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Spiritual Meaning Of Hair Falling Out: 7 Spiritual Causes

Spiritual Meaning Of Hair Falling Out: 7 Reasons From The Heavens

Everybody experiences some hair falling out now and then. Although to be fair, it is quite scary and alarming when you see so much hair falling out.

I remember when I was a kid and how I panicked over falling hair. My little sister often had her hair in pigtails like most little girls do.

One day I noticed clumps of hair on the floor. It turned out to be my sister’s as she ended up pulling out her hair by accident. Lots of hair actually and so I was panicking

But even now I see some failing hair everywhere. I no longer feel panicked seeing them as I felt when my sister had so much fallen hair. 

Lately, I saw a little girl taking out her hair from a ponytail and so I remember my sister and lots of her hair falling out.

But I also know now that there is a spiritual meaning of hair falling out and it would be helpful to know these signs

What Is The Spiritual Reason For Hair Falling Out?

holding chunks of hair

Spiritually, hair falling out represents the losses we endure and experience in our lives.

Think about it, everyone you know has lost something important to them many times in their life. Some even have endured major losses at an early age such as a parent or any loved one dying.

The losses we experience are a testament to the heavens’ love too. This is the spiritual meaning of falling hair.

When we lose something, they are replenished by the ones above with something else. Many times our losses are actually blessings in disguise as the loss is meant to help us make way for new and better things in life.

At first, our losses may make us feel sad, disappointed, and even scared of how we will manage without what we have lost.

But over time, we realize that we can overcome our losses as long as we keep faith.

Hair falling out spiritually signifies the losses we experience and the love of the ones above.

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What Emotion Is Linked To Hair Loss?

brushing with hair loss

There are various emotions related to hair loss:

  • When your hair is falling out while brushing, then the emotion related to the hair loss is disappointment as you are probably thinking of your growth. Ask yourself how far you’ve reached in your journey in comparison to where you started;
  • When your hair falls out while in a shower, then the emotion related to it is guilt as you may be neglecting your appearance lately and so the universe reminds you of the importance of looking presentable all the time;
  • The emotion related to hair falling out in clumps is tension as the heavens are giving you a sign that you need to take better care of your health. If you are feeling some minor pains then this is a sign to have this checked before it is too late;
  • When your hair is falling out because someone pulled it, then the related emotion is hurt because this is a sign to beware of the people surrounding you. Someone may have bad intentions for you and only pretend to care for you.

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7 Spiritual Reasons for Hair Falling Out

hair loss problems

1) A reflection of your insecurity

When your hair is falling out, this could be a reflection of your insecurity.

Maybe you feel that you are not enough or that you have weaknesses that many people notice. You may also be feeling that you do not fit in.

The hair loss you are experiencing is a sign from the heavens that they are well aware of your feelings of insecurity.

This could be heaven’s way of letting you know that feelings of insecurity are part of life much like experiencing hair loss at one point or another.

2) You are in denial

There may have been bad things or happenings that you don’t want to deal with. Maybe for some time now you have been denying the existence of something.

The hair loss is a reminder that the ones above are all-knowing and well-aware that you are in denial. The message is that you need to accept whatever is the truth.

For example, you may have found out that your ex has already moved on and is in a new relationship and you are denying this. 

The heavens want you to accept that your ex is with someone else and you need to move on.

3) Increased self-confidence

The hair loss you are experiencing could also be a sign that you are or will soon have an increase in self-confidence

The hair loss in this case is a good sign of better things to come.

Maybe you have body image issues but after your hair falls, you would feel more comfortable in the body you have and even flaunt whatever you have.

4) A damaged ego

You may be experiencing some hair fall as a reflection of how damaged your ego is.

There could have been a situation that broke you and hurt your pride and made you feel like you’ve lost face to people.

The hair loss could be an acknowledgment from the heaven of your wounded pride.

The ones above may also be telling you that all will be well soon and you can recover. You simply need to move on and have faith that all will work out for the best.

5) Better appearance

The hair fall you are experiencing could be a sign from the heavens that you will soon look better or make more effort to look your best.

It is a sign that your appearance will likely improve in the next few weeks.

This could be because you have lost weight or are finding more appropriate clothes for your type. Someone may also give you a hair makeover that will improve your looks dramatically.

6) A new hobby or interest

The heavens could also be telling you that you will soon have a new hobby or interest.

The hair fall is a message from the universe that you will soon be spending time and resources on a new passion.

This new hobby will be good for you as it will help you be a better person or heal whatever emotional turmoil you are in.

7) More money in a bank

The falling hair you have may be a message from the heavens that you may have more money like clumps of fallen hair. This then is a sign of good luck.

You could be coming into some inheritance or win the lottery. You could also get a promotion at work or your business could be earning more in the next few weeks.

Be grateful for the coming blessing of more money. At the same time make sure that you put this coming blessing to good use.

Is This A Bad Spiritual Sign?

showing up tangled hair

Sometimes, failing hair can be a bad spiritual sign but other times it could also mean good luck.

What is important is that you accept what the heavens are presenting you with.

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Falling hair they say is part of life but sometimes it can be overwhelming and even alarming.

What you need to remember is that the hair fall can be heaven’s way of telling you something important.

Make sure your heart listens to these messages and you heed them as they are from the ones above.

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