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Insomnia Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs and Causes

Insomnia Spiritual Meaning

Insomnia is a state of lack of sleep. It is when an individual finds it hard to sleep consistently.

It can be extreme in some cases and affect the mental and emotional state of an individual. This is why it is important to not take it lightly

Beyond its medical explanations and solutions, this condition also has its spiritual roots and elements. Through it, the spiritual world can communicate diverse spiritual messages to people. 

In this article, we will discuss what it means to have insomnia (spiritually). If you find it hard to sleep, read this article to get information on what the spiritual world is trying to say to you

Insomnia Spiritual Meaning

woman laying in bed can't sleep

Spiritually, when you have insomnia, it means that the spiritual realm has something to say.

It comes with a lot of spiritual messages and omens, which can be divine guidance for a lot of people. 

Your inability to sleep is a sign that something is on your mind. You are bothered or anxious about future events. This could be anxiety about a test score, an interview result, or a business investment’s proceeds. 

No matter what this is, your inability to sleep spiritually warns you against putting too much pressure on your mind. 

Furthermore, when you have insomnia at night, it spiritually means that you might have an encounter with your angel.

This might come through a vision, feeling, or a voice. Be open to this spiritual experience.

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What is God trying to tell me when I can’t sleep?

Spiritual Meaning of Sleep Apnea

I have discussed the spiritual meaning of insomnia. Therefore, it is clear that this medical condition has some spirituality attached to it.

Now, when you find it hard to sleep, it means that God is trying to tell you something. 

One of the things to look out for is the thought that comes to your mind at that moment of sleeplessness. If it is the thought about a friend, then God is trying to tell you to check up on that friend. 

If the thought in your heart is about your job, then God is trying to tell you to prepare for tough days ahead.

Insomnia reveals that you will face great challenges at your workplace. You need to become tenacious and persistent when this prophetic message comes to pass. 

While laying on your bed (without sleep coming), if you suddenly feel positive, then, God is trying to tell you to expect something good to happen. 

Whenever you experience sleeplessness, take it as an opportunity to get a message from God

This experience can kickstart an amazing spiritual journey for you. It can take you to a whole new level of spiritual sensitivity and awakening.

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Is Someone Thinking About Me?

tired woman in bed

Yes, when you find it hard to sleep, it could be a sign that someone is thinking about you. Now, there is a peculiarity to this strange omen.

At the point of your sleeplessness, you will suddenly become obsessed with thinking about an individual. It can become so real that you will smell the perfume of that person or feel their presence. 

Once this happens, it is a sign of a psychic connection between you and the person. It means that the person also has you on their mind. 

Now, what does this mean spiritually? It could mean a lot of things. 

This could mean that the person on your mind is your soulmate. It could also mean that the person can be trusted.

Furthermore, this could be a sign of mutual friendship and respect. In some romantic exceptions, it might be a sign that the person has a crush on you.

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Why Can’t I Sleep? Biblical Meaning

woman in bed

According to the bible, people find it hard to sleep because they are worried about something.

It means that they have refused to cast all their cares on God. This means unbelief in the power of God to answer your prayers. 

Furthermore, the biblical reason behind insomnia talks about a lack of prayers. It means that you have stopped praying to God due to your spiritual laxity.

Take note of this sign. It warns you against becoming spiritually insensitive and inactive. 

Whenever you find it hard to sleep, it means that God has a message you need to get. The sleep disruption is because you haven’t paid enough attention to get the intended spiritual message. 

Spiritual Meaning of Insomnia: 7 Signs For You

7 Spiritual Meanings of Insomnia

In this section, we will discuss the 7 spiritual meanings of having sleep trouble.

If you find it hard to sleep at any time of the day, below are some of the spiritual messages you’re probably going to get from the heavens. 

Read on to find out. 

1) You are worried about something

Through insomnia, it can be clear that you are worried about something.

It spiritually means that you are getting overly bothered about the situation in your life, and this has taken away your peace of mind.

This spiritually encourages you to let go of your worries.

This sleep disorder reveals that the universe sees what you are going through. They are showing you support from the heavens and are encouraging you to not take in too much worry.

2) Be persistent

Another spiritual message you might be getting from this sign is persistence.

Through insomnia, the spiritual world can encourage people to be persistent. You need to develop tough skin against difficult situations in your life. 

3) Spiritual awakening

Whenever your spiritual senses go through a reawakening period, one of the signs you will get is insomnia. Keep an eye out for it.

Sometimes, it might come with slight fits of headaches. If this is the spiritual meaning you get, then, you don’t have to do anything to make insomnia go away.

Once your spiritual senses are awakened, your sleeplessness will be healed.

4) Energetic imbalance

Sometimes, when our energy centers are out of alignment, we might express disturbance in our peace of mind, which brings about sleeplessness.

This is why it is important to keep our chakra centers aligned at all times.

This can be accomplished through meditation, yoga exercises, crystal healing, and so on.

5) Someone is thinking about you

We discussed this earlier!

Whenever you find it hard to sleep with thoughts of someone in your mind, it could be a sign that the person is also thinking of you. It is an omen of psychic connection. 

6) The spiritual world is trying to get your attention

Spiritually, it is believed that having insomnia is a sign of spiritual attention.

It means that a spiritual being is trying to get your attention through your sleeplessness.

Most times, this happens when an important spiritual omen is about to be given

7) Something good is about to happen

Whenever good luck is about to happen, you might experience insomnia. However, it comes with positive energy, enthusiasm, and so on.

Once this happens, it is a sign that something good is coming into your life

Is Insomnia a bad spiritual sign?

woman praying

No, insomnia is not a bad spiritual sign.

Most times, it brings encouragement and inspiration. It also helps people to be in sync with the spiritual world. Insomnia brings about a spiritual awakening as well. 

Furthermore, through insomnia, you can expect something good to happen to you. 

How can I spiritually cure Insomnia?

woman laying in bed

Curing insomnia (spiritually) can be done in the following ways:

  • Meditation;
  • Yoga exercises;
  • Positive affirmations;
  • Praying to God;
  • Reaching out to someone you trust;
  • Paying attention to the spiritual message of insomnia.

Now, if you have insomnia as a result of a spiritual awakening process, you don’t need to do anything to spiritually cure this sleep condition.

After your spiritual senses are awakened, you will feel sleepy again. 

Furthermore, don’t ignore the medical aspect of curing insomnia as well. Visit a medical facility for help. 


I am sure you learned a lot about insomnia in this article. It is important to never neglect the spiritual impact of this medical condition on our lives and minds. 

Keep in mind that insomnia is also a medical condition and should be treated medically as well. 

Thanks for reading through. 

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