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Right and Left Nipple Itching Superstition: 5 Meanings

Right and Left Nipple Itching Superstition: 5 Meanings

Some years back, my sister who was in her last year of high school kept complaining about her nipple itching.

She told my mom that it was weird as it was concentrated on her left nipple. My mother said that it could be because of a skin condition and advised my sister to check for possible dermatological reasons for the itching.

My sister found none and kept complaining of her left nipple itching. My mother took her to several doctor examinations and some tests.

The doctors could not find anything wrong with her. Shortly after, she received news that she had been accepted to her dream college. She was ecstatic.

Fast forward to now, and she once again told the family that her nipple has been itching several times a day for many days now.

But rather than worry and spend time with doctors trying to figure out why, she’s letting things be. She says that there are spiritual meanings to why things happen.

And so that day we spent some hours talking about right and left nipple itching superstition and spiritual meanings.

Spiritual Meaning of Left Nipple Itching 

touching chest

Left nipple itching spiritually means a wish coming true. This is what happened to my sister back then.

Doctors could not find the source of her left nipple itching and shortly after, she found out that she got accepted at her dream university.

The left nipple itching then could mean that the ones above are telling you that one of your heart’s deepest desires will soon be granted. 

Most, if not all of us, have our wishes that we pray for regularly. Our hearts desire some things that we are willing to work hard for them and even pray about them all the time. 

Through the left nipple itching, the heavens may be telling you that your prayers will be granted soon. A great blessing that you want so badly will be yours soon enough.

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Spiritual Meaning of Right Nipple Itching

Nipple Pain Spiritual Meaning

When your right nipple itches, then this could be a sign that a natural disaster could be coming, which will affect your community.

You must then brace yourself for a roller coaster of emotions as what usually a person experiences when she experiences some natural disaster.

This natural disaster could be a storm or typhoon with flooding, earthquake, volcano eruption, or tsunami depending on where you live.

The natural disaster could leave some minor or major devastation where your community will need help.

Neighbors and family members will be affected and it could be for many that rebuilding would be a daunting task.

The right nipple itching is a sign of the disaster to come and how you should brace yourself and be prepared to help your loved ones and community members cope with the aftermath.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Both Nipple Itching

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The spiritual meaning of both nipple itching varies:

  • When both nipples are itching, one after the other, across different times of the day: then this is a sign that the ones above are sending or providing you with more spiritual protection. This could be because the heavens think that you are spiritually vulnerable these last few days;
  • If both of your nipples are itchy in the morning: then this could be a warning that someone is extremely jealous of you. This person could be watching your every move or social media posts and criticizing you unfairly. Be careful of the people around you;
  • If you are experiencing itching of both nipples in the evening: then this is likely a reflection of your worries. Lately, you have been thinking of the things that could go wrong or your current challenges or both and these worries are manifesting physically. The itching of your nipples could be a sign that the heavens understand your worries;
  • Both nipples itching in the afternoon: could be a good sign that a small prize is coming your way. This could be the universe’s way of telling you to open your heart and be grateful for the small blessings in life.

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Breast Itching Superstitions

woman touching breast

Right breast:

There is a widespread superstitious belief that right breast itching is a sign that the person will soon be able to unleash his or her potential or discover some hidden talent.

The itching of the right breast could mean that the person may also discover new passions and be exceptionally great at it.

This discovery or unleashing of potential is unexpected.

One may discover a new talent without intending to and he or she will be happy about the discovery for many weeks, months, or even years to come.

Left Breast:

The itching of the left breast, for many, is a sign that new people will be coming into your life soon.

You will be meeting new individuals who will make your life more colorful or their presence or existence will cause massive disruption to your life. 

The superstitious belief is that these new people will either stay in your life for good as great friends or become even much like a family member. 

The opposite could also happen as the persons you will be meeting may cause you harm or hurt you, or pretend to be a friend but later become a foe.

Right and Left Nipple Itching Superstition: 5 Meanings

Possible Spiritual Meanings Of Nipple Pain

1) A child is coming soon

Many believe that when your left and right nipples are itching, this is because a child is coming your way.

You may be a female who is trying to get pregnant and when your left and right nipple itch, then you will soon become pregnant.

The itching is a message from the ones above that you are fertile and your womb will carry a baby soon.

Men may also experience itching of the left and right nipple and many believe that this is because they will soon impregnate someone. It doesn’t matter whether he wants to be a father or not. 

The itching is a sign from the universe that he will get a woman pregnant in the next few weeks or months.

2) Illness coming to a woman in the family

You may be careful or must look after the women in your family soon as the itching of the nipple can be a sign that a woman in your family will be ill in the next few weeks.

If you are female, then you could be the one falling ill soon.

The illness isn’t necessarily related to breast cancer or cysts. It could be something else like a simple flu or cold.

But, it could be something more serious like cancer, pneumonia, heart problems, or any other that could be life-threatening. 

The superstitious belief is that your right and left nipple itching is a warning to take better care of the health of the women in your life including yourself if you are female.

3) A reflection of your loneliness

For some people and cultures, itching of the right and left breast is simply a reflection of your loneliness.

It could be the universe’s way as well of telling you that the heavens are well aware of your sad feelings and are reminding you that you are not alone.

You may be feeling that you have been alone and have few or even no one to talk to or share your innermost thoughts. The itching of the left and right breast is a manifestation of how lonely you feel. 

At the same time, many believe that itching is also the universe’s way of acknowledging your deep feelings of loneliness and reminding you that the ones above care for you, too.

4) A reminder to be good stewards

There is the superstitious belief that left and right nipple itching is a message from the universe to be good stewards of your resources.

It could be that the ones above are quite displeased at how poorly you are managing or using the resources given to you.

Consider reviewing how you use what you have, whether you are being responsible or not for whatever resources you have. 

The itching of the nipples could be heaven’s way of telling you to be more responsible or else you could lose what you have.

5) Some good luck

Some people say that the itching of the left and right breast could be a sign that you will receive some good luck your way in the coming days.

You could be winning a big prize like a promotion or experiencing some little miracles like finding something that you’ve been looking for quite some time now.

The good luck you will experience may be small but it is believed to be useful or could put some smile on your face.

Should I Be Concerned?

woman sad in bed

Yes, you should be concerned when your right and left nipples are itching.

This could be a sign from the heavens or a message that you should know as soon as possible.


There are various superstitious beliefs concerning right and left nipple itching.

When this itching happens to you, make sure to make a reflection on what the ones above may be telling you and whether these superstitions could be helpful to you at the moment.


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