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Spiritual Meaning of Sleep Apnea: 7 Causes and Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Sleep Apnea

What is the spiritual meaning of sleep apnea? Let’s find out!

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder. It occurs when you find it difficult to have a good night’s sleep due to breathing problems. Suddenly, your breathing stops and restarts itself.

Sometimes, this happens about 4 to 7 times during the night. 

If you have this condition, you should also seek medical help. But, also pay attention to the spiritual significance of this disorder. Through sleep apnea, the universe has a lot to say concerning your life. 

This is what I will be sharing with you in this article. 

There are a lot of questions concerning sleep apnea we need to address. Read on to find out more

Spiritual Meaning for not being able to sleep

woman laying in bed can't sleep

If you find it hard to sleep at night due to breathing problems, it’s called sleep apnea.

This is a spiritual condition you should not lose sight of. If you are not able to sleep at night, it means that the universe has something to say to you. 

Through this sleep disorder, the universe reveals that your mind is worried about something. It could be about what happened during the day, or what has been going on in your life lately. 

Also, whenever you find it hard to sleep, it could be a sign of negative energy. You need to cleanse yourself through meditation, positive affirmation, and other spiritual healing and cleansing practices. 

Whenever you find it hard to sleep due to breathing problems, it spiritually indicates that you are putting too much pressure on yourself.

It is time to let go of unnecessary pressures. Don’t take too much responsibility for yourself. 

This could also mean that something is on your mind. You have kept it a secret for a long time. It is time to let it all out. Find someone you can trust.

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Which Emotions Cause Sleep Apnea?

tired woman in bed

Sleep apnea can be caused by your emotions. The ability or inability to sleep is directly associated with your emotions.

This is why it is important to keep your mind and emotions in their proper positions. 

Anxiety is an emotion that triggers sleep apnea. This is because being anxious can restrict airflow through muscle tension along your throat or upper airway.

When these muscles become tense, airflow can be restricted while you sleep, which will lead to sleep apnea. 

Fear is another emotion that causes sleep apnea. Just like anxiety, fear puts pressure on your muscles and this can prevent airflow in your upper airway.

The negativity associated with fear also chokes you when you sleep and this leads to sleep apnea. 

Generally, it is advisable to stay away from negative emotions like depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, and so on. The pressure they mount on your muscles can restrict airflow when you sleep. 

Staying positive eases your muscles. It also puts your mind in a state of ease and induces you to have a good night’s sleep. 

Anxiety and fear are common emotions that cause sleep apnea. However, other negative emotions can also cause breathing issues while sleeping at night. 

Sleep Apnea Christianity

old man laying in bed

In Christianity, sleep apnea is a serious disorder. According to research, a lot of Christians suffer from this condition

What does this mean? The Christian religion believes that people who have breathing issues while sleeping are disobedient Christians. 

They have failed to obey God’s instructions and this has brought severe consequences on your life. 

If you have sleep apnea as a Christian, then, it is a warning sign from God. You need to obey His instructions. 

It is also believed that sleep apnea is a sign of disconnection from God. According to the bible, God is a life-giving spirit. 

Whenever you have breathing problems while sleeping, it means that you are disconnected from God.

To remedy this, spend some time praying (2 hours preferably). It refreshes your mind and awakens your consciousness of God. 

The Christian religion also believes that sleep apnea is caused by worry. Take your sleep disorder as an encouraging sign to not be worried.

Embrace the peace of God. The Bible encourages us to cast all our cares upon God. 

When you have sleep apnea, it means that you need to become more spiritually sensitive and aware.

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Spiritual Meaning of Sleep Apnea: 8 Signs You Should Know

Spiritual Meaning of Sleep Apnea

When you have sleep apnea, it implies that the spiritual world has unique messages you need to know.

In this section, we will discuss the 8 spiritual meanings and signs of sleep apnea

If you constantly have sleep apnea, below are the messages you should keep in mind. 

1) You are worried about something

Whenever you have sleep apnea, it is a sign that you are worried about something. Take this as an inspirational sign.

Through this sleep disorder, the universe wants you to overcome your worries and anxiety.

2) Unresolved emotional issues

Spiritually, having sleep apnea is a sign of unresolved emotional issues. It means that you have refused to let go of past experiences.

You have decided to retain how you felt when the issue happened. 

This is why you find it hard to sleep at night due to breathing problems. It is time to resolve these emotional problems. Let go of the past. Move on with your life

3) Gratitude

Spiritually, when you have sleep apnea, the universe reminds you to be grateful for the life you have.

This condition reminds you of the importance of oxygen. By extension, it inspires you to be grateful for the little things in your life. 

Sleep apnea encourages you to not focus on what you don’t have. Rather, be happy for the blessings you’ve received such as the ability to breathe. 

This is a spiritual lesson to learn from this sleep condition

4) Persistence

Sleeping through this tough moment can build persistence in you. It can teach you to not give up on difficult moments in your life.

It is believed that sickness can be given to people as a spiritual lesson to not give up easily. 

5) Take care of your health

Sleep apnea can be a sign of an underlying sickness.

Therefore, whenever it happens to you, the spiritual world inspires you to take good care of your health.

Rest when you should and practice other health tips as given by your doctor. 

6) Throat chakra blockage

The inability to breathe when you sleep is a spiritual sign of throat chakra blockage.

This is mostly caused by negative energy, which you must combat against.

The next time you experience sleep apnea, it means you need to engage in spiritual practices to unblock your throat chakra. 

7) Something bad is happening to a loved one

Now, this is not a good spiritual message!

Having sleep apnea could mean that something bad is happening to a loved one. It is a spiritual sign that someone close to you is in great distress. 

Be intentional about supporting this person when you get the bad news. 

8) A negative spirit is around your home

Whenever you have issues with sleep (due to breathing issues), it could be a sign that an evil spirit is around your home.

This is also a sign of spiritual vulnerability. Take this as a warning omen. Engage in spiritual protection rituals to ward off these negative entities. 

Is Sleep Apnea a Bad Spiritual Sign?

woman sleeping peacefully

In some cases, sleep apnea can be a bad spiritual sign. It is something you should be concerned about. 

Whenever you experience this sleep disorder, try your best to seek spiritual help as well as medical help. 

It is not good to experience breathing problems when you sleep (spiritually and medically).


As we have discussed in this article, sleep apnea calls for immediate concern.

Whenever you experience it, ensure you refer to this article for spiritual guidance on how to interpret it and act on the warning sign it brings.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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