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Spiritual Meaning Of Tears From Right Eye: 6 Signs 

Spiritual Meaning Of Tears From Right Eye: 6 Signs 

Often, tears would fall from both eyes when we cry. It is very seldom that tears would only fall from the left or right eye. But sometimes this happens, too. 

This was the topic of our discussion with a good friend the other day. Over cocktails, she said that lately, she noticed how her tears would fall from the right eye.

At first, she didn’t notice, but one day when she was in so much physical pain, she noticed how the tears would come from the right eye. 

She decided to observe how her tears would fall the next few times she cried. She noticed that for a while her tears would fall from the right. And weeks after, she had undergone one of the most difficult challenges or phases in her life.

She knew I was into the spiritual meaning of things, and so she asked me for some time.

What does this mean, she asked? What was the spiritual meaning of tears from the right eye? Was there a relationship between her tears from the right eye and the recent challenges she has undergone? My friend asked me.

What Does The Right Eye Represent Spiritually?

woman crying one tear

Spiritually, the right eye represents life’s challenges and how heaven’s love helps us get through these major hurdles in our lives.

Think of the times you went through a major crisis:

  • You probably felt helpless or overwhelmed at the challenges being thrown your way;
  • You spend worrying about how you can overcome your current problems and even lose sleep over your present conditions;
  • You then end up praying to the heavens for guidance and help, and you instantly feel better and even stronger;
  • In the next few days, you find some strength to keep moving forward despite the worries and anxiety;
  • You may be tearing up more on your right eye because of all the stress and worries you are currently facing but with the heavens love and help, anyone can get over their current hump and problems.

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Tears?

woman single tear

From left eye:

Tears from the left eye spiritually reflect your need for answers. One eye, perhaps your left one, is tearing up as it tries to look around for answers.

It is likely that you have many unanswered questions and these are haunting you.

Maybe there were major events in your life that didn’t turn out as you wanted and you often wondered why they happened the way they did. 

You could also be asking the heavens why the ones you have been praying for never happened or your prayers still have to happen.

The tears from the left eye comes from the tiredness of one eye roving, looking for answers. This could be a sign that you need to patiently wait and trust the heavens.

From right eye:

Tears from the right eye spiritually reflect a person’s feeling of inadequacy. It is a sign that the person has been feeling inferior to others or has many insecurities that he or she cannot seem to overcome.

The right eye tears could signify that the person has many wants and desires in the hope of getting over their feelings of inadequacy. 

The tears on the right eye could also be heaven’s way of telling the person that in the eyes of the ones above, you are enough.

Our imperfections are there from the heavens and for a reason.

From both eyes:

Tears from both eyes spiritually mean the unexpectedness of life’s happening. Tears, after all, can be because of sheer joy or from the pain you feel. 

This means that you cry with tears coming from both eyes because you could be happy or sad. Sometimes, others watching us would not know whether we are crying from tears of joy or tears of sorrow.

The spiritual meaning of tears from both eyes is the ups and downs in life.

We can be crying because we are extremely happy and grateful for the wonderful things given to us at the moment. 

On the other hand, we could be crying because we are hurting, disappointed, or in despair. When you cry either tears of joy or sorrow, remember to share your feelings with the heavens.

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Tears From Right Eye: 6 Signs

man crying

1) Be vigilant

When you have tears from the right eye, then this could be heaven’s way of telling you to be vigilant. The heavens are telling you to be mindful of your surroundings as well as the people in it. 

You may be being given this warning to avoid an accident or because there are elements around that could harm you.

The right eye may be tearing up as a sign that you need to be more careful in the next few days and weeks

Your right eye may need to double time in keeping up with the things around you but this might be worth it as it may be key to keeping you safe.

You are warned of many possible dangers if you are not vigilant.

2) Backstabbing 

The tears from the right eye could be a sign that someone might backstab or has already done it.

This means that there is someone in your circle who is out to hurt you but may be pretending to love or care for you.

The right eyes are probably heaven’s way of telling you that you are being betrayed by someone pretending to be your friend. You may want then to take a closer look at your inner circle and start discerning who to trust and who deserves your confidence. 

Your tears is a sign from heavens that not all have good intentions for you as others spend more time saying bad things about you behind your back

3) Spiritual enlightenment  

The right eye tear could be a message from the ones above that you will soon experience some spiritual enlightenment

If you have been feeling like you have been in the dark for quite some time, and you have tears on your right eye, then this could be the sign that you will have spiritual clarity soon.

The tears are a sign from the universe that you will have a better idea of what the heavens want you to do or where you need to be.

The spiritual enlightenment is coming soon and you will be less confused. There will less be doubt in the coming days.

4) Stay the course  

If you have been going through some difficult times, or simply feeling a bit lost, then you have tears in your right eye, then take this as a sign that you need to stay strong and stay the course.

You may be wondering whether you can still keep going, as you are feeling overwhelmed at what is in front of you. 

You may also be thinking that maybe you should end your journey or change some goals. If you are feeling these things and you have tears in your right eye, then this is a sign from the universe to stay on that course.

You are where the heavens want you to be. 

5) Enhanced senses  

The tears on your right eye is a sign from the ones above that you will soon experience enhanced senses.

This means your senses like sense of sight, hearing or smell is heightened and you can easily spot anything that is amiss.

The heavens are likely enhancing your senses for the coming days for a good purpose. This could be because you will be able to save or help someone as your senses are more heightened.

6) Transformation

In my story in the introduction, my friend said that the tears in her right eye came before she was put to the test by the heavens.

Shortly after, she lost her job and had to change careers.

It was all for the best, she told me. Losing her job meant looking for another one and the one she found seemed to give more meaning to her life.

She felt great waking up each day to do what she does at work. She said that her life seemed to be much better because of her new job.

The tears in the right eye were a sign that things were about to change and that these would be for the better she said.

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Should I Be Concerned?

man hiding his face

Tears from the right eye may be unusual, which is why you were left wondering whether all is right.

You should be concerned but not overly worried. Whatever it is, remember that the heavens have your back.

You must be concerned because the heavens are sending you a sign and trying to get your attention. 

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Tears from the right eye may be frightening for others but less worrisome for the rest. But when experiencing this, think that this is actually a spiritual sign.

The heavens are telling you an important message. And since the signs are from the ones above you must give it your full attention.

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