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Schizophrenia Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages From Your Angels

Schizophrenia Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages From Your Angels

Schizophrenia is a very dangerous medical condition that requires urgent medical attention.

Although it’s unlikely that the sufferer will harm other people, they can do so, and they’re also occasionally in danger of harming themselves.

This tends to be the case when they are unmedicated, so a regular doctor’s appointment is necessary before looking for a schizophrenia spiritual meaning. 

Assuming you’ve got the medical stuff out the way, let’s get to the spiritual side of things, shall we? 

Schizophrenia Spiritual Meaning: Overview

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Chinese medicine and superstition suggest that delusions, hallucinations, and other supernatural or manic-type events are road markets, telling you about hidden powers or talents that you haven’t yet noticed.

There are also countless forums out there, filled with schizophrenia sufferers that have noticed extra little ‘abilities’ post-diagnosis. 

Could it be the case that there are spiritual links behind the serious mental health condition? Maybe your health is pointing you in another direction. 

Schizophrenia Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages From Your Angels

Schizophrenia Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages From Your Angels

Babbling, frenzied speech; incoherent language and sentences; weird body movements for no reason whatsoever… these are all signs of schizophrenia.

But if you take a look back in history, particularly on the medical side, they are all symptoms of various spiritual or supernatural events.

Those who spoke in weird, nonsensical languages were once thought to be possessed by a Spirit; and there’s no denying the very fine line between what would be medical and what would be spiritual

1) A Spiritual Awakening

For some people (although, not all), the psychosis that comes with schizophrenia is a form of spiritual awakening.

Rather than delusions, the episodes are visions that are leading the way, revealing answers, or offering guidance – perhaps something that’s waiting for you… once you’re finished with your quest here on Earth, of course! 

The symptoms of schizophrenia vary from patient to patient, but can often come with the following

  • Disorganized thinking;
  • Body language changes;
  • Widely different and differing emotions;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Movements are faster or slower than usual;
  • No motivation;
  • Delusions;
  • Not taking care of yourself, especially in terms of hygiene;
  • Insomnia or sleeping more.

Many of these symptoms can also be attributed to various spiritual states, including future visions, guidance, strong connections, and more.

It’s wise to look at both the physiological and spiritual reasons behind illnesses such as this one. 

2) Confused and Irrational Thinking

Psychosis often comes with irrational thoughts, weird behaviors, and other issues – and there’s a chance that they could all stem from confusing or irrational spiritual and emotional problems within you.

Perhaps something has changed dramatically in your eyes, and it’s totally shifted the way you feel about someone/something. 

It could even be the case that too many people around you are pushing their differing views and opinions on you.

They’re all swirling around in your mind, and you can’t make sense of them. In all honesty, that’s enough to confuse anyone! 

3) Spirit Possession

For some spiritualists, schizophrenia sufferers are under possessionbut not from the Devil or another bad spirit, but instead by someone who has passed over into the other realm.

It could be the case that the spirit’s story wasn’t heard during their time alive on the planet, so they’re trying to tell the schizophrenia sufferer the story.

In other cases, the possession is by a passed over relative or loved one. 

4) Lack of Balance in Your Spiritual vs Physical Life

Schizophrenia can be a sign that you have spent too much time focusing on the spiritual side of your life, and not enough time on your actual, physical life.

This can happen a lot with spirituality in terms of religion, and there have been several studies into psychosis vs spiritual awakening. 

Being diagnosed with schizophrenia could mean that you have a lack of balance between the two sides of your world.

The spiritual side has taken over and distorted things in your mind, which has left you with confusion, an inability to tell what’s right and what’s wrong, and other unpleasant symptoms that most people simply wouldn’t want. 

5) Angels Are Trying to Show You Something

Whether it’s your guardian angels or a different type, schizophrenia and the delusions and psychosis that comes with it, someone is trying to show you something.

It might be the way forward, a vision from your future, or even something from your past that you have erased from your mind – something is coming through from the other realm.

It’s so strong that you can actually see it rather than what’s going on around you in reality. 

6) Stronger Connection to the Spiritual World

Seeing things that aren’t there (also known as hallucinations and/or delusions) might be your mind stepping over into the spiritual world without you realizing it.

Your connection to that world is stronger than you ever thought, and it’s pulling you in, threatening to snatch you away from reality entirely. 

It’s important to use your connection to the other side for good, and to realize when to step back into ‘real life’ again. If you don’t, that spiritual side will take over your life. 

7) A Warning of Things to Come

There might be negative events in your future that your angels or the Universe want to warn you about.

These events are likely not going to be the same ones you see in your dreams, hallucinations, or delusions – but they are likely to follow the same theme.

A bad vision or hallucination usually comes hand-in-hand with a negative message or connotation attached.

Flip the coin, however, and a positive vision will coincide with a positive message


The difference between schizophrenia and spiritual situations, according to most who studied it, is irrational versus rational.

Some suggest different lines, and there are also others who don’t believe there is a difference between the two at all. 

As always, seek medical advice if you experience psychosis or other symptoms attributed to schizophrenia. You should do this first, before you start looking for a spiritual meaning.

Without the right treatment, you might find that the spiritual meanings don’t even make sense. 

Stay healthy – inside and out

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