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Shortness Of Breath Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes

Shortness Of Breath Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes

Do you often have shortness of breath and feel like you’re going to pass out at any moment?

Well, I’d suggest you keep reading as your problem could actually involve hostile spirits trying to physically harm you

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about shortness of breath and how it can be a spiritual warning for you.

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

Shortness Of Breath Spiritual Meaning

man can't breathe

The general idea is that shortness of breath usually has something to do with underlying respiratory issues like bronchitis or asthma.

And, while that is true, many times, poor health may not be the cause.

Shortness of breath can be caused by:

  • Vulnerabilities;
  • Internal discomfort;
  • Overwhelming fear;
  • Or, even strong emotional refluxes!

More often than not, it means you’re not feeling well coordinated and there’s a certain thought or emotion suffocating you from within.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Shortness Of Breath At Night

woman chest pain

If you feel shortness of breath, particularly in the nighttime, it might be a sign that evil entities from another realm have taken refuge in your home!

Since these spirits usually claim territories they reside in as their own, the random moments of breathlessness and anxiety at night might actually be them trying to scare you away from their safe place!

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Spiritual Meaning Of Shortness Of Breath When I’m With Someone

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If you feel shortness of breath only around a certain person, it could mean that they’re extremely toxic and pass on negative energy into your life. 

Whenever you’re in their presence, you might feel a strange suffocation that keeps you from being transparent and letting your true self emerge. 

Practically, this feeling can be interpreted as a hint to remove this person from your life if you want to see yourself doing better both mentally and emotionally.

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7 Spiritual Causes Of Shortness Of Breath

Man doing breathing exercises

1) Possession

Frequent shortness of breath and feeling like somebody’s choking you might signify spiritual possession.

It means that a provoking spirit has entered your body and taken control of your voluntary and involuntary actions.

The evil entity could be manipulating your consciousness and even feeding off of your soul’s energy reserves!

Strengthening your bond with light (God) and practicing spiritual rituals often may help you expel this entity from your system.

You can also have a priest perform exorcism on you and assist in casting the spirit out. 

2) Fear & Anxiety

If you feel shortness of breath the night before an important event, it usually means you’re under the influence of great fear and anxiety

Though you may appear to be doing just fine on the outside, in your head, matters may look very different.

You may be overthinking worst-case scenarios excessively, revising a plan more than what’s necessary, or worrying about little details that just won’t matter when the time comes. 

To no surprise, this overthinking does absolutely nothing but cultivate even more fear inside you.

3) A Curse

Believe it or not, shortness of breath can also suggest that a curse has been placed on you

In most cases, somebody who knows you enough and deeply envies your accomplishments or lifestyle would have placed this curse with the intent of having it all taken away from you. 

This makes all your friends, relatives, toxic family members, and random acquaintances potential threats to your well-being! 

If possible, try to identify the bad egg in your circle and have it eliminated from your life for the better. 

4) Neglecting Observation

If you have shortness of breath and feel disconnected from your surroundings at the same time, it could be a sign that you’re neglecting observation and not focusing on things going on around you

You may either be distracted looking at more “interesting” things or lost in your thoughts that take you deeper and deeper into nothingness. 

In many cases, you should have your breathing return to normal as soon as you guide your attention to the right place (where the universe wants it to be).

5) Don’t Rush Through Life!

When you have a panic attack and suddenly feel shortness of breath, time slows down significantly.

Yes, I don’t mean that literally but a second usually starts to feel like a minute and a minute feels like an hour, doesn’t it?

If you happen to be going through a similar experience where you have shortness of breath and feel time slowing down, it might be the universe trying to remind you to NOT rush through life and let things unfold at their own pace. 

You cannot skip the process and make meaningful progress overnight, so learn to enjoy the blossoming of life in front of your eyes and witness everything that it brings in all its glory. 

6) Reconnect With Your Inner Self

In today’s world where everyone seems to be better than you, it can be hard to stay in touch with your inner self and keep that part of you alive.

This is why shortness of breath is believed to be a reminder from the universe to reconnect with that lost part of yourself and seek deep internal wisdom from it. 

Practicing mindful meditation and using breathing techniques to get into that zone may help you reach that part of yourself more effectively and get it shining through in no time. 

7) A Serious Spiritual Warning!

I wouldn’t exactly consider this a point but do remember that shortness of breath can be a serious spiritual warning as well

The universe could be trying to stop doing something that may be causing unrealized harm to others or yourself.

A perfect example of this would be deliberately abandoning God and His path

If you don’t attend to this kind of spiritual warning, major consequences will likely follow.

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must understand by now: shortness of breath can stem from reasons much deeper than general health issues.

It can signify toxicity in your environment, presence of aggressive spirits, bad intent, as well as anxiety and fear within. 

If you repeatedly suffer from shortness of breath, it may be a good idea to reflect on your spiritual life and surroundings to look for any weak links.

Upon mending these shortcomings, your issue of panic attacks and breathlessness should die down. 

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