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Spiritual Meaning of Broken Blood Vessel In Eye

Spiritual Meaning of Broken Blood Vessel In Eye

I was out with my friend and her six-year-old daughter who was sporting a red eye. I was a bit worried for a while because of her red eye. I asked the little one what happened and she mumbled something I could not understand. 

So, my friend intervened and said her daughter had a subconjunctival hemorrhage or a small blood vessel that broke in the eye.

It wasn’t that bad, my friend explained and it looked worse than it felt. The little one’s vision wasn’t compromised or damaged and there’s no pain or discharge either.

I remember that now as I bumped into another person with some red in his eye. It made me wonder what is the spiritual meaning of a broken vessel in the eye. What could the heavens be telling us with this condition?

What Is The Spiritual Message Of The Eye?

eye macro blood

The spiritual message of the eye is moral conscience. They say our eye is the gateway to the truth and the good.

This organ is also the lamp that guides our way. Think about how the eyes are intended to guide us.

  • When we want to know whether a person is telling the truth or not, we look straight into their eyes;
  • Many also look at the eyes of a person to see their real desires and wants;
  • The extraordinary and rare ability to see or be in the higher realm is called the third eye;
  • We use our eyes to see reality and we take a closer look to find what is not so obvious

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Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Blood Vessel In Eye

Broken Blood Vessel

Right eye:

When we have a broken vessel in our right eye, then this is a spiritual message that we need to learn from our past and connect to the present and our future.

This means taking the lessons from past mistakes and seeing how they can be applied or used in our present circumstances.

Perhaps you are at a stage where you need to make a hard decision or you are facing a tough situation when the right eye sustains a broken vessel, then remember how the past should help shape your future. 

There is no need to live in the past and worry about it excessively, simply know when you should apply past lessons to make your present and future better.

Left eye:

When you have a broken blood vessel in the left eye, then this is a message from the heavens that there will be some obstacles to your path.

This is a message that your judgment may be clouded soon or that you will have a difficult time making some decisions.

It is a reminder that the spiritual journey or life in general is never easy. Many times, we will face difficulties that will catch us off guard and that may even break our spirits.

When this happens you simply need to start trusting the ones above more.

Our lives may become hard and will face many burdens but there will always be a guiding light. All we need is to seek help from the heavens.

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Eye Injury Spiritual Meaning

covering eye

Eye injury can cause major discomfort and even lack of clarity.

The spiritual meaning of eye injury is almost the same as it speaks to your lack of vision or clarity on things. It is about the confusion you are feeling over the things you see.

Having an eye injury must prompt you to take a step back and reflect deeply on what you are seeing

Remember that what you see at a glance isn’t the full picture always.

Many times the truth is hidden first or from our eyes. It is by observing more closely and by using our other senses that we will have clarity.

Eye injury could also be a sign not to jump to conclusions quickly and instead take the time for the truth to unravel itself as it usually does.

7 Spiritual Meaning of Broken Blood Vessel In Eye

blood on eye vessel

1) Possible danger 

A broken blood vessel in the eye can be a spiritual sign that you or your loved ones are in possible danger.

Someone may be out to harm you or those close to you. You need to be vigilant at all times.

The danger may be unintentional, meaning no one wants to harm you but bad things may be coming.

You may figure in an accident or even crime through no fault of your own.

2) Emotional stress  

Having a broken blood vessel in your eye could be a spiritual sign of your emotional stress.

You are likely going through some emotional turmoil that is already giving some physical manifestation. Your emotions are so overwhelming and cause you massive distress.

This could also be heaven’s way of telling you that they are aware of the emotional stress you are feeling.

And as such, you are being pushed to pour out all your emotions to the ones above who are more than willing to listen and stand behind you.

3) Blocked energy  

A broken blood vessel in the eye is a sign that your energy is being blocked.

Aside from the red eye, you may also be experiencing other signs of blocked energy such as restlessness, inability to concentrate, and some drowsiness. 

Other telltale signs include low productivity such as missing your deadlines or refusing socialization.

Several elements at work are blocking your energy. Consider fighting them off by praying, mediation, and forcing yourself to do some serious work even if you do not feel like it.

Prolonged blocked energy may have dire consequences for you.

4) Someone may come back

When you are experiencing some broken blood vessels in your eye, then this could be a sign from the heavens that someone important to you is coming back

This is not a dead person coming from a visit but someone who still is in this world but has said goodbye to you or walked out of your life already.

The person coming back into your life may surprise you or even irritate you.

The person may cause you to remember hard times and painful memories and you may push away this individual. Be prepared to deal with this person and the different emotions when he or she shows up.

5) Reflect on your values

The broken blood vessel in your eye is a reminder to check your beliefs and values. It is the universe’s way of guiding you to live a spiritually pleasing life.

The ones above may be feeling your confusion or hearing out your cries for help to live morally upright.

They are then prompting you to reflect on your values and beliefs and whether they still are consistent with the teachings of the supreme being.

Should I Be Concerned?

anxious man

The broken blood vessel in your eye may heal on its own. But this doesn’t mean that you should ignore this.

In fact, you must pay attention closely as this could be heaven’s way of telling you something important. Listen well and open your heart.

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Having a broken blood vessel in your eye may cause you to worry and panic.

Checking with your doctor will help but more important is to know the spiritual reason why this happened.

The ones above are likely trying to tell you something essential and even urgent. Do not ignore the message from the heavens.


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