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Spiritual Meaning of Snoring: 7 Messages Heaven

Spiritual Meaning of Snoring

Have you recently started snoring out of the blue?

In several cultures, it is believed that physical body issues, such as snoring, sleep apnea, pains, or other dysfunctions, start with something spiritual.

This theory is still prominent in traditional Chinese medicine, but also in several spiritual circles. 

So, let’s take a look at the spiritual meaning of snoring and what the universe is trying to tell you.

Spiritual Meaning of Snoring: Overview

woman can't sleep husband snoring

There are several different spiritual meanings of snoring.

So, you will need to take a few other things into consideration before coming up with a finished interpretation. These include

  • Your current state of mind (depressed, happy, etc.);
  • Current life situations (relationships, job, money, etc.);
  • Other spiritual signs and symptoms;
  • Personal thoughts, opinions, and fears.

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Does Snoring Indicate Something Spiritually?

woman sleeping open mouth

Snoring can and very often does indicate something on a spiritual level – but sometimes, the problem has a medical cause.

You should never ignore physiological problems or switch out western medicine with holistic and spiritual remedies if it’s going to be dangerous for your health.

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Spiritual Meaning of Snoring: 7 Messages from the Universe

Spiritual Meaning of Snoring: 7 Messages from the Universe

Snoring has a strong spiritual connection with a sense of fear or sadness, and it could suggest that you have a broken heart.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has broken your heart, such as a lover, but more than your heart is hurting in a general way. 

Let’s take a closer look at what else this spiritual symbol might mean for you. 

1) Fear of Going Forward

Something in your life is stopping you from moving forward.

It might not be obvious right now, but it’s disrupting you and your soul – particularly when you’re sleeping.

veryone else can hear (or see) it loud and clear, but you’re oblivious to it. 

It’s time for you to work out what you’re afraid of if you don’t already know. You need to work on that fear and learn how to overcome it somehow. It will continue to hold you back in life if you don’t. 

Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to have a little faith and take that big first step

2) Keeping the Things You Want at Arm’s Length

  • Do you want a partner but hate the process of getting to know someone new?
  • Are you in the market for a new job but never apply for new ones?
  • Perhaps you wish for a best friend but push people away before they get that far?

You’re pushing something away that you want and what’s the point of that?

You deserve to have all the things you want in life, but you’re never going to get them if you don’t make the first step… or right steps. 

Stop pushing away the people and things that you’re trying to get. It is very obviously counterproductive. 

3) Repressing Your Opinions and Emotions

You want to speak up in your relationship, at work, within your family, or amongst your circle of friends – but you don’t, because you’re afraid of the rejection you might face.

Instead, you tend to keep your mouth shut, agree with what everyone else thinks or says, and feel regretful afterwards for not speaking your mind. 

Wouldn’t you rather regret the things you did do rather than the things you didn’t?

You deserve to speak up, have an opinion, and disagree with what other people say. What’s the point in having a voice if you’re not going to use it? 

4) Life is Passing You By

While you’re sleeping, the sound of snoring muffling the sounds of the world around you, you’re missing everything that’s going on.

Life is, quite literally, passing you by. Although you’re not sleeping and snoring for 24 hours per day, the spiritual metaphor would make it seem as though you are. 

You need to wake up, wise up, and start living your life!

ow do you think you’re going to feel when you hit 90 years of age and realize that you didn’t do half the things you said you wanted to do in life. In fact, you barely even managed ten percent of your to-do list. 

Now is the time to live. Right now. 

5) Release Your Grip on Old Patterns and Behaviors

Old patterns and behaviors no longer serve you because you’re no longer in that part of your life.

As you grow, mature, and evolve, the way you think and act should change. Imagine still having the same mind as your 16-year-old self! It would wreak havoc

You need to know when to let go of the ways you no longer need. I can’t tell you what those ways are, of course… but if you think about it, I bet you can figure it out. 

6) No Trust in Spirituality

This can apply to both religious and metaphysical senses of spirituality, and the lack of trust can seriously distort your life.

Suddenly, everything you once believed doesn’t make sense. There’s no trust, no faith, and seemingly no way of resolving it. 

Although it’s absolutely okay if you want to give up or quit that spiritual side, you must make sure it’s the right decision before you pull the plug.

Is it a long-term decision, or are you making a short-term rash choice?

Maybe it’s time to pray, meditate, or whatever it is you do, to try and strengthen your connection and trust once again

7) Your Issues Are Affecting Others 

I want you to think about snoring from the perspective of someone who doesn’t snore.

So, let’s say, for the purpose of deciphering this spiritual message, that you are the snorer, and your partner is the person who’s kept awake all night because of it. 

You are blissfully sleeping, snoring away, not realizing how much noise you’re making. Your partner is not blissfully sleeping. They’re angry, tired, cranky, and on the edge. 

Your snoring issue is affecting your partner. In life, your personal issues are starting to affect other people.

nless you deal with the situation, you’ll end up pushing them far away.

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should i be worried?

woman sleeping

There’s no need to be alarmed! But, It’s wise to get yourself medically checked out!

Sleep apnea can cause snoring, but it’s definitely not the only thing.

Rnsure your snoring patterns aren’t caused by a potentially dangerous underlying cause. 

If you have sleep apnea, it could be the case that something from your past has resurfaced to re-challenge you… and you’re not very happy about it.

It can also mean the following:

  • Pushing away love, friendship, or other new relationships and bonds;
  • A feeling of instability;
  • No safety or security;
  • Distrust in yourself;
  • No confidence in taking on responsibilities;
  • Suppressed or ignored emotions and thoughts.


Very often, snoring won’t affect you. Instead, it’ll affect everyone around you, which then affects you by proxy.

In the same way that snoring can cause cracks in otherwise happy relationships, it can also symbolize cracks in you or others, on a spiritual level.

You’ll need to find out what’s causing those cracks or negative emotions before you can accurately resolve them. 

Look inside yourself and answer truthfully: are there things you could or should change within yourself? 

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