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Spiritual Causes of Bedwetting: 5 Signs From Heaven

Spiritual Causes of Bedwetting: 5 Reasons From The Heavens

Today I will talk about 5 spiritual causes of bedwetting and the spiritual meaning behind that.

A good friend met up with me the other day asking for my help. She has a dilemma, she said, as her teenage son is still wetting his bed.

I can understand my friend’s worry. After all, it is normal for children to wet the bed but rather unusual for teenagers and adults to do so. 

Her son won’t talk about it as he was feeling embarrassed. He was 16 and had already started dating girls and his bed-wetting was not something he would discuss even with his mother.

My friend was distressed that she could not bring her son to the doctor. What should she do? To which I replied, have you considered other reasons for the bedwetting?

I told her the reasons may be medical but they could also be spiritual.

And so we spent almost two hours discussing the spiritual cause of bedwetting. It was best to address these spiritual causes I told her. 

Sudden Bedwetting in Adults’ Spiritual Meaning

woman laying in bed

Bedwetting in adults is unusual. But when it happens it can be sudden. Sudden bedwetting in adults is a reminder that life’s happenings are often unexpected.

We may plan all we want, and the heavens may simply change all these plans in an instant.

Each person must learn how to deal with the unexpectedness of life’s happenings and events by:

  • Praying for acceptance when the events or happenings cause too much disappointment;
  • Continue having faith that the heavens have better plans and so better things are in store for you;
  • Spending time with loved ones when times are hard or when things don’t go your way reminds you how blessed you are;
  • Looking back at other times when the heavens threw you a curveball and how you have survived and even thrived during those times.

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Biblical Meaning of Wetting Your Bed

woman sad and pain in bed

Biblically, wetting your bed is a sign of your lack of faith or diligence in growing your faith.

The heavens are telling you that they are well aware of how little you have faith in the ones above and how you need to spend more time and effort in growing your faith.

The bedwetting could biblically mean a reminder that even if your faith is little now, it can grow. This phenomenon can be a sign that nothing is impossible with the heavens

You may be the last person to learn the words of your creator and even spread them but over time you could be looked up to for your spiritual growth.

You may be lacking in faith now but this could also change if you want to.

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Spiritual Meaning of Bed Wetting In A Dream

man with anxiety

When you dream of wetting a bed, then this is a spiritual sign that you have too much energy.

You may want to think then of how you spend your hours and days and whether you can keep up with this routine.

Dreaming of wetting the bed is a reflection of your excess energy and this is a reminder from the heavens that you can do great things with this extra energy.

Take a deep reflection on the good causes you can work on with this excess energy. 

Think of who can benefit by sharing your efforts and energy.

Dreaming of wetting the bed can be a sign that the heavens want to redirect your excessive energy to good deeds or causes.

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Spiritual Causes of Bedwetting: 5 Reasons

woman sad in bed

1) Rewarding relationship

When you are wetting your bed, then this is a good sign that you will soon enter a great relationship.

This could be professional or personal and it will be very rewarding for you.

If it is a personal relationship, then it would give you peace of mind and a great feeling. This personal relationship will make you feel safe and loved at the same time.

If the relationship you are about to enter is a professional one, then it will be productive, allowing you to gain monetary and material benefits.

You are being told ahead of time of this rewarding relationship so you can open your heart and mind once it comes, regardless of whether it’s professional or personal.

2) Illness in the family

The bedwetting could be a sign that you or a member of the family would be falling ill soon

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the illness will be life-threatening as it could be as simple as flu. You are being told ahead of time so you can prepare for this eventuality.

The illness could leave the patient in bed for weeks, in which case there might be some bed-wetting in real life to come.

The illness could be related to or affect the bladder or the urinary tract

The illness can test the patient’s patience and determination as well as the people caring for him or her.

3) Monetary benefits

You may be receiving some good news soon when there is bedwetting happening.

It could be a sign that you will be receiving some monetary-related benefits or gifts soon and this would bring much joy to you.

The monetary benefits could be in the form of a salary raise or a cash gift. You could also win a prize in a raffle like free trips or vacation or some money. 

The heavens are letting you know of this great blessing so you would be prepared to receive and use it well.

The heavens are likely reminding you to use this blessing well.

4) A reflection of your insecurity

The bedwetting could be a reflection of your insecurity. This is heaven’s way of telling you that they are well aware of your insecurity but love you nevertheless.

Aside from recognizing your insecurities, the ones above are also telling you that many people care for you despite your feelings of inadequacy.

The heavens are ready to help you while you find a way to address your insecurities but you must work on your self-confidence

Bedwetting is a sign of heaven’s recognition of your needs as well as a message of encouragement for you to work on yourself.

5) Drowning in problems

When someone wets his or her bed, then this could be because the person is already drowning in problems.

This person is experiencing one problem after the other and probably is at a loss on how to solve these problems.

The bedwetting could be in a way a call for help.

The person has little strength left to fight his or her battles and so the feelings manifest in the unusual release of body waste like urine.

Should I Be Concerned?

woman ashamed in bed

Yes, you should be concerned when you or a loved one is wetting the bed especially if you guys are adults.

Keep in mind that bedwetting in adults could have underlying medical reasons

And there could also be spiritual reasons for it. This means that you focus not only on the medical causes but spiritual ones as well that is why you should be concerned.

Final Words

Bed wetting may be an embarrassing phenomenon or happening especially if you are an adult.

Finding the medical reason for it will give you peace of mind too and help you address if the cause is biological. 

But also keep in mind that wetting the bed can also be caused by spiritual reasons too. Do a deep reflection, open your heart to the possible spiritual causes and address it the best way you can.

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