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Upper and Lower Lip Twitching Superstition: 7 For You

Upper and Lower Lip Twitching Superstition: 7 For You 

Today I will reveal some superstitions about the lower and upper lip twitching.

As I was brainstorming for ideas on what to write, I dug deep into my past.

Meaning, that I thought of past experiences that I can draw from or the ones which brought me significant lessons in my spiritual journey.

And then I accidentally touched my lip and finally recalled the time many years back when my lip kept twitching. It was a heady period for me.

I wanted so many things done. I was talking too much and trying to lose a lot of weight so I could get the abs that I wanted within the year.

That period of my life had so many things going on. And for weeks, my lip was twitching, too, which was something I had to endure for weeks. 

Fast forward to today, that lip-twitching meant many spiritual lessons for me, which have been useful.

And so, I am brainstorming on what to write, I thought I’d share about the upper and lower lip twitching superstitions.

What Does Lip Twitching Spiritually Represent?

lips close up

Lip twitching spiritually represents the proper use of resources and things.

Thus, when your lip twitches, you need to remember that the heavens give us things and resources so that we can put them to good use.

Think about it, the lips have various functions such as speaking, and eating but many times we misuse our lips and end up dishonoring our creator.

Think of the bad habits and practices we have for our lips:

  • We use our lips to speak hurtful or nasty words to others;
  • We use our lips to eat excessively or junk food that is not good for our body;
  • We use our lips for vices like illegal drugs and cigarettes that destroy our health;
  • We don’t use our lips to speak the truth and instead keep quiet, which helps promote injustice or lies.

Spiritually, the lip twitching stands for the proper use of the things, organs, and resources given to us by the heavens.

Failure to do so means letting evil or wrongdoing triumph.

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Lower Lip Twitching Spiritual Meaning

touching lower lip

Left side:

As I have mentioned in my introduction, there was a time when I was trying to lose weight so I could start building abs and well-defined muscles.

It was also a period where the left side of the lower lip kept twitching. I wasn’t particularly concerned about it but I knew it was also so distracting.

But weeks later, I finally realized that the lower lip twitching spiritual meaning on the left side of my lower lip was due to my lack of nutrition

I was eating fewer calories and at the same time squeezing in some workouts like running and weight lifting. Later, this practice cost me a lot as I needed to see the doctor and take more rest.

Once I started eating right again my lower lip, and left side twitching also went away.

Right side:

The spiritual meaning of lower lip twitching on the right side is that the person talks too much.

Sometimes, the heavens send us messages to show how we can improve ourselves and our bad habits. This is one of them.

When the right side of your lower lip is twitching, this is because the ones are reminding you to talk less and this could make your life so much better

The heavens have likely noticed how you refuse to listen and do the talking all the time. This then hurts the quality of your relationships, which is why the heavens are reminding you to stop talking excessively.

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Upper Lip Twitching Spiritual Meaning

female lips

Left side:

When your upper lip, left side is twitching then take this to mean that the universe is telling you to think before speaking.

The heavens must have noticed that you don’t even take the time to understand what the person is saying but rather spend more time thinking of how to answer back.

The ones above remind you that thinking before speaking gives you a deeper and wider understanding of people.

The next time your upper lip, and left side twitch, then reflect on whether you think before your mouth to speak.

Right side:

When it is the right side of your upper lip that is twitching, then it is a sign from the heavens that you don’t listen well.

This should then prompt you to think of your listening habits.

Are you more preoccupied with other things like your mobile phone when the group is having an animated discussion or do you listen intently?

The twitching of the right side of your upper lip is a reminder of the ones above that listening well is necessary for you to maintain a good relationship or to keep yourself out of trouble.

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7 Upper and Lower Lip Twitching Superstitions

woman touching lips

1) Check your temper

When your upper and lower lip twitches, then this could be because the heavens are disturbed by your temper.

The ones above have likely noticed how you easily lose your temper over the smallest things. You are often hot-headed and argue with people.

The lip twitching is a reminder to check your temper and get the help you need. If you have anger management issues, then get someone to help you.

The ones above are reminding you that letting your temper get the better of you might have dire consequences.

2) A small win

You may experience a small victory soon when you have your lower and upper lip twitching.

The heavens may be sending you a small win in the next few days to make you feel better.

It could be that you finally will be able to prove a point to a detractor. It is also possible that you will be vindicated for a past decision or actions, which some people questioned.

3) A good thing happening today

Something good may happen to you today when you experience lower and upper lip twitching. This could be a sign that some good luck is in store for you today.

This does not necessarily mean that you will be having great luck like winning a big jackpot or getting a promotion.

This could be a small thing like having no traffic on the way home or someone sending some gift for you later today.

4) Disturbed dead loved one

You may want to think of the loved ones already in the afterlife when you have your lower and upper lip twitching.

You may be experiencing this because a dead loved one was disturbed and letting you know about it.

Do not worry as this dead loved one is not out to harm you.

He or she may simply be telling you that he is not at peace and you may need to find the source of this person’s disturbance.

5) Being wasteful

When your lower and upper lip are twitching, then this could be a rebuke from the heavens that you are being wasteful.

The ones above have probably noticed how you are failing to be a good steward of the resources you have been blessed with.

 So, when your lip twitches, think of how you use your resources. Your food, for example. You may want to reflect on what you do with your food.

  • Do you put a lot on the plate thinking you can eat all of them but leave them later to be thrown away?
  • Are you wasting water or electricity at home, something that people in poor countries do not have access to?

6) A feeling of contentment 

In the next few weeks, you may be experiencing some feelings of contentment after you have experienced the twitching upper and lower lip.

Sometimes the heavens use this twitching to send a message that there will be feelings of peace and contentment over things in the coming days.

In these moments, you will feel like you have the best of everything or that there is nothing else you need to be happy.

You may feel that everything you have hoped for is yours or already within reach.

7) Stop saying bad things

It is believed that your upper and lower lip are twitching because you like saying bad words.

The heavens have noticed how you easily use profanity or say derogatory remarks to other people.

The lip twitching is said to be heaven’s way of making you stop cursing or talking ill of others. Failing to stop might lead to more serious lip-related illness.

Is Lip Twitching a Sign From Heaven?

touching natural lips

Yes, lip twitching could be a sign from the heavens.

The ones above are likely telling you something important and use lip twitching both upper and lower lip to get your attention.


Twitching of the upper and lower lip could be a sign of a medical-related condition.

But sometimes it can also be the heaven way of getting a message across to you. Various supervisions about it would be useful to know as well.


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