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Spiritual Meaning of Night Terrors (in Adults): 5 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Night Terrors (in Adults): 5 Signs

Night terrors are unpleasant experiences.

I’ve had several episodes. Therefore, I know the discomfort it causes to one’s mind – especially when you don’t know what it spiritually means. 

Most times, it happens to adults.

Well, thankfully, I was able to discover the spiritual meaning of these night terrors. In addition to this, I discovered the spiritual reasons for this experience.

Guess what?

I also found several ways to stop night terrors from happening. 

Therefore, you are in the right place. 

If you’ve had night terrors in recent times, then, you are about to discover what the universe is trying to say to you. 

Read on to find out more about this. 

Why am I so scared at night?

Scared woman at night

When you suddenly feel so scared at night, it means you need to let go of the negative emotions in your mind.

The feeling of fear comes from negativity. This is why the night terrors are intense. 

Feeling scared at night could also be a spiritual sign of uncertainty. The nighttime is a dark moment, which reveals a lack of direction. If you find it hard to know what to do, night terrors might happen. 

These negative emotions will come because of the inner fears you harbor. You are scared of making mistakes, but you don’t know what to do. I will give you different methods to get clarity later on. 

Spiritual Meaning of Night Terrors

Man having night terrors

I see night terrors as a spiritual disturbance. It’s quite different from nightmares. Unlike nightmares, you can’t sleep during night terrors. You’re simply caught between your dreams and reality. 

Night terrors come with intense fear, anxiety, and heart palpitations

Now, when this happens to you as an adult, it is a sign of mental and emotional pressure.

This reveals that you are taking in too much than you can handle. It means that the weight of adulthood is gradually wearing you out. 

Take this as a warning sign to unwind. Take things easy. Whatever you can’t do at the moment should be left alone. Rid your mind of the negative emotions. Get these out of the way and you’d be fine. 

Additionally, night terrors are a spiritual sign of an attack. This unpleasant feeling reveals that you are being disturbed by a demonic spirit. This reveals vulnerability. It means your spiritual guards are down. 

Most times, when this happens, it’s caused by negative energies, which have blocked our chakras. You need to engage in spiritual exercises to prevent this from being consistent. 

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What does it mean if you have night terrors as an adult?

Night terrors in adults in spiritual world

If you have night terrors as an adult, it means you need to become spiritually sensitive.

This is a sign of spiritual insensitivity. It’s why you could not pick up the divine signal around you when the attack started. 

If need be, visit a spiritual elder for advice or prayer. 

In addition to this, having night terrors as an adult speaks of the past. People who experience this hold on to the past a lot.

They judge themselves based on past experiences and expect a repeated cycle of the past to happen

This is why their sleep moments are constantly riddled with fears, screaming, and so on. 

Through night terrors, adults are encouraged to prioritize self-care.

Those who suffer from this mental state are not paying enough attention to their physical well-being. If this sounds like you, then, a change is required.

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What is the metaphysical reason for night terrors?

Spiritual attacks: Spirits

The metaphysical reason for night terrors is linked to unresolved emotional issues. If you hold on to grudges or don’t express how you feel when hurt, then, night terrors will be constant. 

All the negative emotions in your mind will gradually begin to play out while on the bed and this leads to feelings of fear and insecurity. 

This is the only reason for such a negative experience. 

Now, this also opens you up to spiritual attacks. 

Negative spirits flock around negative energy. The unresolved emotional issues in your mind are negative energies. They will attract evil spirits, which will torment you at night. 

This is why you need to let go of issues and hurts. It’s the best way to purify your soul.

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Spiritual Meaning of Night Terrors (in Adults): 5 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Night Terrors

Night terrors in adults are a spiritual experience. When it happens to people, there are 5 spiritual signs surrounding it. Let’s examine these signs right away. 

1) Fear

Sometimes, the emotions that run through your mind during night terrors are direct signs of what you are going through.

The fear in your heart on the bed reveals the fears you are battling with at the moment. 

Night terrors are a revelation of your hidden fears. They also encourage you to let go of those fears. Embrace true inner freedom. 

2) A spiritual attack

This kind of experience is a spiritual attack. You have become vulnerable to attacks from bad spirits and evil people.

This is because your spiritual awareness level is low.

You need to engage in grounding exercises and meditation. Also, stay conscious of the energies around you. 

3) You need protection

Night terrors are a sign of a lack of spiritual protection.

A lot is going on around you at the moment and you need to be spiritually guarded. 

4) Pressure

As an adult, the pressures you go through will mask themselves as night terrors and haunt you at night.

Sometimes, it happens to inspire relief and peace.

You need to take a break from those struggles you face. Don’t cave into the pressures in your life. Shelve some responsibilities if you can

5) Speak up

If your night terror episode comes with screaming, it reveals the need to be heard. This is a sign to speak up.

Express yourself consistently. It’s one of the key factors to enjoy freedom and inner peace. 

Stop keeping things to yourself – especially when you are hurt

Is this a bad Sign?

Bad messages from heaven

Yes, it is bad to experience night terrors. This is not a positive spiritual omen. Sometimes, it has several underlying medical conditions attached. It’s why you should leave it on the shelf. Don’t get so used to it. 

When you consistently experience night terrors, it is a sign of negative energy and evil spirits. It can cause misfortune or sickness. 

Read what comes next to know what to do to stop night terrors from happening. 

How can I stop Night terrors? (Spiritually)

Woman meditating

Night terrors can be stopped by adopting these spiritual methods:

  • Positive affirmations before you sleep: Doing this releases positive energy into the atmosphere and also takes out negative energy from your mind. 
  • Meditation also helps: 5 – 10 minutes of meditation calms your nerves. If you go to sleep with emotional overload, you will experience night terrors. This is why you need to calm yourself through meditation.
  • If this negative experience is caused by evil spirits, then, you need to either burn incense like frankincense, or smudge sage before you sleep. One of the ways to also protect yourself is by using powerful crystals like hematite, selenite, quartz, lapis lazuli, or moonstone.
  • One of the powerful ways to stop night terrors is by saying some words of prayers for yourself. This works perfectly. 

Implementing one of these 5 spiritual methods will protect you from night terrors.

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As we have discussed so far, night terrors are negative sleep experiences. They steal your inner peace and put you in a state of instability. This is why you need to combat against them. Keep the spiritual meanings you’ve read in your mind. 

However, use the above mentioned spiritual methods to stop night terrors from happening. 

Share your experience with us below.

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