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Left Hand Twitching Superstition: 7 You Should Know

Left Hand Twitching Superstition: 7 You Should Know

Over lunch, I noticed how my friend’s left hand kept twitching.

She first tried to hide it from me but it became apparent that her left hand was experiencing some twitching, which my friend could not control.

She said she had not seen a doctor for it. She was scared that the diagnosis will be of some serious or even life-threatening disease. But she also wants to know the medical cause of it.

Aside from knowing the doctor’s opinion, she also wants to know what other reasons there may be for her left hand twitching. She knew of some superstitions but would like to hear what superstitions I know of. 

This post is what my friend and I have talked about that lunch, particularly the left hand twitching superstitions that may be useful to know.

Why Is My Left Hand Shaking Twitching?

woman feeling pain in left hand

According to medical literature, there are various reasons why your left hand is shaking or twitching. The medical cause can be

  • Parkinson disease;
  • Dystonia;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Post-effect of brain trauma or essential tremors.

It may take a while to determine the cause as doctors may need to do some tests after an initial examination or consultation. 

But aside from seeing a doctor and undergoing the tests, there are also other possible causes of the left hand twitching.

Some may even rely on long-held beliefs or superstitions about left hand twitching even after being diagnosed by the doctor.

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What Does Twitching of The Left Hand Mean Spiritually?

woman pain in left hand at work

When your left hand is twitching, then this is a sign from the heavens to let go and surrender to the supreme being.

This means trusting the heavens of their plans even when what is happening is difficult to understand.

Spiritually, the left hand twitching is a message from above that you need to accept that the heavens are always in control

You may be planning and working hard on making them work but it is the supreme being’s will that will always prevail.

If you are going through some difficulties, then this is also a reminder that all will work according to heaven’s plans.

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Left Hand Twitching and Tingling Meaning and Superstition

man feeling pain in left wrist

Left hand twitching superstition female:

They say that when a female is experiencing some left hand twitching and twitching, then it means that she will soon experience some strong bouts of fertility.

If she is having a hard time getting pregnant, then according to superstition the female will soon get pregnant.

Some also believe that left hand twitching for females is a sign that they will soon be having pain-free periods.

Left hand twitch superstition male:

According to superstition, when a male is experiencing some left hand twitching, then this is a sign that a loved one is in trouble and needs the male’s protection

It is believed that someone close to the man who is experiencing the twitching is subconsciously asking for help.

The male should check up on loved ones to determine who among loved ones needs his help or protection.

Left palm twitching meaning spiritual

putting pressure in left wrist

When the left palm is twitching, then spiritually it means that the person is being told by the heavens to prepare or be better at receiving the blessings.

It is likely that the ones above want to send some blessings your way but need to remind you that blessings also come with some responsibilities.

The ones above could also be disappointed at how poorly you use or manage some of the gifts they have given you in the past.

7 Left Hand Twitching Superstitions

7 Left Hand Twitching Superstitions

1) You will soon become popular

It is believed that left hand twitching is heaven’s way of telling you that you will soon become popular.

This popularity will make people eager to meet you and shake your hand and some may even want to spend more time with you.

Being seen with you can be advantageous to many other people as well.

Some say that you are being warned of the coming popularity via the left hand twitching so you don’t let this get into your head.

This is also a warning that being popular in the community or elsewhere will also come with some disadvantages.

2) You may be losing money

Left hand twitching they say is a sign from the heavens that you may lose some money soon.

You could be involved in some business that will become unsuccessful or you may invest in something that will yield negative returns.

You are also being warned that your hands may be empty of cash soon if you are not careful. Some say that the left hand twitching should prompt you to check your finances.

3) You’ll make peace

There is the superstition that left hand twitching is a sign that you will soon make peace with someone or even yourself.

It is believed that you will make up and forgive someone you’ve had a conflict with. This is a sign that you will have more peace of mind as well.

They also say that you could also be making peace with yourself by accepting your past mistakes or shortcomings.

4) Desire for independence

Many people believe that the left hand twitching is a reflection of one’s desire for independence.

The one with the twitch could be feeling insecure about relying on other people too much and has long been longing to be independent.

The independence could be financial such as having your own money or job or physical like being able to do things or traveling alone.

The one with the left hand twitching is likely extremely tired of asking for help and feeling helpless all the time and wants to make some major changes.

5) Infighting in the family

Some groups believe that left hand twitching is a sign from the ones above that there will be a major fight among family members.

There is a divisive issue or development is coming and unfortunately, infighting among the family is inevitable.

 According to superstition, there will be some major shouting matches and some people will be forced to take sides.

If the family is not careful there will be some irreparable damage to relationships. The left hand twitching is a warning to try to keep the peace in the family regardless of what happens.

6) A material blessing

For some people, the left hand twitching is a sign that the person will receive some material blessing.

The financial blessing can be quite big and the reason why the hand is twitching is because the blessing is too big for one person to consume or enjoy.

Some believe that the material blessing could be a large sum of money or a new material possession like a car or house.

7) A warning to end a bad habit

According to superstition, left hand twitching is actually heaven’s way of telling you that you need to stop a bad habit.

The heavens are displeased with this habit as it could be destroying your health or relationships or could lead to your financial ruin.

They say that the left hand twitching should prompt you to think of your bad habits and how you can break them.

Maybe you are a smoker and the heavens want you to quit. Perhaps you are a gambler and you are being told to quit gambling because it can wreck your finances and relationships.

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Everyone will experience some twitching on the left hand. The reason could be medical but for many, the cause for this twitching is something else.

Many people have superstitious beliefs about left hand twitching and it does not hurt to know what these are, perhaps knowing them can be quite helpful.

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