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Right Ring Finger Itching Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

Right Ring Finger Itching Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

Some years back, my right ring finger kept on itching. I didn’t know why and when I saw my dermatologist she advised me to start using a different soap and stop the use of the scented lotion.

I also had to stop wearing rings.

I did follow her recommendations but the itching continued. Later on, I realized that this was heaven’s way of telling me to have more faith. I was getting impatient as I had been single and available for a year and no new love was in sight. 

Fast forward to now, and I am happily in a relationship.

I am now reminded of my lack of faith and impatience in finding romantic love again and how the right ring finger itching is a sign from the heavens.

What Does the Right Ring Finger Mean Spiritually?

Right Ring Finger

The right ring finger spiritually stands for honoring our words and commitments. This means staying true to what we say and delivering on our promises.

Too many times, we say things without meaning them. We make simple promises like promising to show up and forgetting the event or appointment. We also say we would help or deliver the work on time but don’t help or don’t give what we promised. 

The right finger should remind us that the heavens want us to be true to our words and do as we say.

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Why Is My Right Ring Finger Itching Spiritual Meaning?

Righ ring finger

When your right ring finger is itching, then this could be the heavens are displeased with our lack of thought for others.

This could be some sort of rebuke for failing to honor the ones above with our actions such as carelessness or outright irresponsibility.

There could also be other reasons from the heavens why your right ring finger is being itchy.

It could be a reminder to keep the faith or to look after our loved ones, especially the family.

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Why Is My Left Ring Finger Itching Spiritual Meaning?

Left Ring Finger Itching

Your left ring finger is itchy likely because the heavens are reminding you to keep in mind past transgressions and the importance of not making them again.

The heavens are telling you that refusing to make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past will make you a better person. 

As such, when your left ring finger itches then think of any mistakes in the past that you are in danger of repeating and think of how to best avoid making it.

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Right Ring Finger Itching Superstition

Right Ring Finger Itching Superstition

Different cultures and groups also have varied beliefs when it comes to the right finger itching.

  • In some cultures, the marriage or romantic relationship is believed to be heading towards trouble or even separation when the right ring finger keeps itching and won’t stop for days and weeks.
  • Some religious groups believe that when the ring finger is itchy, this is because something bad will happen to the upper body. There could be an accident or illness affecting the body above the waist.
  • Many people say that an itchy ring finger is a sign that you are hesitant to commit. It could also be a sign that you are regretting a decision you’ve made recently.
  • Other cultural groups say that the right ring finger itching is a sign that you will have more money in your hands soon. A big financial blessing is coming your way.

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7 Right Ring Finger Itching Spiritual Meaning

Right Ring Finger Itching Spiritual Meaning

1) Lack of faith

When your right ring finger is itching, this could be the heavens way of reminding you that you need more faith. The ring finger is often a sign of our commitment in marriage but sometimes the heavens also use the right finger for the ring to remind us of our commitment to the heavens.

This means having more faith in the plans of the ones above. It is not enough that we pray and ask for what we need. When things do not go our way we also need to have the same commitment and passion towards our religious beliefs.

2) A need to change

Think about it, we remove our rings when our ring fingers are itchy.

Sometimes we may also discover that the he itch is being caused by the ring so we no longer wear the same ring. In other words, many times we  make some changes when the ring finger is itchy.

The spiritual meaning of the right ring finger itchy is not far off. It is a spiritual sign from the heavens that you need to make some changes. 

3) A reminder of heaven’s timing 

If you are getting impatient with the heavens and your right ring finger itches, then take this as a sign that you need to trust the heaven’s timing.

This is a reminder that your timing is not alway the same as of the heavens

You need to have faith that the ones above are making you wait for a very good reason.When the right ring finger is itchy, think of how you are feeling because the heavens have not granted you the desires of your heart.

4) Estrangement in the family 

When the right ring finger is itchy, then this could also be the heavens’ way of telling you that a member of the family will soon be estranged

It is possible that you will be the estranged family member or someone else but nevertheless this is a warning from the heavens of family infighting. This means that you need to be careful with family relationships.

5) A good thing coming

The right ring finger that is itchy can also be a sign of good news. Sometimes, the ones above are telling you that some good news is on their way to you by letting you scratch your right ring finger.

 This good thing may be something you have always wanted or have been asking for quite some time. The good needs may be unexpected but you will welcome them with open arms anyway.

6) A loved one thinking of you

It is also possible that a loved one who is so far away from you is thinking and missing you terribly when you feel that the right ring finger is itchy.

This person wishes to be in your physical company and maybe may want to hug you but cannot because of the physical distance.

It is also possible that your right ring finger is also itchy because a departed loved one is missing you. This person is already on the other side but wishes that you two could be together in this world.

7) A new love

If you are single and ready to be in a relationship, then the right ring finger that is itchy can be a good sign.

This could be a message from the heavens that someone special may be coming soon and you may have to open your heart to this person.

The itchy finger could be the heavens way of telling you to embrace this new person and the love being offered to you.

Should I Be Concerned?

About this spiritual problem

No, the right ring finger being itchy is neither a cause of worry nor concern. This itchiness is being used by the heavens to tell you something important so you can make quick decisions or prepare your heart and mind for a major development.


It is quite common for the right ring finger to become itchy. But do not simply dismiss it since the heavens are likely telling you something important with this discomfort.

Having a quiet and open mind and heart will help you discern what this message is.

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