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Itching Thumb Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left 

Itching Thumb Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left 

My sister kept complaining that her right thumb was itching all the time.

She said it was weird because she wasn’t seeing any rashes or blisters. Her right thumb just kept itching.

My mom told my sister that it could be a good sign. She had experienced the same thing many decades before and it turned out that the constant itching of her right thumb was a sign of a good thing to come.

My mom said that years ago, her right thumb kept itching. The doctor could not find anything wrong and so she just tolerated the discomfort.

Weeks after she was told that she would be getting a promotion at work, something that she had been praying for.

This made me mull about the spiritual meaning of itching thumb. Is there a difference between left or right thumb itching?

What Does the Thumb Symbolize?

woman showing her thumbs

The thumb is often used as a symbol of one’s approval.

Think about it, thumbs up is about affirmation and approval, and the thumbs up emoticon is one of the most used emoticons to signify one’s approval.

The spiritual symbol isn’t far off. The thumb is a sign of positivity and could mean various things such as:

  • To say that you are on the right track;
  • A way to signify that you are doing so well and there is nothing I’d like to change;
  • A sign to keep doing the good work;
  • A symbol that you are awesome and your work is appreciated.

As the thumb is often used to signify positivity, it is not surprising then that many think that thumb-related issues also mean good luck.

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Itching Right Thumb Spiritual Meaning

right thumb up

When it is your right thumb that is itching, then this is a spiritual sign of an answered prayer.

This means that something you have been asking or praying for will soon be granted by the heavens. 

This is what happened to both my mom and my sister. In the case of my mom, her right thumb kept itching for weeks, and shortly after she was given a promotion at work.

She was praying for this promotion for a while since she needed more funds as she was raising me and my sister.

As for my sister, she also experienced right thumb itching for weeks. Shortly after, her partner proposed to her.

She told me she would not admit it to many people but she had been secretly praying to be engaged as she was sure of her feelings for her now fiancee.

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Itching Left Thumb Spiritual Meaning 

woman with itchy thumb hand

An itching left thumb can spiritually signify a possible accident in the family.

This accident can either be minor or major but for sure someone in the family will get hurt.

It can be something simple like a fall where the person will have to endure some sprain or bruises.

The accident can also be a big one like a vehicular accident or a bad fall. This will then entail hospital visits or even being bedridden.

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Itchy Thumb Superstition: 7 For you 

woman showing her thumb

1) Blessings are coming

It is believed that an itchy thumb means that major blessings are on their way.

This is why some people in some cultures celebrate when someone experiences an itchy thumb for several days.

But according to superstition, one should not announce the itchy thumb and the possible blessing before they happen.

One should wait to find out what the blessing is before celebrating. 

2) Be more open-minded

There is a widespread belief that itchy thumbs are a sign that you need to be more open-minded.

It is said that itching of the thumb is the heavens’ way of telling you that having an open mind is the path to happiness or is necessary to receive the many blessings the universe wants to send your way.

It is believed that the ones above are displeased at your closed-mindedness. You are limiting yourself and your experiences

The heavens want you to live your life to the fullest and so it sends reminders like itchy thumbs to tell you to open your mind to the many experiences and beliefs in this world rather than shutting down ideas that seem foreign to you. 

3) Live in the present

They say that an itchy thumb is a sign that you need to live your life in the present.

Those who experience frequent itching of their thumbs are people who tend to live in the past or have difficulties moving on and living in the present.

Living in the present does not mean forgetting about your past.

What is important is to learn from past mistakes and experiences and apply them to present circumstances. 

Perhaps the ones above have noticed how you often think about your past or how you wish things were the way they were and are now pushing you to face and deal with the present instead.

4) Someone needs your strength

They say an itchy thumb is a sign that someone you love needs your help and will benefit from your strength.

When your thumb is itchy, then take the time to find out who among your friends and family is in need.

The person in need, they say, is someone you care about. He or she secretly needs your help but may be too shy or even proud to ask for it.

The heavens are well aware of how much this person needs you and so it sends a sign to you. 

The message from the heavens is to try to immediately find out which loved one is in distress and make sure to be a blessing to this person.

5) Cash-related developments

In some cultures, an itchy thumb is a sign of cash-related developments in your life.

This could be a good or bad thing.

It could mean that you may be encountering more money in the future. You may be getting lucky and win in a lottery or receive a lump sum in the form of inheritance.

Your earnings could also increase because of a promotion at work or better business earnings.

The itchy thumb can also mean financial woes. You may soon be out of a job or be buried in debt because of unforeseen circumstances.

6) Major changes

For some, an itchy thumb is a sign to brace yourself for major changes coming your way.

The itchy thumb means that you will soon be moving around more because of unexpected developments.

They say that an itchy thumb can mean that:

  • You may be leaving your old job;
  • Maybe you are going on a different adventure;
  • You may be moving away to live in a faraway land;
  • But, it can also be life-changing like death or birth in the family. 

7) A sign of more independence

For some, an itchy thumb is a great thing because it signifies more independence.

A person who experiences constant thumb itching will become more independent in the next few weeks or months.

 Independence may come in different forms. It may mean learning a new skill like driving so you don’t have to depend on others to get from one place to another.

The independence can also be financial such as finally earning your own money rather than receiving it from others.

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An itchy thumb may cause so much discomfort and prevent you from concentrating or finishing your tasks.

But aside from the discomfort, take the time to determine what the heavens may be telling you with the itchy thumb you are experiencing. 

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