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Itchy Armpit Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left 

Itchy Armpit Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left 

Some weeks back, an officemate kept on scratching both her left and right armpits. She scratched them while at her workstation and even during meetings.

This went on for days and she was badly teased for it. Some of our office mates said that she only needed to take a bath.

Others said that it was because she probably had such long armpit hairs which are now causing extreme itchiness and discomfort.

She was almost in tears after all the teasing. She confided in me that she had already consulted a dermatologist who could not exactly tell her the cause.

She asked me whether itchy armpit has a spiritual meaning. Should she be worried? She asked me.

I took her for dinner to talk about the spiritual meaning of an itchy armpit. A few days later she finally understood what was causing her armpits to itch badly.

Itchy Right Armpit Spiritual Meaning

itchy right armpit

When your right armpit is itchy, then this could be a sign from the heavens of your blocked energies

This means that many things are stopping you from achieving your goals because you have low energy all the time.

You need to unlock them so that you can accomplish your tasks and reach your dreams.

  • Past hurts or mistakes can block your energy. You may be embarrassed of what you have done in the past and you tend to think that you are undeserving of new and good things;
  • Your fears may also be overtaking your emotions. You are paralyzed with fear that you may not be good enough or that you might make a mistake so you end up blocking positive energy;
  • You may be too busy looking at others, criticizing or envying others that you end up blocking your energies. Focusing on yourself rather than other people’s business will unblock your energies.

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Itchy Left Armpit Spiritual Meaning

worried woman thinking

An itchy armpit can be because heaven is disappointed over your priorities.

The ones above may be displeased at how you are living your life, particularly at how you spend your time and energy.

They are letting you experience an itchy armpit to make you understand the importance of reviewing your priorities.

You may want to take stock of how you spend your time. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you spend most of your time and energy engaging in work or activities that are spiritually pleasing?
  • Or are you indulging in self-destructive activities?
  • Are you pursuing material things all the time instead of working on being a good person?

Perhaps you have been using your energy to destroy other people rather than helping other individuals.

The itchy left armpit should prompt you to assess your life and priorities.

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Spiritual Meaning of Itchy Armpit During the Night 

woman proudly showing armpit

When you are experiencing an itchy armpit at night, then take this to mean that the heavens are telling you to stop worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

Chances are the ones above have noticed how you often worry at night about the future and your anxiety can be causing you some sleepless nights.

The itchy armpit at night could be heaven’s way of reminding you that tomorrow will take care of itself.

There is no point in worrying about what will happen tomorrow and in the next few days as each day brings different challenges.

The ones above instead may want you to focus on gratitude for the day that you’ve had.

At the same time, the heavens may also be telling you to simply keep the faith at the end of each day and trust that the supreme being has great plans for you.

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5 Itchy Armpit Superstition For You 

Itchy Armpit Superstition: 5 For You 

1) Some blessing

It is believed by many people that an itchy armpit is a spiritual sign of a blessing coming your way soon.  

  • The blessings can be something big like a big amount of money or an inheritance of many properties;
  • It can also be a pregnancy or baby coming soon for couples who are having a hard time conceiving.

Going back to my story about an officemate who had been suffering from an itchy armpit, she told me a few weeks after that she received some good news.

It turned out that she applied for a scholarship abroad and later she received word that she had gotten the scholarship.

She told me that the itchy armpits she had could be the heavens’ way of telling her that a blessing will soon be hers just as what the superstition belief says.

2) Be nurturing

In some cultures, it is widely believed that an itchy armpit may be a reminder that we all have that soft side and we should not be afraid to show them.

It is said to be a sign that we should aim to unleash our nurturing side to the benefit of those who need it.

They say that this is a reminder from the heavens that each of us has this gift for softness.

No one is hard-hearted or incapable of being nurturing. As such we should always find a way to nurture others.

We can, for example, nurture the little ones around us. We should take care of the children and the vulnerable since the supreme being has a soft spot for them.

3) An angel is nearby

For some people, an itchy armpit is a sign that an angel is nearby.

This can be any angel or specifically your guardian angel and he or she is nearby for a specific purpose.

According to the belief, the itchy armpit and the presence of an angel are nothing to be scared of.

It is said that the angel may have been sent by the heavens because you need additional protection.

It can also be that your guardian angel is dropping by simply to check on you and ensure that you are okay.

4) Overcome your fears

For some groups, an itchy armpit signifies heaven’s desire for you to overcome your fears. The ones above are pushing you to get over your fears so you can do more in life.

The heavens are well aware that your fears may be getting the better of you and that many times you are unable to accomplish your task because of your fears.

The ones above are reminding you of how great you are and the need to overcome your fears to live your best life.

Take the time to discover ways of getting over your fears when you have itchy armpits. It may not be easy but the heavens are ready to help you get rid of what scares you. 

5) Embrace your uniqueness

Many people believe that an itchy armpit is a spiritual sign to embrace your uniqueness.

The one above may have noticed how embarrassed you are about your special qualities.

Instead of hiding your uniqueness, the heavens may want you to fully embrace them and be proud of them.

In many cultures, the itchy armpit is a signal to discover and be proud of one’s talent.

It is a reminder from the heavens of how the supreme being specially created each of us and so we must be sure to be proud of what and who we are.


Itchy armpits, no doubt can be quite uncomfortable. Dealing with it may also be embarrassing as you may need to scratch them even in front of others. 

Do not focus excessively on the discomfort.

You may instead want to spend more time thinking about the spiritual meanings of itchy armpits and how they apply to your current circumstances or life in general.

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