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7 Spiritual Causes Of Depression You Should Know   

7 Spiritual Causes Of Depression You Should Know   

Although you may be well aware of the typical reasons for depression, did you know there could be spiritual reasons for it as well?

Well, that’s what you’re going to learn today!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about depression and how it may tie in with spirituality. 

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

What Are The Spiritual Causes Of Depression?

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Spiritually, depression is likely to be caused by a disconnection from moral values and God

This makes sense when considering the fact that most people will enter a depressive episode after reflecting on their past wrongdoings/sins and realizing how “bad” they’ve become. 

Evil often has that tendency to throw people off track and corrupt pure hearts to a point where the knowledge of God or the holy spirit disappears entirely and depression becomes unavoidable.

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Is Depression A Test Or Punishment From God?

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A common query people have regarding depression is whether it is a test of endurance or punishment from God.

And…well…the answer may depend from person to person

If you undergo depression after realizing your past sins and how you transgressed against God with your own will, it’s likely to be a punishment in that case.

He may be extremely displeased with you for shunning the righteous path and joining hands with evil. 

However, it is also true that God may test your patience, strength, and faith through depression.

If you feel connected with Him throughout the hardship and are optimistic that He’s going to put an end to your depression one day or the other, it means you’re doing well in the test so far!

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Can Depression Affect Spiritual Health?

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Yes, depression is likely to hinder spiritual health negatively!

As I mentioned, significant faith and patience are required to stay in touch with spirituality while undergoing a depressive episode.  

However, since a lot of people tend to feel defeated and overthrown easily during depression, intuitive powers and the ability to communicate with God through worship or prayer are certain to get weaker over time. 

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7 Possible Spiritual Reasons For Depression

7 Possible Spiritual Reasons For Depression

1) Bad Company

Negative energy, wickedness, and demoralization stemming from bad company can often push you into depression.

When you don’t surround yourself with the right people, the wrong kind of energy is absorbed by your heart and it spoils every ounce of hope or purity inside it.

Bad company solely aims to bring you down and corrupt you by putting you on a dishonorable path in life. 

If you believe bad company to be the root cause of your depression, better get rid of it as soon as possible!

2) Repeated Sins And Guilt

If you want to reconnect to God but aren’t able to break out of the cycle of sin, depression may be a result of your failures. 

You see, sins not only damage your integrity in the eyes of God but also leave a mark of guilt on you. Every time you sin, you feel guilty afterward, right?

Well, that guilt obviously builds up over time and it weighs down your heart till you find yourself drowning in a pool full of it. 

Therefore, if you want to tackle your depression, start by getting a hold of your sinful obsessions and setting yourself free from them.

3) Loss Of Purpose

Another possible spiritual cause of depression can be losing hope and sight of your purpose in life.

Oftentimes, problems and constant hardships are the main culprits behind you feeling this way.

You may feel like there’s no reason or meaning to your existence and everything and everyone starts appearing duller than before. 

Admit it or not, you may often find yourself wondering if you really serve a purpose on this earth or are here only to bear trouble.

In fact, this exact thought may be the one that tips you over into depression!

4) Spiritual Confusion

Although this might come as a shock to you, but spiritual confusion isn’t that uncommon amongst people

Similar to atheism, spiritually confused people often question the existence of a divine entity or force.

And, since there’s no direct proof of a supreme being’s existence other than in religious scriptures or pure belief, more confusion is created in this matter

Furthermore, since spirituality is something people embrace in the heart and “believe” in, those who can’t seem to grasp the concept believe that they don’t need a God to explain the world around them

This ideology, however, can be a little problematic considering the fact that lack of spirituality can make people act out because they believe no higher entity can hold them accountable for their wrongdoings.

The confusion can also lead to depression as one remains confused regarding this universe’s single most important mystery. 

5) Over Attachment With Worldly Matters

Money, power, and intimate relationships – the three things you should never have too much of

The lust for worldly gratification often detaches you from spirituality and is likely to put you into depression when fulfillment from it isn’t achieved.

It encourages you to forget that this world is a temporary test that would help the gates of heaven or hell decide where to welcome you. 

When you don’t make time to remember God because of your love for the world, He and his angels curse you for overindulging in things you weren’t meant to overindulge in.

To no surprise, your depression may just be an embodiment of that curse!

6) Coldheartedness

Oftentimes, depression can be a cause of coldheartedness and an unforgiving nature

If you embrace such attributes, it’s likely that people in your life (even those you care for) are going to maintain significant distance from you.

Think about it, nobody would ever want to be around someone who seems to pose an emotional or physical threat to them all the time. 

Although you may not think much of it, the loneliness and abandonment that the coldheartedness brings you does eventually get to your head and buries you deep within the confines of depression sooner or later. 

7) Corruption

Involvement in corrupt and exploiting work is the devil’s department

However, people who may have contributed to it are likely to face mental health problems and depression as a consequence. 

This is simply because no work of impiety is ever meant to uphold for long and sustain one’s life. No matter how much you try, you can NEVER get away with committing fraud and snatching away rights since the court of God doesn’t allow for any of it to take place without punishment. 

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Is Depression A Negative Spiritual Sign?

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Depression is certainly a negative spiritual sign!

Not only does it drag you away from the purity of spirituality but also hinders your connection with all spiritual energies around you.

You feel out of touch with God and even yourself. 

The most common problem you may face with depression is feeling like your prayers aren’t being heard or accepted anymore.

The frustration this brings often makes you want to stop believing in God and seek help elsewhere which, again, makes depression a means of deviation from faithful spirituality. 

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: depression and spirituality do share a relationship!

If you have always been a spiritual person, you may notice that your spiritual senses decline upon entering a depressed state.

There could be millions of spiritual reasons for this such as trauma, repeated sins, conflicting thoughts, pessimistic company, or darkness inside the heart. 

However, finding out what exactly pushed YOU into that dark hole is now your job considering that you’ve obviously read this article thoroughly and understood the connection between depression, God, evil, and spirituality in the bigger picture.


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