s causing you to throw up. 

2) Nerves and/or Anticipation

If you feel nervous and anxious about something that’s coming up in your future, you can feel sick, actually vomit, and even carry nausea with you throughout the experience.

The same thing can happen when your soul gets nervous. What does yours have to be nervous about? Are you about to do something or make a decision?

Maybe it’s time to double-think it. 

3) A Need to Escape

Escape doesn’t need to be permanent.

It can be temporary, such as a vacation away, some time booked away from work, or a day where you do everything for yourself and not for others.

On the other breath, however, escape can be permanent, such as leaving a relationship, job, friendship, or other situation that consistently and constantly brings you or lets you down. 

Vomiting could indicate a need for escape, but it’s down to you to find out what that means for you. 

4) You’re Literally Sick of Helping Others

Could it be the case that you have metaphorically broken your back by helping someone, without the same level of care shown back to you?

You can only pour love and assistance out to someone for so long, without reciprocation, before you burn out, run out of energy and love, and start to feel sick. 

In the same way that hunger can make you feel incredibly sick, a lack of reciprocation when you do so much for others can have you running for the nearest bathroom. 

5) A Person or Situation that Threatens You

Sometimes, when people are filled with fear, they vomit as a biological result.

It can also be a reaction to an impending threat or threatening situation that your soul can sense is coming.

If I were you and this feels like it might be relevant (or nothing else on this list is), I’d take steps to protect myself, and I’d proceed with caution for a few days. 

There will always be threats in life, but they don’t always need to threaten your life. 

6) Holding a Secret

Have you recently learned or seen something that you’d rather forget?

It might be a friend cheating on another friend, or a foreclosure letter that you don’t want to spill the beans about, but something you have knowledge of is irritating your soul enough for your body to want to vomit it out

7) Regretting Getting What You Wanted

In spiritual terms, vomiting without a medical reason might be a sign that you made your bed, and now you need to lie in it.

I’m sorry to be so blunt about that, but I know you don’t really want me to beat around the bush. 

Have you recently gotten something you wanted, only to find out that everything isn’t always as it seems?

Things that are done can’t be undone, but you can change life going forward. Just remember that. 

What Does It Mean When You Feel Uneasy Spiritually? 

man with stomach pain

Feeling off, weird, dodgy, or just unusual for reasons you can’t quite put your finger on, it could very well be the case that your spirit or soul is trying to talk to you, get your attention, warn you, or send a message.

For some, the feelings include nausea and vomiting; for others, it might be bowel issues, restlessness, heart palpitations or racing, confusion or uncertainty, or misplaced anger/aggression.

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You should always seek medical advice when you have a medical issue, but it’s also a good idea to get to the root of the problem.

If all physiological problems stem from spiritual ones, which one of these vomiting spiritual meanings fits the bill for you? 

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