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Spiritual Meaning Of Heart Problems: 5 Messages For You

Spiritual Meaning Of Heart Problems: 5 Messages For You

Doctors would always say to take care of our hearts. This is why we are told to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Many also take supplements to make their hearts healthy to avoid heart pains and problems. 

But when there are heart problems, take time to understand why you are given this medical problem. Just like what my friend did.

My friend recently met up with me. She was in her 20s but she said her doctors had found something in her heart. She was put on maintenance drugs. 

My friend was upset as she was young and she asked me “What does this mean spiritually?” She asked me what the spiritual meaning of heart problems is.

I promised my friend to mull over these questions. That seemed to pacify her. And in this post, here’s what it means spiritually to have heart problems.

What is the Spiritual Significance of the Heart?

Spiritual Meaning of Pain in the Heart

The heart is considered one of the most important organs of our body.

We can’t even afford to stop working because the spiritual significance of the heart is love.

This isn’t surprising as the heart is said to feel all sorts of emotions but of all emotions, love is said to be the most powerful

Spiritually, the heart is our reason for existence because, without love, our lives are empty or even incomplete.

This is why we are told to take care of the hearts not just for medical reasons but spiritual reasons as well.

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Spiritual Meaning of Heart Pain

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Heart problems are not the easiest health problem to deal with but through this pain, we can see how the creator loves us.  

Heart pain stands for the supreme being’s love for us.

It may seem contradictory, but heart problems are a testament to how the supreme being loves us unconditionally. Consider these things

  • Congenital heart pain makes childhood a bit different for kids with this illness. And yet they can still have a normal childhood;
  • The elderly in need of bypass surgery are often surrounded by loved ones all the time, a testament to the love of the heavens;
  • Young adults like my friend with heart ailments can work, raise families, and do leisure activities with the right care;
  • Those who are heartbroken figuratively end up getting over their heartbreak as they are always with friends and loved ones. They can mend their broken hearts quickly.

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What Does A Heart Attack Mean Spiritually?

man in pain

Spiritually, a heart attack represents letting go of your emotional baggage.

Often, we are reminded to let go or minimize our stress when we are having heart pains or problems. 

Sadly, emotional baggage is bad for our hearts and the inability to let them go can cause heart pain and eventually heart attack.

Let us remember that emotional baggage:

  • Prevent us from growing personally and spiritually;
  • Keep us from loving freely;
  • Remind us of our past hurt and pain;
  • Limit our circles and choices.

Doctors have always said that any habit that hurts our hearts must be stopped.

Thus, we should let go of emotional baggage as spiritually it can hurt us. Carrying negative emotions is bad for our heart and causes heart problems both minor and major.

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5 Spiritual Messages from Heaven

man with chest and heart pain

1) A wake-up call

When you have heart pain, then consider this as a wake-up call from heaven.

This means that the ones above have probably noticed some wrongdoings that you have been doing and want this to end. 

The heavens are giving you this pain to help you live a more spiritually pleasing life.

When you experience some heart pain ask yourself these questions:

  • What activities or habits do I have or am I engaged in that are not pleasing to the heavens?
  • How can I end or stop this activity or habit?
  • How can I help others like myself let go of these habits or activities?

2) Lighten up

Spiritually, taking yourself too seriously can cause heart pains. Your heart can feel the heaviness of your emotions and the lack of laughter can be felt by your heart.

This is why one of the messages from the universe of heart pain is to lighten up

This doesn’t mean that you should not take your responsibilities seriously. You should but you also find joy and laughter in what you do.

The heart pain is a reminder from the heavens to take things lightly as needed. 

When things are hard, try to lighten the mood by finding things to laugh about or that will bring you joy.

3) Be less materialistic

When you are experiencing heart pain, then this could be a sign from the heavens that you are becoming too materialistic.

You are likely spending all your energy and resources on creating wealth, which displeases the heavens.

When you feel some heart pain, then ask yourself what your attitude towards money is.

  • Are you obsessed with money and other worldly wealth?
  • Do you exert all effort in the accumulation of material possessions?
  • Are your relationships and faith suffering because of your desire for money?

4) Make love a priority 

When you are feeling some heart pain, then this could be a sign from the heavens to make love a priority.

This means that the ones above are noticing how you are neglecting love as an emotion in your life.

The heart pain should then make you realize that love is important.

The pain should make you reflect on how much effort you exert to show the ones you care about how much you love them. 

The physical heartache should make you question whether your ways are loving or not and what people around you would say about how you care for them. Without love, your heart may feel heavy and eventually cause heart problems. 

5) A time to rest

Heart problems can cause people to be bedridden or even paralyzed.

As such, when you experience heart pains and you have been working excessively, then take this as a sign that the heavens want you to rest.

A heart problem can be sent by the heavens to force you to rest and slow down. Pain is the universe’s way of telling you that your body can only take so much abuse. 

If you have been neglecting your body and health, and the heart pain comes, then slow down. The ones above remind you that rest and slowing down are necessary for our bodies to function well all the time.

Is There an Angel Nearby When I Have Heart Pain?

man at home with heart pain

The heart problems and pain you are feeling may be because the guardian angel is always nearby.

This could be a sign that the heavens are giving you more protection than necessary.

It is also possible that the ones above sent angels by your side to guide you more closely on your spiritual journey.

Should I Be Concerned?

man with chest pain

Yes, you should be concerned when you are experiencing heart problems.

Aside from the importance of the heart in our bodies, heart problems are signs from the heavens.

You need to listen and reflect on what these messages are. The ones above are sending you this pain to help and guide you on how to best live your life.

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Heart problems can be a cause for major alarm given this organ’s importance in our lives.

Aside from seeing your doctor for heart pains, make sure to consider the spiritual messages. The heavens are likely telling you a very important message that you need to act on as quickly as possible.


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