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Restless Leg Syndrome Spiritual Meaning: 5 Causes!

Restless Leg Syndrome Spiritual Meaning: 5 Causes!

The other day, I cornered an officemate.  I was a bit concerned about her because it seemed like she was not getting enough sleep. She has dark circles in her eyes that just seem to be getting darker and lower each day.

My officemate said that she was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, for which there is no cure, only treatments.

She was hoping that the treatments would work and that she would have an easier time falling asleep and relaxing at night.

I told her there are spiritual causes, too. And that afternoon I shared with her the restless leg syndrome spiritual meaning.

What is The Spiritual Root Cause of Restless Leg?

woman suffering with leg pain

The spiritual root cause of a restless leg is one’s lack of faith.

The leg’s restlessness is a physical manifestation of a person’s unsteady faith in his or her creator.

It is a recognition of the current state of your faith and a reminder to work on addressing your spiritual doubts.

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What is The Emotion of Restless Leg?

treating leg pain

The emotion related to restless legs is uncertainty.

You are experiencing restless legs because you are unsure of many things in your life.

You may be feeling a lot of doubts and have plenty of questions about what you are going through or life in general.

These uncertainties are then physically manifesting in our legs.

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Which 2 Chakras Are Related to Restless Leg?

woman relaxing leg pain

There are 2 chakras related to a restless leg. The Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra.

The primary chakra concerned with restless leg syndrome is the Root Chakra

This chakra when not balanced can cause many symptoms like restless legs, varicose veins, lower back pain, and emotional issues related to security and money.

The other chakra related to the restless leg syndrome is the heart because an imbalance of this heart affects blood circulation.

This means the imbalance in the heart chakra can result in the blood failing to reach the extremities like hands and feet.

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5 Spiritual Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

5 Spiritual Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

1) A possible betrayal

You are likely suffering from restless leg syndrome because the heavens are telling you that someone is planning to betray you.

This may be someone close to you so the betrayal may hurt you deeply. Be careful of who you trust. 

2) More food on the table

The restless leg you are experiencing can also be a sign that you and your family will soon have more food and other provisions.

It is a good sign that you will be reaching more financial blessings in the days to come.

3) Stop oversharing

The restless leg syndrome can be heaven’s way of telling you to stop oversharing your life.

You need to be more circumspect of the information you share and to whom you share.

It is a warning that not everyone can be trusted.

4) An angel visiting you

When you are experiencing restlessness in your legs, then this could be because an angel is visiting you.

This angel may have a message or simply wants to check up on you up close.

5) Be kind 

If you have been unkind to someone recently and you experience some restlessness in your leg, then take this as a sign to be kind to that person and to others as well.

The heavens are likely displeased at how unkind you have been and are now warning you to start being kind.

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Restless leg syndrome can be quite uncomfortable and can even cause you some sleepless nights.

There is no medical cure for it but what you can do is think about its spiritual causes and receive the message from the heavens with grace.

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