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Spiritual Meaning Of Dementia: 7 Spiritual Signs 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dementia: 7 Signs 

Have you been noticing early signs of dementia in a loved one or maybe even yourself?

Well, as strange as it sounds, spirituality may have something to do with it!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about dementia and how weak links in your spiritual consciousness can become a possible cause of it. 

Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Spiritual Perspective Of Dementia

Dementia - Brain

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that dementia holds major significance in a spiritual context

Spiritual philosophers believe it to be a sign that one has lost connection with God and their own moral consciousness.

Those with kind and compassionate hearts turn into cold-hearted and vicious individuals because they’ve lost the sense of right and wrong deep inside

In rare cases, dementia is also perceived as an illness that stems from losing an internal battle and being hesitant to fight the intrusiveness within.

It means one has given up the hope of betterment and willingly allowed himself/herself to drift into darkness.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Dementia

Dementia - Spiritual world

Talking purely in spiritual terms, dementia usually means that you should let go of the past and escape memories that always bring you back to square one in your healing process. 

If you often find your brain going from chaotic flashbacks to a state of nothingness rather quickly, it may be the universe telling you that you need to filter out those unnecessary memories/echoes and stop giving them power over yourself.

This kind of dementia reminds you to regain control over your mind and calibrate it to only process what’s happening at the moment. 

If there’s too much hysteria and past turmoil in your head, dementia may automatically erase it for you, giving you a blank canvas to paint a new journey of life

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7 Signs and Spiritual Meaning Of Dementia

Spiritual Meaning Of Dementia

1) Disorientation

A major symptom of dementia is disorientation. 

It means you feel disconnected from your surroundings and questioning the legitimacy of everything from relationships in your life to even the visuals in front of your eyes. It’s almost like nothing feels real and you’re existing outside of your own body!

A lot of spiritual enthusiasts believe such dementia mainly stems from witnessing a major loss in your life and it signifies your inability to process that grief.

2) Lustful Thoughts

It’s no surprise that lustful thoughts can become a culprit for dementia as God has warned mankind against this kind of immoral desire more than anything else

If you’ve been overhauled by temptation and excessive desire lately, forgetfulness and growing dementia may be the divine prompting you to flee from this sin and clear your head of all wicked ideas. 

Also, if you can, avoid environments that may lure you into this evil and practice self-control as much as possible

3) Forcing Acceptance Of Harsh Reality

Most people diagnosed with dementia will eventually lose hope at one point in their lives. And, it’s not even their fault. I mean… Would you wait for a better tomorrow if you can’t even remember who you are, where you are, and why you’re sent to this world?

I can tell you…I wouldn’t.

If a loved one seems to be showing more and more signs of chronic dementia every day, it may not be a good idea to force them to accept the reality of their condition. It’s brutal and will, almost in all cases, add to their hopelessness. 

4) Lost Connection With God

Dementia can also signify a lost connection with God.

This can happen after a traumatic experience in life or if you’ve been overburdened with worldly duties for too long. You’ve drifted off of the divine path, maybe feeling heavy but you’ve learned to forget about God in order to focus on the tasks at hand. 

So, what do you do about this?

Well, you rebuild the connection! 

Think of dementia as just a knock on your door to acknowledge the existence of God as the creator. This alone should help you start prioritizing Him in life and remembering Him throughout your busy schedule!

5) Inability To Remember Family

They say a person can forget everything and everyone except family. Even in spirituality, family and blood relations are given importance like nothing else. 

`So, if a person is unable to remember or recognize blood-related family members, it’s a sign that dementia has likely started setting in. The sight of previously familiar people may slowly begin to startle these individuals and that’s when you know their condition is getting serious. 

6) Not Accepting Harsh Realities

Dementia can stem from not being able to face and accept the harsh realities of life. 

If you’ve been running away from something that is probably true but just too hard or painful to accept, sudden dementia may be your sign to stop living in that bubble of delusion and ease yourself towards the truth. 

Yes, this sounds like a lot of torture BUT, with time, you’ll realize that by interpreting your dementia productively and opening your eyes to that one harsh reality, you saved yourself from a great deal of disappointment and wasted emotional bandwidth. 

7) The Value Of Relationships

Conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s are very likely to send one over the verge of isolation. 

If a loved one of yours has been diagnosed with dementia, they may have trouble getting through to people which leaves them agitated and often too irritated to socialize again.

They lose trust in people around them and back away from looking at them as a “safe place”. Their relationships suffer and important bridges get burned all because of their deficient condition.

If you look on the bright side of all this, however, dementia can also allow one to understand the value of relationships! As the good and bad memories slowly start to fade away, it really gives one the taste of how terrible life becomes without company or having people you trust around.

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must understand by now: though dementia is a tough condition to understand and navigate through, witnessing it in a loved one or going through it yourself can teach you things a normal life would never! 

You understand the true meaning of leading a noble spiritual life and how the value of materialistic interests and possessions declines as your mind starts to decay. You understand how important even something as minor as a normal functioning memory is! 

Whether you’re dealing with a loved one’s dementia or your own, it’s important that you let it teach you and change your perspective on life. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT try to unnecessarily fight it!


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