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5 Back Pain Spiritual Meaning: Upper or Loweer?

Back Pain Spiritual Meaning

In this article I will reveal what is the spiritual meaning of back pain, and also some spiritual causes of this pain.

A good friend of mine called the other week. She wanted to meet up with me to chat. I told her that we could meet two weeks after that phone call.

But she would not have it. She insisted that we meet up as soon as possible.

She was okay, she reassured me but there is something she wants to discuss. I was the best person to help her, she said.

So, we met up that week over dinner. And she asked me about spiritual meaning. To which, I replied why.

It was weird, she said. One day she woke up with extreme back pain that forced her to see a doctor. Muscle spasms were the diagnosis.

But what was weird was that her son experienced the same back pain a few weeks later. It wasn’t a communicable disease she said so that was weird.

Doctors could not find other possible causes or illnesses for their back pain. And that is why she concluded that it seemed like the heavens were trying to tell their family something important.

What can it be, she asked. This was why she asked me to meet up. Here’s what we discussed.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Back Pain?

back pain

Upper back pain:

Sacroiliac Pain Spiritual Meaning

When you have upper back pain, then this could be a sign from the heavens to take better care of the people you love.

This could be the universe’s way of encouraging you to check up on loved ones or probe more to know if they are doing well or not.

The ones above are also probably reminding you that the people you love make your life more worth living.

And without them, there is little meaning in life. You then must look after them and ensure their well-being.

Lower back pain:

pain in back

Notice how little you can do when you are suffering from low back pain.

Although the pain is concentrated on the lower side of the back, you still are likely unable to do your usual routines or activities. The message of the lower back pain is close to this feeling.

The heavens are likely telling you through your lower back pain that every part of the body is important and must be cared for.

A person can never neglect one body area, part, or organ, thinking that all will still be well even if it hurts. 

The body is our temple and the heavens want us to take care of every part including the lower back and other areas.

Middle back pain:

When you are experiencing middle back pain, then this is a sign from the heavens that you need to keep the peace.

  • Are there people close to you who conflict with each other?
  • Or perhaps, are you tempted to raise hell with someone?

When you know that there are people around you who are fighting, or if you are tempted to engage in some conflict yourself, then your back hurts, then this is a reminder from the heavens to keep the peace. 

You need to control your anger and settle your differences amicably. The back pain is also a sign to convince others to do the same.

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What is the Biblical Meaning of Back Pain?

Woman with spine pain

Back pain has the biblical meaning of standing for your beliefs no matter how hard it is to do.

The ones above are telling you to stick to your guts and do what you think is right rather than succumb to pressure.

Standing up to your beliefs can pertain to various aspects of your life.

This could be heaven’s way of telling you to remain steadfast in your spiritual beliefs especially when they are under attack. Perhaps someone or a group is questioning your spiritual belief and you must defend your faith.

Maybe your personal beliefs are under attack by people close to you and you must be sure not to waiver on what you think is right.

There could be others who are tempting you to forget your principles to gain worldly wealth. Remain steadfast in your faith.

Perhaps other people would like you to have no opinion on things and simply be agreeable all the time. Make sure to speak up all the time.

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What is Back Pain Associated With Spiritually? 

woman in office with pain

In addition to the medical explanation, there is a spiritual explanation for back pain.

Spiritually back pain is associated with strength. Think about it, we need our backs strong to do the most physical activities.

With a weak back, we cannot do even the most simple activities like walking or carrying stuff.

Spiritually, back pain is often thought to be related to strength. This strength could be about the physical side of things about your body or your mental and emotional toughness. 

Back pain should remind you of your strength and how it can be put to the test by the ones above and how the heavens can also be the one to give you the strength to endure and weather many hardships in life.

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5 Spiritual Meanings and Messages of Back Pain

man with back pain

1) Mismanaged finances

When you have back pain, then this could be a sign from the heavens that you are mismanaging your finances or heading toward financial ruin.

When you experience some back pain, you may want to check on how you have been handling money matters.

The back pain should prompt you to check how much money you are earning versus how much you are spending. You could also make a basic accounting of your cash on hand and the debts you need to pay off

This physical body pain you are experiencing could be a reminder of how painful money problems can be.

2) Famished evil spirits

Back pain, if it keeps coming and going, can be a sign from the universe that there are famished spirits nearby.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out to hurt you or your loved one but rather they are looking for some nourishment. 

The nourishment that these famished evil spirits need may not necessarily just be food. It could be that they need attention as they are missing their loved ones or have unfinished business on earth. 

They may also be hungry for the forgiveness of the heavens so that they can stop roaming around for good.

3) Beating competition

The back pain you are experiencing could be a good sign that you will be beating the competition soon.

This could mean winning against someone you have been wanting to beat.

This could be work-related like getting the promotion and beating others who want the post. 

You could also be winning an election in your local community or church. The back pain is a sign of winning but at the same time a reminder to be gracious in winning just as you are gracious in defeat.

4) An injury coming

 The back pain can be a message from heaven that you or a loved one will have to endure an injury soon. This could mean hard times for you and your loved ones.

The injury can vary as it could be something as simple as a sprain or something more complicated like a fracture. It could put your or your family member’s patience to the test. 

The back pain is a warning of the physical and emotional pain that you or a loved one will have to endure because of the injury.

5) Finding the right balance

When you are experiencing some back pain, then this could be a sign from the ones above that soon you will find the right balance in your life.

You may be feeling that one aspect of your life is taking over others and that you want equal attention and time to the different areas in your life.

When you feel this way and have some back pain, then take this to mean that soon you will find the balance you want and need in your life

For example, you may feel that work is overtaking your life. The back pain is a sign that soon this will change as you can have both almost equal amounts of time for work and your personal life and relationships. 

Should I Be Concerned About The Spiritual Meaning of Back Pain?

back pain healing

Yes, you should be spiritually concerned when you are experiencing back pain.

This is because the heavens are telling you something important through this pain. 

Aside from finding immediate relief from the pain, you should also find the time and make an effort to determine what the ones above are trying to tell you about this pain.

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Back pain can cause a lot of discomfort and even disruption in your activities or routines.

It is a pain that you often want to go away as quickly as possible so you can go back to normal. 

But treating the physical pain is not enough as you must also understand what the universe’s message is with the back pain.

Reflect, pray, and open your heart to what the spiritual message is.

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