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Spiritual Meaning Of Nail Biting: 5 Signs From Heaven

Spiritual Meaning Of Nail Biting: 5 Reasons From The Heavens

Growing up, my aunt often worried about my younger cousin. My aunt said that there might be something bad going on at my cousin’s school or maybe she was being bullied. She thinks this way because my little cousin would bite her nails all the time when at home.

For my aunt, the nail biting was a sign of distress of my cousin and fear of someone.

I remember talking to my cousin if something was going on at her school that bothered her. She said nothing was wrong at school and she was in fact having fun.

I believed her but she said she was feeling something else. It seemed like her late father was making his presence felt more frequently and she could sense that her dead dad was trying to pass a message.

I remember this now as another friend asked me what could be the reason for her nail biting. I asked her if a departed loved one could be making his or her presence felt and she said no.

And so, we had a meaty discussion of the spiritual meaning of nail biting

What Does Nail Biting Mean Symbolize Spiritually?

biting nails

Spiritually, nail biting symbolizes the roller coaster of life.

Our lives, after all, are filled with the unexpected. We also go through our ups and downs, causing a wide range of emotions.

The events in our lives can be quite suspenseful or in the words of many great writers, we might find ourselves in nail biting situations. 

And so this is what nail biting symbolizes spiritually. The heavens also have a role to play in the various events and emotions we go through.

You need to remember these things when you are living through life’s roller coaster:

  • The heavens are the ones in control always. The heavens send us challenges and allow us to have great times;
  •  When we are in nail biting situations, we only need to trust the heavens and their plans for the future;
  • We are never alone because the creator in heaven is walking with us and even carrying us when we cannot seem to find our way;
  • When things don’t go our way, know that the heavens have something better planned for us.

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What Does Nail Biting Mean In The Bible?

anxious woman biting her nails

The biblical meaning of nail biting can be about productivity.

Our hands, including our nails, are needed to be productive regardless of whatever tasks we need to accomplish.

Nail biting is about maximizing our productivity so that we make the most of our days, lives, and talents.

When you bite your nails and think of the bible, then reflect on how productive you have been in the last few weeks.

How did you spend your days and hours? If you thought you were productive, then consider whether the tasks you have accomplished are spiritually pleasing to the ones above or simply self-entered.

Keep in mind that the heavens may want you to be productive and put to good use your talents and gifts.

But you should be productive for the right reasons, meaning you should accomplish things that are good and spiritual instead of doing the opposite.

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Nail Biting Chakra

woman biting finger

The chakra related to nail biting is the belly button chakra point.

This chakra is located in a central place in the body and as such is closely connected to the nail biting habits of anyone.

Some believe that nail biting can be caused by sensations related to or near the belly button.

At the same time, many people also say that working on the chakra in the belly button can also help stop the nail biting.

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5 Spiritual Meanings of Nail Biting

5 Spiritual Meanings of Nail Biting

1) A departed loved one visiting

Going back to the story of my cousin, she was apparently biting her nails frequently because her departed father kept visiting her.

She told me back then that other than the nail biting there were signs that her dad was telling her something from the afterlife

And she revealed that apparently her dad and mum were fighting hours before her dad died in a car crash.

My aunt finally told my cousin that she was mad at her husband for something he did and told him that she was going to file for a divorce before the car crash.

The dad’s frequent visit was probably because he wanted to say that no one was at fault for the accident and to tell my cousin that he loved her very much.

Nail biting then can be a departed loved one’s way of conveying an important message.

2) Insecurities and encouragement

When you are biting your nails, then this could be because you are feeling insecure about something

This could be about your looks, thinking that many things need to be changed to look good. Maybe you are feeling insecure about your abilities or lack of them and often think that someone else is better.

The heavens through your nail biting can be telling you that you are good enough.

You may want a different look or may think that other people are so much better than you, but in the eyes of the creator, you are good enough.

This is a sign of encouragement from the heavens that even if you feel inadequate you still should go follow your dreams and accomplish your goals.

3) A pleasant surprise

The nail biting you are experiencing could be a sign from heaven that a pleasant surprise may be coming your way soon.

This would also put a smile on your face as it can be totally unexpected.

The surprise may be big or small. It could be something simple like someone leaving chocolates or food for you unexpectedly.

It can be something more like a visit from a loved one who lives quite far away or a nice unexpected inheritance. Make sure to say your thanks for this surprise.

4) A bad fall

You may want to be careful or even warn those around you to be extra vigilant when you start biting your nails.

This could be heaven’s way of warning you that you or someone close to you will have a bad fall.

This fall may cause a lot of pain and discomfort. It can also put the person who fell in the hospital for days or stay in bed for weeks.

This is a warning that you must listen to.

5) Someone’s coming back

When you are biting your nails this could be because someone special or you care about is about to come back and you will welcome this person with open arms.

This person could be an ex-romantic partner whom you have broken up with. It could also be an estranged family member who wants to reconcile.

The individual could also be a former employee who resigned but now wants to work for or with you again. You will be grateful that this person is coming back.

Should I Be Concerned?

woman biting her nails

They say you should be careful in biting your nails and find a way to put an end to it if it has become a habit.

But aside from the possible medical repercussions, you should also be concerned about nail biting because this could be a spiritual sign.


Nail biting is not for everyone as many seldom or never bite their nails.

But when this happens to you then think of the messages from the ones above. You are probably biting your nails because there is a message from the universe and heavens being sent to you.

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